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Hatchetfield Stories by Latte_Hottay
Hatchetfield Storiesby 💗Latte💗
Multiple stories that take place in the Hatchetfield universe. Mostly Paulkins :) (Literally everything is Paulkins except You're Still You)
CaliforM.I.A - Ethan Green by BrookePeggyRogers
CaliforM.I.A - Ethan Greenby Brooklyn Rogers
Black Friday had not gone Cam's way. In fact, it was quite the opposite. She didn't want to be tied up in the back storage room awaiting judgment and death from fucking...
We Survived the Crisis, Babe by Alphawlf
We Survived the Crisis, Babeby Tomato_47
This is a TGWDLM/Black Friday AU where Emma and Paul make it out alive and they meet the Fosters. ⚠️ There will be some triggers and I will put warnings in the beginnin...
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Stuff by gracey_writes_stuff
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals S...by Gracey (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
This is a book in which I throw up all my Hatchetfield junk. Maybe a little Black Friday, but definitely TGWDLM
Black And White (Curwen) by hc_2005
Black And White (Curwen)by Hayleigh
Spies Are Forever x Black Friday When the town of Hatchetfield and the rest of the US descends into chaos, Agent Curt Mega has to go to the President of the country for...
{BOOK 1} I Thought We Would Be Safe - Paulkins/TGWDLM fanfic by Latte_Hottay
{BOOK 1} I Thought We Would Be Saf...by 💗Latte💗
A few familiar faces surprise Emma at the hospital. This would probably be the end of her shitty life, but a miracle happened. Cross-Posted on AO3 Part 1 of the I Though...
Isolated together by starkidpro
Isolated togetherby Six 🐢
A The guy who didn't like musicals fan fiction The musical apocalypses is happening, Emma Perkins, Paul Mathews and his friends from work need to stay safe and rescue t...
Starkid/TCB Oneshots | Requests open by 1Taez1
Starkid/TCB Oneshots | Requests op...by Taez
•|• This is just a collection of Starkid oneshots that I sometimes write in my free time when I'm not updating my other book, A Tale of Two Brothers. I will take request...
{BOOK 2} I Thought It Would Be Over - Paulkins/TGWDLM fanfic by Latte_Hottay
{BOOK 2} I Thought It Would Be Ove...by 💗Latte💗
Part 2 of the I Thought series !Read part 1 first! Paul & professor Hidgens try to find a cure for a second apotheosis. TRIGGER WARNINGS: -Mentioned death -Hospitals -Ne...
Hatchetfield and Friends by Mllk_N_Honey
Hatchetfield and Friendsby Sleep Addict
My last description of this was what I planned and what didn't happen, because my little mini stories got real dark. So here we are, little short stories that take place...
The Switch Up by quackquackbi
The Switch Upby Ya (demi)Girl Ash
A reposting of the birthday fic I wrote for myself back in March 2020. Very self-indulgent. If you think self-inserts are "cringy" than I encourage you to find...
He'd be a great dad (just saying)  by Robert_Stanion
He'd be a great dad (just saying) by Robert Manion Fan
When Lex finds herself pregnant, her boyfriend is, as always, very supportive but what about when she loses him?
Starkid Oneshots/Imagines :) [REQUESTS OPEN] by pieceofstarkidtrash
Starkid Oneshots/Imagines :) [REQU...by Damien
What am I doing? Writing a book about Starkid. Why am I doing this? Because I have no life and there's no disaster going on in the fictional world (unless I want there t...
"You will adore me" - artbook by la-dee-dah-dah-gay
"You will adore me" - artbookby 𝐫𝐞𝐝
I always found art books to be very pretentious and inconvenient on a site like this but I'm bored
The Quiet of the Storm by youofsomesong
The Quiet of the Stormby Theo/Reggie
Black Friday AU one shots. I came up with it during an rp. Deaf Ethan Green Bad description sorry! SLOW UPDATES Crossposted on Ao3 and ffn
Perkroe by CeliaNightstep
Emma perkins x Linda monroe. I mean what could go wrong with this? That is what Linda thinks when she enters Beanies today instead of her regular dropin at the local S...
Starkid Oneshots by Newsiesfan19
Starkid Oneshotsby Bella Graff
Hey I'm turning this into a starkid and TCB one shot book! Major spoilers for their musicals. No x reader fics. Comment ships you want me to write.
My hatchetfield theory's  by Paigeclark157
My hatchetfield theory's by Paigeclark157
I didn't have anywhere else to put these 🤷
Emma Perkins x reader - The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals by Lupus_and_Lepus
Emma Perkins x reader - The Guy Wh...by Lupus_and_Lepus
Reader is the younger sibling of Paul Matthews and has a crush on Emma. When they find out that Paul also likes the cute lil' barista will they choose to fight for her o...