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Your so beautiful. (inotan) by Blackish-Anime
Your so beautiful. (inotan)by Black Anime
Inosuke a 17 year old boy goes to school but everyone looks at him for being a "girly boy", Inosuke hates his looks though. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ SMUT GUY X GUY GIRL X G...
Sabigiyuu <3 :D (Requests open) by T4t4k43_b1sh3s
Sabigiyuu <3 :D (Requests open)by LetMeSleep
This is my first story and i'm REALLY sorry!! Bad grammar :D Fluff ig? maybe angst:) enjoy ig :D Slow updates sorry Best ratings: #2 sabigiyuu #1 sabigiyuu #4 sabigiyuu...
×Lust~× |•A Giyuu X Iguro story•| by Plutonixxx
×Lust~× |•A Giyuu X Iguro story•|by PlutoIsGay
lust /lʌst/ noun noun: lust strong sexual desire. "he knew that his lust for him had returned" This is My AU story and if you don't like the ships then le...
She's No Woman [Inotan] by eatyaheart
She's No Woman [Inotan]by Ҡҽղղվ
"My name is Inosuke..." I noticed her voice sounded masculine. "And, uhm, I'm not, actually a girl..." She confessed obviously embarrassed, or shoul...
Alpha by AnimeToru2007
Alphaby AnimeToru2007
Tanjiro an Alpha/assassin What happens when he meets his mate read to find out
Inotan oneshots :)) by ItzMoth
Inotan oneshots :))by Moth
I will bring my favorite ship to you! >:) I will make stories hopefully every 2 days?? Anyways, get ready for terrible writing. Please give me oneshot recemendations...
A New Type of Affection. || Inotan. by chaotickaza
A New Type of Affection. || akaza
requested by my dear friend Dino. so I'm gonna do it lmao
The kibutsuji Brothers (Discontinued)  by uppermoon_2mitsuri
The kibutsuji Brothers ( 💕mitsuri kanroji💕
kibutsuji brothers -akaza the oldest -tomioka the youngest -muzan the father
School Lovers {InoTan} by leaitsjustme
School Lovers {InoTan}by lea
Kimetsu no Yaiba modern and school AU !! Main ship is Inotan, only fluffy and cute stuff maybe cringe tho lmao No spoilers ! My first story ever, I'll do my best !! Cove...
Weak Breath ( Kimetsu no Yaiba ) by AnnaDreame
Weak Breath ( Kimetsu no Yaiba )by AnnaDREAMER
Inosuke came under the influence of the demon, and weakened and lost strength
{inotan} ♡~our first kiss~♡ by theAmazingAizen
{inotan} ♡~our first kiss~♡by theAmazingAizen
NO SMUT|| Find out and readdd🤭🤭🤭
InoTan one-shots by RedStainsOnH00die
InoTan one-shotsby 𝚁𝙴𝙳
My favorite ship in Demon slayer. It's beautiful
Tanjiro x All One Shots (Character x Character) by SereChanTheIdiot
Tanjiro x All One Shots ( Sere Chan The Idiot
This is a character x character one-shot book for the anime Demon Slayer. This means there will be no reader x. I will take requests, but it might take a while for them...
I'm here for you||Inotan by Giyuusdeadlovedones
I'm here for you||Inotanby Kanaeshaori
After the final battle Inosuke and Tanjiro have been hanging out a lot more than usual Everyone could tell about their feelings for eachother but they had to find that o...
Kny incorrect quotes ^^ by Juniper_Tsuki
Kny incorrect quotes ^^by -Juni-
I've seen lots of other fandoms and writers do these so i thought it would be fun to do ^^ Mostly uppermoons but theirs hashira and kamoboko squad too :D
Tanjiro x Inosuke [ + Your gentle kindness + ] by lovetotheclouds
Tanjiro x Inosuke [ + Your lovetotheclouds ☁️💫
[ If you couldn't tell from the title, this is based off of the ship, Tanjiro x inosuke. I will try to upload as daily as I can! I hope this story can be one the shipper...
Plum Season by simps-anonymous
Plum Seasonby simps-anonymous
After a night of opening up about their traumatic pasts, Tanjiro and Inosuke realize they've slowly been falling for each other--but neither of them are ready to admit i...
Kny Chatfic(Requests Open) by _flower_obsessed_
Kny Chatfic(Requests Open)by ♧_Flower_Obsessed_♧
Just a kny chatfic. Ships For This Fic: Sanegiyu Kokuzan Shinomitsu Obamitsu Uzuren Uzui x wives Suma x Makio x Hinatsuru Uzuren x wives Inotan Doukaza Genmui There will...
Room Mates { Inozen } (+a bit of Inotan.) by Viosey
Room Mates { Inozen } (+a bit of Viosey
(Sorry the photos are sideways...) I watch the anime and haven't gotten around to buying the manga yet. 💔 there will be a lot of feels so get ready for sad Boi hours li...
Staying over||Sanegiyuu by Giyuusdeadlovedones
Staying over||Sanegiyuuby Kanaeshaori
So I made this because I wasn't very proud of the first story I made so this is kinda to make up for it anyways smut and cuss warning enjoy ig?