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Arthur  by kadachii_
Arthur by Kadachii
Joker has one big insecurity and during his and Batman's fighting, the bat finds out. Scaring joker to his core Warnings: smut , a/b/o dynamics , gore, violence
Trapped in the Closet by otakupotato12
Trapped in the Closetby otakupotato12
I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS, ART OR SONGS! IT IS A FANFICTION!!! Please let me know who the artists are so I can credit them :). Batman and The Joker somehow end up tr...
A Batjokes Story by LoveKiller23
A Batjokes Storyby ThatOneFangirl
admin : I don't even know how to write stories so enjoy - How do you know when your in love with someone? No really cause I really like this guy and I can't tell if he...
Calm (Batman x Anxiety! Joker) by Jacknapierishere
Calm (Batman x Anxiety! Joker)by Jacknapierishere
Joker has been acting really strange. Batman is very eager to find out what is going on. No matter how many times Joker pushes him away, Batman won't give up. I don't ow...
I hate you by Leeachris58
I hate youby Leeachris58
two men have known each other for years, but what happens when one expresses his love (or hatred) to the other?
Wayleska smut for fun by xander_gayboi_wilde
Wayleska smut for funby xander_gayboi_wilde
Jeremiah and Bruce needed a sex scene that's all I'm saying.
Batjokes Proof/moments  by OrdinaryShiper
Batjokes Proof/moments by Ordinary Shiper
All universes movies TV Exedra and some other stuff but mainly cannon stuff.
I Love You Forever (lego batjokes) by Lyralover2354
I Love You Forever (lego batjokes)by LyraLover2354
After batman and the joker confesses there love for eachother, Batman realizes that he felt something more than hate towards the joker. Does the joker like him the same...
random juce by DesolateHeartt
random juceby Azrael
WARNING: THIS STORY WILL BE VERY FLUFFY **These are the Telltale versions of the characters, not the comic versions.** This is written as if John had never become a vill...
Batman x Joker  by Nightmaredemon2341
Batman x Joker by blood moon devil slayer
Is a ship of batman and joker none as batjokes of course that's why your reading this book of shit sorry but I'm hard on my salf and stuff sorry have fun
his joker || batjokes by rylee-is-rad
his joker || batjokesby 🍊
{telltale batjokes au} Batman's days were over, and Bruce Wayne was living a normal life, well, as normal as a billionare can be. Although, things change quickly when he...
Batjokes by wayyy_toosexyy
Batjokesby wayyy_toosexyy
Batman x joker oneshots A lot of smut Kinky bdsm
You Complete Me by percltas
You Complete Meby eviee
Batjokes fanfic, love, fighting, flirting, all the good stuff! (Completed)
BatJokes by Killa_Queen_Squad
BatJokesby Killa Queen Squad
Harley advices Joker to get help from the Riddler for help on his newest plan. No one can say no to a cute face, can they? ((Will reference somethings from the Lego Batm...
Embarrassing dare~Lego Batjokes by Natalieisajoke
Embarrassing dare~Lego Batjokesby Natalieisajoke
My first batjokes story. Joker had been dared to do a very embarrassing thing. causing crime won't be real fun.
"Sometimes I Wonder"  (A Lego Batjokes Fanfiction) by Alpaca_Kwen
"Sometimes I Wonder" (A Lego 🐚🐸🐚
{(Credit to the original artist!!!)} After repairing Gotham City with a little help from our enemies, strange things start to stir and linger in the minds of our hero an...
(Batman x joker) ~One stormy night. by I-am-kohai
(Batman x joker) ~One stormy Liss Jones
Batman knows the Joker. He knows how he talks, how he moves and how he acts. He thinks he has the clown figured out. However when Heroes and villains alike start to go...
Betrayal  (Batjokes fanfic) by Titankat88
Betrayal (Batjokes fanfic)by Titankat88
Batman was severely injured in a battle with Killer Croc and cant fight for a few months, So he sent Robin and Nightwing to fight the crime he couldn't. and Joker is not...
Unforgettable... ( BatJokes FanFiction) by ChaiTeaAndFandoms
Unforgettable... ( BatJokes Error:<[Unknown]
Bruce Wayne keeps remembering his ex, Jack Nappier. The littlest things remind him of everything. Joker's jokes and teases don't help the poor Dark Knight's mental state...