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Don't Salvage The Bridge by AnthonyWrightJr
Don't Salvage The Bridgeby De Village
Available exclusively until Tuesday! Jean is blinded by her definition of love. She swears she's in love with Bob but soon she realizes that he's not who she thought he...
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The Mourning Dove by SufferingSapphist
The Mourning Doveby Precious_Lilywhite
There are many horrible things in this world. Things that clawed their way up from the depths of hell to come and destroy the lives of innocent people. These things like...
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Love and Redemption  by HumbleWinner
Love and Redemption by Ramnik Sharma
It is said, "Everything is fair in love and war", but falling in love amidst animosity is exotic, painful but indeed selfless. ❤❤❤ Love is an emotion just lik...
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A Crook In The Sand by truthteller-
A Crook In The Sandby 'sylvia'
"YOU FOOLISH GIRL, NOT EVEN YOUR STORIES CAN SAVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL THROAT." Khai killed 1000 girls before he got to her. And he would make sure she would die lik...
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Demons (Part 1)  by lovelyana3
Demons (Part 1) by lovelyana3
She was crowned goddess against her will and ever since her life has been a living hell,being haunted by demons and losing everyone she loves. Follow Alina as she str...
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A Gangsters War by Goldfishbaby
A Gangsters Warby Goldfishbaby
Alternant History Fanfiction Band of Brothers OC Centric A trial will send her directly to the electric chair. A war will get a bullet lodged in her skull. Which wo...
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Raabta by Kalanklovers
Raabtaby Zafar ki Roop
What if you remember your past life? what if it's so horrible that you decides to change it in the future? Welcome to Raabta the love story of some strangers who are con...
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His Demoness by Kim_Knights
His Demonessby Kim Knights
When Xu Zhijian becomes a full-fledged demon slayer, he is given a talisman to summon his familiar. When he ends up calling forth the sleeping 'Demoness' instead, he fin...
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Reminiscencia del Amor by FortuitousLady
Reminiscencia del Amorby Ceiex
Isang lalaki na nagkaroon ng kasalanan sa mga Diwata at isinumpa na maging isang imortal at masaksihan na mamatay ang mga mahal sa buhay, ngunit paano kung makilala nya...
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Possibly Amboise by dissonantcarnations
Possibly Amboiseby dissonantcarnations
The bazaars of Taurelli were the kinds of places where you could find everything. I don't mean it in the sense that you could come looking for magical sandstone from the...
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Changing Of Course by melodious_softy
Changing Of Courseby 𝑺𝒉𝒓𝒆𝒚𝒂
When in 21th century a girl Madirakshi and her sister Suchitra, who were unsatisfied with the relationship between Karn and Arjun, has been travelled back to the period...
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The Blood Flame (Version 2.0) by tigerjourney77
The Blood Flame (Version 2.0)by Tiger and Journey
Enemies follow, no matter where in the world you go. Knotrium Calussa knows this better than most. Estranged from her family for falling on the wrong side of a coven war...
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Millennial in another millennium by seekerwithsneakers
Millennial in another millenniumby seekerwithsneakers
Hey, I am Rayna. My friends call me Ray though, and this is not because I am ray of their sunshine, but because I am the ray of fear in their otherwise reckless and risk...
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My Love For You Transcends All Lifetimes by PorceLaine_Dollie
My Love For You Transcends A...by L.A. Dinglasan
Isang misteryosong singsing na gawa sa berdeng batong hiyas ang naging daan para mapadpad ang dalaga na si Harriet, na lahing Pilipino at British papunta sa nakaraan. An...
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A TRIANGLE: love has two sides (Unedited) by naomibenjesse
A TRIANGLE: love has two sides (Un...by naomibenjesse
When the stubborn Elissa, king Voron's daughter decides to take some time off a princessy life, and shows up as a commoner in Greezemere, it isn't long before she gets i...
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The Prime Minister's Beloved Wife by 7174PK
The Prime Minister's Beloved Wifeby 7174PK
Transmigrated into an ancient novel, the modern fashion designer Bai Yu Yan suddenly became the wife of the Prime Minister. However, regardless of her position, her endi...
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Half a heart, half a crown by Kchanaa
Half a heart, half a crownby i.k
"Love does not last forever," -"but power does." WARNING : Grammatical errors
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A Mission To Belong by ILoveBeingABel
A Mission To Belongby Chocolate Chip Cookie
One boy. A single mission. A lone journey. Thump, thump, thump. The sounds of Ben's footsteps echoed around the forest, breaking its tranquillity. Every so often, Ben wo...
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