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Unsteady; House of Anubis *B2* by SarahRCubitt13
Unsteady; House of Anubis *B2*by Sarah R. Cubitt
Unsteady; adjective - moving or changing, or not firm: It's a new school year! Everyone is back at Anubis House, and much to Camilla-Anne Rutter's annoyance there seems...
Sweet Talk- Jerome Clarke by dolanschambie19
Sweet Talk- Jerome Clarkeby Kylie
"Piss off, Jerome!" "Have I mentioned how much I love your sweet talk?" "And have I mentioned how much I hate you?" Lyla Harris and Jerome...
Secrets | Eddie Miller/Sweet by Rainbow-Candy
Secrets | Eddie Miller/Sweetby Rainbow-Candy
Scarlett Garcia had a pretty uneventful few years at boarding school staying in the House of Anubis until a new girl shows up and happens to be the Chosen One. They disc...
Impossible; House of Anubis (B1) by SarahRCubitt13
Impossible; House of Anubis (B1)by Sarah R. Cubitt
"Everything was once impossible until someone did it!" Strange things are happening in the old English boarding school Camilla calls home 90% of the year. Fi...
Tears of Gold: House of Anubis by houseofsecret
Tears of Gold: House of Anubisby Evie 💖
After finding out about her father and the secrets Mara and Jerome had been keeping from her, Poppy calls in reinforcements. Meanwhile the Sibunas race against time to f...
It's A Twin Thing | j. clarke [1] by Kativii
It's A Twin Thing | j. clarke [1]by k a t i v i
Nina Martin follows her dreams and heads to Amun Boarding School in England, accompanied by her twin sister, Elizabeth. Elizabeth, otherwise known as Lizzie, and Nina qu...
riddle me this. ― ʜᴏᴜꜱᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴀɴᴜʙɪꜱ by rkddutkd
riddle me this. ― ʜᴏᴜꜱᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴀɴᴜʙɪꜱby 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐚.
a new mystery begins at anubis house, and a new girl arrives in the midst of it all, but what if she was more connected to the new adventures than the sibuna gang had fi...
Endgame; House of Anubis *B3* by SarahRCubitt13
Endgame; House of Anubis *B3*by Sarah R. Cubitt
endgame /ˈɛn(d)ɡeɪm/ noun the final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when a few pieces or cards remain. The Sibuna gang are back for yet another year, however, N...
Two is Company (House of Anubis) by marshmallownose
Two is Company (House of Anubis)by tess ♡
When Eddie and his sister Kira were invited by their estranged father to attend the esteemed Amun Academic Boarding School in the United Kingdom, they were unaware of ex...
House Of Anubis: The College Experience. by biitchboyhaught
House Of Anubis: The College Exper...by kirst 𖤐
Fabian Rutter flew from one side of the world to the other, for college. Did he get into 'The Massachusetts Institute of Technology' you might ask... No, no he did not. ...
THE UNEXPECTED ➸ house of anubis by zcndayas
THE UNEXPECTED ➸ house of anubisby ☆ georgie ☆
☆彡 𝗵𝗼𝘂𝘀𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗮𝗻𝘂𝗯𝗶𝘀 ❛ now, who would've expected it would end up being griffin and jerome? i certainly didn't. ❜ griffin pillai never thought she ...
Our love will survive by biitchboyhaught
Our love will surviveby kirst 𖤐
"I guess you could say. Our Love Survived" "Yeah"
Risk || House of Anubis || ONE by Taequartz
Risk || House of Anubis || ONEby 𝚝
♾ How much you wanna risk? I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts ♾ Emmaline James, although goes by Emma, boards at the House of Anubis Everything see...
Dandelions - House of Anubis1 ✔︎ (edited) by PevensieDreams
Dandelions - House of Anubis1 ✔︎ (...by ೄྀ࿐︎Tiger.ೄྀ࿐︎
"What's up with Mick? What did you do?" "Nothing! what makes you think I did something?" "Because it's you Jerome. it's a Clarke thing" ...
I'm Home. by PeterPan_Hogwarts
I'm Home.by PeterPan_Hogwarts
When Athena Frobisher-Smythe gets reincarnated into Athena Smith with weird future precognition as well as 'weird' nightmares. One may class as a dream about one's past...
Forever with us pt 1 (Fabina) by XxGeorgie-PorgiexX
Forever with us pt 1 (Fabina)by Georgie-mae Poxton
its a new term at Anubis house and a certain someone returns with romance, drama, danger, friendship and mystery following close behind.
The Masquerade Ball. by biitchboyhaught
The Masquerade Ball.by kirst 𖤐
This is what I thought should've happened in Season 2 When The Collector creeps into the Library and Nina goes in and finds the picture of the crocodile bridge. Hope y...
House of Anubis: Protect what you care by BookishM
House of Anubis: Protect what you...by BookishM
Joy is always trying to call Fabian's attention. But this time, she will make a plan to separate Fabina using Eddie and his love for Patricia. But when a danger puts in...