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cpjjgj's We'll Be a Dream // Lost Along the Way {Draco x OC} by januarylily
cpjjgj's We'll Be a Dream // Lost...by January Lily
Highest Rankings: #1 dracoxoc & #1 twinsister Leila Potter, twin of Harry, is heading back for her sixth year at Hogwarts. This year, everything changes when she falls...
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Written In the Stars | s.b | by andreaxjulia
Written In the Stars | s.b |by Andrea Julia
Once there was a young and passionate girl by the name of Ariah. She lived in a poor environment, doing everything in her power to help out her family. On the other side...
  • black
  • siriusxoc
  • harrypotterfanfic
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E N E M Y [ BNHA ] by bakatrashcan
E N E M Y [ BNHA ]by bakatrashcan
"If the League Of Villains is against heroes like...him...then yes. I'd like to be a part of the league." Tsubasa Ryu is a fifteen year old girl who was orpha...
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Safety (Katsuki Bakugo X OC) BOOK ONE OF EXPLOSIVE GLITCH SERIES by MillieFanfic
Safety (Katsuki Bakugo X OC) BOOK...by that legend millie
Akari Kimura is a powerful girl in a hero-fueled world. She is parentless, and it is a mystery to all, including herself and almost every pro hero, who her parents are...
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Black Water ↠ Stiles Stilinski [Teen Wolf, Vol. One] by sarcastic-ninja
Black Water ↠ Stiles Stilinski [Te...by Cate
High school. It's difficult enough to navigate on its own. Especially when you were quick-witted, bitterly sarcastic, and emotionally constipated with a bad case of verb...
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LAST NAME [ BNHA ]❄🔥 by IDKarlee
LAST NAME [ BNHA ]❄🔥by ❄️🔥
"It's your power, isn't it?!" I opened my eyes when I heard those words. No it's not...I thought looking down to my phone. I opened the camera and looked at m...
  • uraraka
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The Two Of Us || Shoto Todoroki x OC by KuroJoo
The Two Of Us || Shoto Todoroki x...by Black Queen
Boku No Hero Academia: Shoto Todoroki x OC Disclaimer: I don't own Hero Academia nor the characters of the said anime. Credits to the rightful owner of this anime (Kohe...
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The Serpent Dance (Jughead Jones x Reader) by CantEvenEven
The Serpent Dance (Jughead Jones x...by grabthebucket
Y/N is thrown out by her uncle, and she goes to the Serpents for help. Does she have what it takes to become one of them?
  • jugheadjonesxreader
  • archieandrews
  • bettycooper
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Rule 14 [NCIS x Criminal Minds] ↠ S. Reid by januarylily
Rule 14 [NCIS x Criminal Minds] ↠...by January Lily
• Bend the line, don't break it. • Jethro's daughter, Emma is about to graduate from college and follow in her father's footsteps at NCIS. But during her time as an inte...
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Enchanted [Flash] by januarylily
Enchanted [Flash]by January Lily
He's fast and she's weird. Abigael Allen, twin of Barry, also finds herself with new abilities following S.T.A.R. Labs' Particle Accelerator explosion. Together with Bar...
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Coming to Terms [Remember the Titans] ↠ G. Bertier by januarylily
Coming to Terms [Remember the Tita...by January Lily
Julie Yoast is used to hiding in the shadows of being the coach's daughter, but when the schools in Alexandria are integrated she finds herself coming to terms with her...
  • julieyoast
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  • amygumenick
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Us Against the World [SPN] ↠ Castiel by januarylily
Us Against the World [SPN] ↠ Casti...by January Lily
Sisfic! Campbell "Elle" Winchester, the youngest Winchester sibling, has never led a normal life-unless one considers ganking ghosts "normal." But th...
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My Evil Little Princess {Bakugo x OC} by IrishHamilfan
My Evil Little Princess {Bakugo x...by IrishHamilfan
"You bitch." "You peasant." ~~~ Ririchiyo Senjougahara is Denki Kaminari's foster sister with the most emo quirk possible whose goal it is to grow st...
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The Quintessential Quintuplets: The Two Tutors (OC Fanfiction) by tannicbuns
The Quintessential Quintuplets: Th...by BuildUP
A young boy named Kurogane Kazuya, he is intellectual but somewhat lazy, along with his friend, Uesugi Fuutarou, will be challenged to tutor five sisters who are in the...
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Danganronpa: Sweet Tooth Vengeance  by bloodyhoops
Danganronpa: Sweet Tooth Vengeance by ᒍIᕼYᑌᑎ Yᑌᑎᗩ
A group of 16 students wake up in a very colourful candy factory. Every last exit is blocked off and they don't have their phones on them. They soon realize that they're...
  • ocfanfic
  • ốc
  • danganronpaoc
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Of Love and War {TURN: Washington's Spies} ↠ B. Tallmadge by januarylily
Of Love and War {TURN: Washington'...by January Lily
As far as her father was concerned, Lydia's current feelings for Benjamin were simply that of a heartbroken girl whose childhood sweetheart had betrayed her. But the tru...
  • revolutionarywar
  • original
  • historicalfiction
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🌹 - one shots.  by -rat-coon
🌹 - one shots. by ↻racoon
here's where i post all my one shots! úwù, or just short stories that aren't long enough for a series!
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She Will Be Loved [Law & Order:SVU] ↠ R. Barba by januarylily
She Will Be Loved [Law & Order:SVU...by January Lily
Harvard Law School graduate Jillian "JJ" Jacobs gave up everything and eventually became an SVU detective in New York City. All she ever wanted in life was to...
  • barba
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BAD ROMANCE [George McFly] by InTheFormOfWords
BAD ROMANCE [George McFly]by Fletcher
The story in which one of Biff's goons is found slowly but surely starting to fall for the slacker, George McFly OR The story in which George McFly tries his best to cov...
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The Dragon's Daughter by wynterxrose
The Dragon's Daughterby wynterxrose
Half wolf, half dragon, Alys finds that the fight for the throne becomes a battle of the heart instead. {AU}. (Robb Stark/OC).
  • jonsnow
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  • robbstark
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