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Shinobi vs Mercs (Senran Kagura x TF2) by Cmonkey512
Shinobi vs Mercs (Senran Kagura x...by Muffin
Everybody knows the Mercs of Team Fortress 2. But what would happen if they crossed the ninja girls from the world of Senran Kagura? The likely answer would be that they...
Senran Kagura: Healed Wounds by noble36
Senran Kagura: Healed Woundsby Adam Deciever
46...30...65...72...38...67.... I can't get these damn numbers out of my HEAD!!!
Love Rivalry: Huntresses vs Shinobi (RWBY and Pyrrha x male reader x Team Hanzo) by Shadow_Eureka
Love Rivalry: Huntresses vs Shinob...by ShadowEureka
Well, here is the love rivalry that was decided by you readers as this had a lot more comments and I wouldn't say it was a voting pole as it was a suggestion list, but h...
Senran Kagura: The Prophecy of the Scroll  by Eroge-Chan
Senran Kagura: The Prophecy of the...by Eroge-Chan
Sakamachi Arata Wants nothing more than to spend his days as an average High Schooler. Eating lunch with his friends, Walking home from school with his childhood friend...
Shinobi Master Academia by Shinobi_Writer
Shinobi Master Academiaby Jarod Cameron
Izuku Midoriya is an average high school student that was found with a strange and unknown ability that persisted through time know as One for All. After meeting the Shi...
Knight's & Magic Fanfic by Kaitou-Saikyou-Zeta
Knight's & Magic Fanficby Kaitou-Saikyou-Zeta
In the world of magic and mechanical era, two people got reincarnated into that world and having a new life. The robot, Silhoutte Knight, has taken their interest and th...
senran kagura: winter soldier m reader (Ikaruga X Winter Soldier) Completed by lockheedhenesy
senran kagura: winter soldier m re...by lockheed henesy
you leathal taken many lifes discover who you really are moved to japan to start a new life unaware of light & dark faction at every corner should you hide or fight besi...
About Crystals and Stars (On hold) by lovingtimetravel
About Crystals and Stars (On hold)by lovingtimetravel
[3rd place in the Brewing Flair Awards] A ShiMayu fanfiction based on the manga "Sousei no Onmyouji". A legend was told among the people of Tsuchimikado and...
Animation vs Shinobi (AvA x Senran Kagura) by Cmonkey512
Animation vs Shinobi (AvA x Senran...by Muffin
When the stick figures of Alan Becker Animations are mysteriously transported to Japan, they find themselves pitted against the evil shinobi of Hebijo Academy, and allie...
The Magic Swordsman  by NullAzatoth
The Magic Swordsman by Null Azatoth
what if he died not only as an Otaku but a battle hungry fool who has always craved adventure, his love for Robots added with his love for weapons, Fighting and combat. ...
The Heroic Shinobi (Senran Kagura x Izuku) by Russelkier
The Heroic Shinobi (Senran Kagura...by Tired Boi
In this world, many people are just minding their own business like doing their daily activities. They don't know that shinobis exist or ninjas. Some are good, some are...
Saiyan x Senran Kagura by jasonmakoni54321
Saiyan x Senran Kaguraby Jason Makoni
Son Ikki has decided to travel to a new world where ninja exist how will he be able to handle it
senran kagura ninja flash: u.d.f reboot Completed by lockheedhenesy
senran kagura ninja flash: u.d.f r...by lockheed henesy
legendary ageless teenage alien super soldier lived in Japan for 8 years, retired for serving u.d.f. for over million years. captain Geoffrey roush has a new assignment...
Let's Make a Dark Guild! (Fairy Tail Fanfiction) by HeidiFi
Let's Make a Dark Guild! (Fairy Ta...by HeidiFi
After her body was Taken over Seilah ended up fragmented, her abilities and power split between a weakened state and the form that now belonged to Mirajane Strauss. She...
A Shinobi of the Shadows (Aragami x Senran Kagura) by Cmonkey512
A Shinobi of the Shadows (Aragami...by Muffin
Japan has changed. Centuries ago, it was an isolated island nation that consisted of different clans. Now, it is a place with vast cities under one leader. But one thing...
Nakiri & Scarlet: Road to Shinobi by UltraMikeTechno
Nakiri & Scarlet: Road to Shinobiby E-1
Reed and Roy, After convincing Mike Techno wen to a now world to find motivation, motivation to train and grow to the power they once had. After a while, they grew well...
Wish Upon A Star (SnO Fanfic; Main Pairing: Shimayu?) by Cey_Blossom
Wish Upon A Star (SnO Fanfic; Main...by RC
Friends by choice, Love by Fate ~~~ [AU SNO] GAAHAHHAA I SUCK AT DESCRIPTIONS (;___;) Made: Aug, 11, 2017 Published: Dec, 20, 2017 Finished: ??? Shipping/s: Shimayu? Rok...
Un Tamer x Ninjas by AgustinFlores198
Un Tamer x Ninjasby Takato2003
Takato, parte de organización secreta llamada O.T.U (Organización Tamers Universal), se unió con las Ninjas de la Academia Hanzou hace dos años, para formar una alianza...
My Dream (Re-write)  by ChristianGryffindor
My Dream (Re-write) by ChristianGryffindor
A spartan teacher, a seemingly unachievable dream, excessive training, a rowdy bunch of exorcists and a blur of feelings. Welcome to this crazy heck of a story.