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Mending Morality by STUD247
Mending Moralityby STUD247
They are two sides of the same coin. Peter Parker, the hero that no one remembers. Wanda Maximoff, the hero that everyone fears. Both have lost everything and everyone t...
Mr Billionaire's Unwanted Wife by maahisingh1
Mr Billionaire's Unwanted Wifeby Maahi Singh
Welcome to the beautiful love story of Adrian Campbell and Emberly Swan He was supposed to marry someone else, but Destiny has already written their names together in th...
How to forgive a cheater by Jadiinvine
How to forgive a cheaterby Diindja
A young woman who battles deep-rooted insecurities, faces the ultimate test of love and friendship when she discovers the people she trusted the most betrayed her. _____...
Siena (Forestfolk, Book 1) by Zoe_Blessing
Siena (Forestfolk, Book 1)by Zoe Blessing
Siena can heal wounds with a touch of her hands. A captive since birth, she is used as a tool of war by a Plainsmen tribe. A chance escape into the forest proves success...
Way of my soul || Poetry  by mxryxm_zxhid
Way of my soul || Poetry by M
'My poetry's bad I can't blame the news' . . . Rankings: #1 in Poet (27/11/2023) #3 in Distress (22/12/2023) #3 in sadpoems (25/12/2023) #2 in lovepoem (25/12/2023) #3 i...
FORCED TO HATE by Uzma_Farheen
FORCED TO HATEby Uzma Farheen
This story revolves around the complex and evolving relationships within a close-knit family. Arnav, deeply in love with Khushi, struggles with her indifference and resi...
Love Fever by gimmiekissessss
Love Feverby gimmiekissessss
"I'm all you'll ever need 🤍 ."
Mad Ember by Ayee_Lovelies
Mad Emberby Gray
**COMPLETED** The year is 2260. Radiation levels are reaching impossible highs, and humans are dying at a rapid pace. Their only hope for survival is escaping the planet...
A Princess Torn (Alys Book #2) by BriaVangau
A Princess Torn (Alys Book #2)by Bria Vangau
While coming to terms with her new position as King Dastrehan's betrothed, Alys's unknown past has blown a hole in everything she has come to know and trust about hersel...
Scarlet Witch : Time Runs Out by MarvelDc_EU
Scarlet Witch : Time Runs Outby MarvelDc_EU
#1 in "characterstudy" January 2024 #4 in "innerstruggle" January 2024 Sequel to Wandavision, Multiverse of Madness and my own Avengers: Incursion Wa...
Y'Zalli: A Star Wars Story by Uramasa
Y'Zalli: A Star Wars Storyby Uramasa
Darryn Y'Zalli, from a survivor of the Battle of Christophsis, to padawan, to a wanderer of the galaxy. Just trying to make his way through a changing galaxy as the Gala...
Inazuma Eleven Reincarnated Genius by Natsumiy
Inazuma Eleven Reincarnated Geniusby Natsumiy Fantasy
A girl, who gets transported to another world. She have no clue where she is or how she got there in first place. She only remember falling and then...she can't remember...
Ell Sadem  by GailWindridge
Ell Sadem by Gail Windridge
Some people are good judges of character, and others just see a number representing the person's danger level over their head. Ella is in the second group, and sometimes...
Ythralis Salvation by WyvernWritings
Ythralis Salvationby Bloody Murder
Asael Havens discovers an extraordinary world through his vivid hallucinations and daydreams. As these visions become more frequent, he realizes they are not mere illusi...
AVENGERS Incursion War (Secret Wars Saga) by MarvelDc_EU
AVENGERS Incursion War (Secret MarvelDc_EU
Sequel to Wandavision, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. 3 words altered history. Three words destroyed the multiverse. Three wor...
She/Her by officallynother
She/Herby C.
She/her is a novel composed of short stories of the inner conflict of a women who struggles with herself and the world. This novel will take place with a third person's...
Age of Redemption by STUD247
Age of Redemptionby STUD247
Sequel to Mending Morality They say that your greatest enemy is yourself. And it couldn't be any more true for both Peter Parker and Wanda Maximoff. Although they have l...
Sember (Forestfolk, Book 2) by Zoe_Blessing
Sember (Forestfolk, Book 2)by Zoe Blessing
Little Sember stole readers' hearts in "Siena." Join her now, ten years later, as she embarks on a quest of her own to save her people, and to finally accept h...