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Starkid oneshots by DeathByMusicals
Starkid oneshotsby DeathByMusicals
Oneshots for Starkid shows! Will most likely be a lot of Hatchetfield oneshots. :) *Cover will change when I have time to make my own :)*
Monsters and Men ~ Rosenwalker & Richpez by 9and3starkids
Monsters and Men ~ Rosenwalker & Miranda🚀
Rosenwalker and Richpez love story set in the Hatchetfield universe. Typical high school AU about the theatre nerd (Brian) having a crush on the older popular kid (Joe)...
The guide to life, a book by Emma Perkins and Paul Mathews by Softpotato66
The guide to life, a book by Elizabeth
So with the announcement of nmt2 I thought it was finally time to release this story that has been in my notes for months. It's another kid fic (I'm sorry I don't know w...
Musicals, musicals everywhere! by 666LadyInRed
Musicals, musicals everywhere!by 666LadyInRed
Musical memes!!! I don't own the memes.
A Very Starkid Holiday by stranger_starkid
A Very Starkid Holidayby Matteson.STANeson
Starkid AU !! Some returning home for the winter holidays to visit their families, some going to see old friends, a few of the starkids decide to make a reunion over the...
Professor Hidgens by TGWDLM_RobertManion
Professor Hidgensby Display Name
Y/N is just a normal student at the University of Hatchetfield. She leads a particularly boring life, double majoring in biology and musical theatre, but it seems that e...
Starkid oneshots maybe? by 9and3starkids
Starkid oneshots maybe?by Miranda🚀
Right now just Rosenwalker and Richpez oneshots But maybe I'll make this a Starkid oneshots book?🤷🏼‍♀️ my fav Starkid ships are Rosenwalker, Richpez, Breredith, Jazzal...
starkid oneshots  by auditsinyourwazoo
starkid oneshots by auditsinyourwazoo
ON HOLD A bunch of starkid fanfics,fluff, smut, gore, angst, whatever. Requests open but I may not get around to most due to motivation Mostly x reader Updates may be...
S T U N N I N G  by thedude_dude
S T U N N I N G by thedude_dude
"i missed you" [sequel to LOVELY] [ROBERT MANION SOCIAL MEDIA STORY]
Henry VS The Aftermath by quackquackbi
Henry VS The Aftermathby It’s Ya Enby, Ash
Sequel to my story "Webby VS The Apotheosis". Major spoilers for that, and some medium spoilers for Black Friday, as well as some non-canon theories being appl...
Homecoming: A Starkid High School AU by Hamiltrash3
Homecoming: A Starkid High Sam
Basically all the Starkid characters attend high school together in Hatchetfield. Featuring plenty of happy curtwen (Tin can bros, I know, but I'm adding them because i...
STARKID x Reader One-Shots by SavoryLemons
STARKID x Reader One-Shotsby I’m in a Hurry
These are all my Starkid (And Tin Can Bros.) one-shots and ships. We only have a couple rules: 1) Everyone is supermegyfoxyawesomehot 2) Duck IS lord 3) Always dance ...
Robert Manion x Reader by local_starkid_trash
Robert Manion x Readerby ☆ b
After working as a stage manager for both Twisted and Firebringer, you decide you want to try out for a role in TGWDLM. You meet the cast, but one of them stands out for...
Hatchetfield Stories by Latte_Hottay
Hatchetfield Storiesby 💗Latte💗
Multiple stories that take place in the Hatchetfield universe. Mostly Paulkins :) (Literally everything is Paulkins except You're Still You)
Apotheosis- A TGWDLM Fanfic by ashowstoppingstarkid
Apotheosis- A TGWDLM Fanficby A Starkid Fan
What exactly happened in Hatchetfield after the musical invasion? As it turns out, a surprising amount. Emma isn't the only one not turned. After barely getting out of g...
Tedgens Fanfic by NeedsCaffeine
Tedgens Fanficby NeedsCaffeine
The Title Will Probably Change. This is a The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals(TGWDLM) fanfic. I own nothing but part of the plot. (BoyxBoy) (Ted x Hidgens)
starkid stuff by duffelbagofshit
starkid stuffby shit
idk just starkid things
one shots || paulkins  by G0LDENGL1TZ
one shots || paulkins by solar <3
that's where your wrong kiddo: a Hidglexa story by doulisten2_girlinred
that's where your wrong kiddo: a doulisten2_girlinred
Oh, that's where you're dead wrong, bucko. With a little imagination and some elbow grease, you can have sex with anything. It doesn't even have to be elbow grease. Any...