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giyuu vs Rengoku (giyuutan or rentan) by Tanjiro-san_hi
giyuu vs Rengoku (giyuutan or Tanjiro-san_hi
giyuu tomioka the water hashira and Rengoku kyojuro the flame hashira are against eachother for one reason. the reason is who is gonna get the love of someone. they like...
MAKE ME YOU'RE MATE!? /!Yao!\ []Omegavers[] by DreamBluenotdreammy
This is BL/Yaoi Fanfic of Demon Slayer but.. to this story None demons are exist anymore Tanjiro is living with a normal life so this story is a Omegavers AU!
[Demon Slayer] Fem! Tanjiro x Giyuu by Mui_Lover
[Demon Slayer] Fem! Tanjiro x Giyuuby Ai
"It's too big for me to wear it but the pattern looks familiar." "Stay with us, Sumiko-chan. Stay with us." "SUMIKO HAS TURNED INTO A DEMON!! EX...
Un amor prohibido (Giyuutan) by Alyss_story
Un amor prohibido (Giyuutan)by Alyss_
Una historio del Au escolar donde tanjiro y su profesor tomioka tendran un romance en secreto Contiene Giyuutan Uzuzen Genino Shinomitsu Saneoba Y demás ships q ire incl...
How it all starts *Giyuutan*  by Haikyuo4life
How it all starts *Giyuutan* by Haikyuo4life
"Nezuko its time to go!" Mmmhmmm "Allright let's head to the meeting we dont want to be late!" In my AU Tomika is only a year older 1 year older than...
Giyuutan Oneshots by TrueFuckingSimp
Giyuutan Oneshotsby TrueSimpEnergy😫💅
Hi so this is a oneshot book of the ship giyuutan. I asked on my profile for more request of one shot books. If you read my sausnaru story then you know im will keep upd...
★Tanjiro harem group chat★  by SweetPinkSugar
★Tanjiro harem group chat★ by ⭑❀ 𝚂𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚛 𖥔 ݁ ˖
The title says it all ^^ this group chat is filled with a bunch of idiots simping for tanjiro (except: kanao, shinobu, gyomei, nezuko-chan and mitsuri) other than that e...
Being One | Demon Slayer (𝘿𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙚𝙙) by MoNo_Chromex
Being One | Demon Slayer (𝘿𝙞𝙨𝙘 Crxsh_Gxm
Fem! Tanjirou x Giyu | Giyu x Tanjiro INFO and DISCLAIMER -Swearing -The Kamboko Squad (Including Genya) is 19 and the rest of the Hashiras (Shinobu, Giyuu, Mitsuri,Toki...
If We Meet Again, Will You Love Me Again? (Demon Slayer // Kimetsu no Yaiba) by tipahs
If We Meet Again, Will You Love tips
this is Kimetsu no Yaiba AU where the setting is Kimetsu Gakuen aka school. Tomioka Giyuu, reborn into his second life with his past life memories, vows not to repeat t...
"My Demon Lover!" (Giyuutan) by DecyGlitch
"My Demon Lover!" (Giyuutan)by Decy Masumi
(My first time writing a story so it might be a little shitty-) ----------------------------------------- Tanjiro and Giyuu were good friends but both of them had feelin...
Starlight Star bright Your the only thing i wish for Tonight <3 GIYUUTAN by HoshiandAnimeDaily
Starlight Star bright Your the HoshiandAnimeDaily
Hi this is my first story i really hope you like it i tried really hard so yeah that's all bye 🥲
The Three Oiran by SUN0o0WOOIE07
The Three Oiranby Sittie Amerah Mohammad Elias
Tanjiro as Sumiko, Zenitsu as Zenko and Inoske as Inoko...... The three were childhood friends as they Treat each other as sister same as neziko Sorry I'm not good with...
The Closer We Get The More Fragile We Are by baby_snek
The Closer We Get The More Baby snek
This is going too be a story about a bunch of different ships and different characters povs. This will be a story about the life of different demon slayer characters Th...
I'll Protect You With My Life.. (Giyuu x Tanjiro) || Giyuutan ||  by kaeyas0nlyy
I'll Protect You With My Life.. ( ^^Shortass^^
Ever since the day Giyuu and Tanjiro met the day Giyuu didn't kill Nezuko because of her being a demon.. Tanjiro had something on his mind he couldn't stop thinking abou...
[GiyuuTan] Be With You (English ver) by roje_25
[GiyuuTan] Be With You (English roje_25
Short, funny, sweet stories are simply stories of everyday life and situations surrounding two young people:)
Spider Lilies {Tanjiro X Giyuu} by akaza35
Spider Lilies {Tanjiro X Giyuu}by akaza35
Thank you for sticking around DON'T LIKE? DON'T READ Tanjiro is eighteen in this story let me make it clear. The characters from demon slayer are not made by me. enjoy t...
giyuutan  by Jaden_1109
giyuutan by Jaden_1109
this is my first story so please no hate :) not my art credit to the owners of the art :) Description Tanjiro family it still alive and they don't live in a town they l...