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Billionaires Assistants ✔ by baby_bird80
Billionaires Assistants ✔by Mitu
Two brothers handling the Malhotra Empire.. One of them doesn't want any assistant.. Other one change his assistant like tissue.. what will happen when they will come ac...
House of Ashes by PotterMIfs
House of Ashesby PotterMifs
•Safa Hayat• Her flounders against the world haven't been known to anyone. Neither do the scars that run deep inside the abyss of her frail soul. She's been hurt. Brutal...
My Hayat by SidNaazNaaz
My Hayatby sidnaaz
HAYAT ~ My life ~ My reason to survive. This story holds a lot of emotions, drama and tragedy. But above all it narrates his love for her. A Navy Sana and a Mature Sid...
The Business Trip (HayMur FF) by hiddenwriter01
The Business Trip (HayMur FF)by hiddenwriter01
It's been 6 months since Hayat and Murat have been married and after all their trials and tribulations, they're finally in a happy place. Murat handed over the shares of...
Destined Destiny by imallien
Destined Destinyby Parveen
NOT A TYPICAL MUSLIM STORY! Meet SAYAN ALI KHAN...........a multi billionaire. According to the world he is the most arrogant man of the planet ❗❗❗ But after all the...
♡ B.R.E.A.T.H.L.E.S.S ♡ 《On hold》 by Theroyaldescendant
♡ B.R.E.A.T.H.L.E.S.S ♡ 《On hold》by NEFELIBATA
"You didn't break me ,I broke me. Because I believed in something that wasn't really. YOUR LOVE! " "I didn't wanna fall in love again ,not at all.But at...
Love Doesn't Understand Words by Misha2719
Love Doesn't Understand Wordsby Ramisha Saleem
{Obsessed with Aşk Laftan Anlamaz } {Translation of the turkish drama in english} What happens when an unwanted feeling arise deep inside your heart? When two different...
The Mafia King's Love 2 by Its_kookie1904
The Mafia King's Love 2by Hayat
It is book 2. Its has a book one. If you did not read part 1 check out my profile and read part 1 if you want. You will have more fun if you read book 1 too.
Love Me Till The End by ellena2675
Love Me Till The Endby ellena2675
Two strangers who met through an accident, trying to fall in love. With little cute twists and turns
Last Kiss by Taitick
Last Kissby Tai Avlis
What would happen if Hayat decide really leave Murat? A one shot of what became my fave couple and first Turkish serie! *English is not my first language, so I'm sorry...
Humesha💟 (Discontinued For Now) by Dimpy280498
Humesha💟 (Discontinued For Now)by Guju Girl
Stry of two lovers Manik and nandini who loves each other unconditionally bt situations made them hate each other.. 💟 lets c how they became hmesha 💕
Billionaire's Betrayal Love  (On Booknet App) by Hadith_Hailer
Billionaire's Betrayal Love (On B...by Hadith_Hailer
She isn't living just breathing. She isn't smiling just showing. She wants to forget him but can't. The more she tries to forget him, the more she ends up remembering hi...
Ben Kimim? by The_Alice21
Ben Kimim?by The_Alice21
İki kızın hikayesi.....
From apathy to immortal love by shivaysinghoberoi
From apathy to immortal loveby Muskan
"Mr. Usman Ali Khan, please do not think so highly about yourself. Here I am not letting you touch me and having kids with you is just not possible" shouted H...
The Bruised Angel ✓ by hayat_writes
The Bruised Angel ✓by Hayat
. Nazli Yilmaz, a girl of 19 leaves her aunt's home in Izmeer to work at Sarte in Feliztan. Little did she know that her life was gonna change drastically after crossing...
SIEMPRE TUYO {Forever Yours} by sylentwryterr
SIEMPRE TUYO {Forever Yours}by silent reader
"You know what? You're right, this marriage has been nothing but bickering and arguments since the beginning" He said cold heartedly. "What are you saying...
ASABE REZA by lamtana
ASABE REZAby Bingel mita lamtana
'Kwallina!' Zuciyarta ta buga da wannan kalmar, jan jikinta ta fara yi tana son isa inda ta jefar da kwallin, ji take shi kaɗai ne Zai iya taimakonta, shi kaɗai ne zai...
HayMur 4S: Homecoming Queen [COMPLETE: #HayMur FF] by SmitakshiGuha
HayMur 4S: Homecoming Queen [COMPL...by Smitakshi Guha
My first piece on popular Turkish onscreen couple from the drama Ask Laftan Anlamaz : Hayat and Murat. A cute love saga in the young days of college life, filled with pa...
Locked in the memory by DreamItDoIt14
Locked in the memoryby DreamItDoIt14
Hayat had fled Istanbul when her grandfather, Hasmat dada decided to take her back to her village and marry her off. Murat, the love of her life did not want anything to...