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The Skaikru X (Sequel) (The 100) by MarnieNooman
The Skaikru X (Sequel) (The 100)by Marnie M
Sequel to The Skaikru (The 100 FanFiction) In an attempt to get back at Lexa for abandoning them at Mount Weather, Xavier decides to take measures into her own hands. Bu...
Enemy's Bitch ~~ John Murphy by gottabesomethin
Enemy's Bitch ~~ John Murphyby Murphy’s wife 🤪
Dawn finds herself in a compromising position with her clan (Azgeda). She makes a snap decision to save lives and ends up heading toward the enemy. When captured, she re...
the princess | king roan [The 100] by authorm00
the princess | king roan [The 100]by Author M
*second book to 'the 100' series* *unedited* It all came down to that day I was stabbed. The day I walked onto 'Underground' land and was found hardly even alive. When...
Forbidden Love || Commander Lexa/ POSSIBLE CONTINUATION by -collxns
Forbidden Love || Commander eli
Princess of Ice Nation, Anastasia, ran away from her home after being told she was to marry someone she did not love. She seeked shelter at Trikru, only to suffer the co...
Bellarke One-Shots by percabethwisher
Bellarke One-Shotsby Hannah!!!!
Just some Bellarke short stories, as usual, suck at descriptions don't own the 100. Thanks for reading
Two Warriors. by the_13th_clan
Two the_13th_clan
Through the bond of a warrior and her second, an untold story of the past unfolds. Anya Kom Trikru tells us of the early life of Commander Lexa. From the young warrior o...
When Enemy Hearts Collide by kaityapocolypse
When Enemy Hearts Collideby Mama Wolfie
What will happen when an unknown object comes crashing down and destroys a village? What happens when a second is sent off to gain intel on these intruders? When she run...
Mistrust ⭐Commander Lexa⭐ by InsanityatBest
Mistrust ⭐Commander Lexa⭐by InsanityatBest
Lexa finds out you're part Ice Nation and it doesn't end well.
Roan kom Azgeda's Proposal by ninadiaz999
Roan kom Azgeda's Proposalby Nina Diaz
Taking place after the City of Light has fallen, with the looming fate of being killed by his followers if he accepted Skaikru into Lexis original coalition. Roan has pr...
PENTHESILEA [ROAN] by never_wtp
PENTHESILEA [ROAN]by nevercomingback
❝I have already set myself on fire, grown the sun inside my body, burnt every bridge I built. But our love is still as cold as ice.❞ Her music was the beating of drums o...
The Marriage by prudencekomazgeda
The Marriageby prudencekomazgeda
This is a THE 100 fanfiction. I don't know when I'll find the time and motivation to write on this story but I have some ideas in mind for the first few chapters. The...
Bellamy and Clarke by bellarkesinfinite
Bellamy and Clarkeby bellarkesinfinite
The story of an impossible love, Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin.
Echo Kom Azgeda by lilcheetoo
Echo Kom Azgedaby lilcheetoo
I had a lil trouble finding Echo preferences and imagines since she's not that liked by the public. So here you go, fellow Echoers (echoers, echoers, echoers...). Oh, b...
DAMAGED SOULS | THE 100 by lahnistersden
❝love is not a victory march, It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah❞ DAMAGED SOULS; in which a trikru champion is dumb enough to let love get in between her and...
The 100 Gif Series by Snap_Back_User
The 100 Gif Seriesby Snap_Back_User
Included: •Bellamy •Jasper •Roan •Monty •Murphy •Marcus •Lincoln
Youtube Nations by isabelGmail01
Youtube Nationsby Isabel Chin
If I mention anything, IT WILL ONLY BE RELATED TO YOUTUBE...
Driver for the Night - The 100 - a vampire drabble by VeritastheFerox
Driver for the Night - The 100 - Veritas Ferox
Vaska spent the majority of her life bouncing around the system, in and out the door of countless foster homes, none of them keeping her for very long as she had a knack...
The Commander by commanderleska
The Commanderby commanderleska
Prequel of the 100. Explores Lexa's life as a warrior before Skaikru land. I will post a new chapter every week.
Last Of The Forgotten  by TearingThePages
Last Of The Forgotten by TearingThePages
Tristan Rein is one of the 100. He gets sent down to Earth with all of the other juvenile delinquents. He soon learns about everything. Stuff happens and he ends up in a...