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Trapped in the Closet by otakupotato12
Trapped in the Closetby otakupotato12
I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS, ART OR SONGS! IT IS A FANFICTION!!! Please let me know who the artists are so I can credit them :). Batman and The Joker somehow end up tr...
I Hate You | A Lego BatJokes Story by nightmare_carousel
I Hate You | A Lego BatJokes Storyby 🦇Bree🦇
• i hate you, i love you, i hate that i love you • What do you do when you come to the startling realization that you might be in love with your greatest enemy? (Set in...
Homemade Dynamite [The Lego Batman fanfiction] [ON HOLD] by mr_poopy_butthole2
Homemade Dynamite [The Lego richard/james
// The Lego Batman x The Joker // Batjokes Inspired by @nightmare_carousel :) #2 legobatman #3 jokerxbatman #4 batjokes Started: 2022-04 Ended:
Batjokes Proof/moments  by OrdinaryShiper
Batjokes Proof/moments by Ordinary Shiper
All universes movies TV Exedra and some other stuff but mainly cannon stuff.
Mechanical Heart by Roseliendreamer85
Mechanical Heartby Roseliendreamer85
There is someone new in charge of the GCPD while Barbra deals with some "family emergencies", but her arrival, along with her twisted, wicked ideas will change...
"Sometimes I Wonder"  (A Lego Batjokes Fanfiction) by cwen_arthive
"Sometimes I Wonder" (A Lego 🐚🐸🐚
{(Credit to the original artist!!!)} After repairing Gotham City with a little help from our enemies, strange things start to stir and linger in the minds of our hero an...
Stealing Your Villain (A Batjokes Story) by InsertUsernameHere16
Stealing Your Villain (A Lily's Making Crap
Joker can't stand how Batman treats him anymore. He works his butt off for the other's attention, only to be tossed aside. So, he seeks the attention of a new hero, who...
Unforgettable... ( BatJokes FanFiction) by ChaiTeaAndFandoms
Unforgettable... ( BatJokes Error:<[Unknown]
Bruce Wayne keeps remembering his ex, Jack Nappier. The littlest things remind him of everything. Joker's jokes and teases don't help the poor Dark Knight's mental state...
Playing With My Heart by sugarsmooch
Playing With My Heartby lipstick lolipop .
Batman & his family had once again saved Gotham city from the Joker's wicked ways, but for once, Joker didn't have the last laugh. His slip-ups managed to fail another h...
Batjokes by Taboo_writer
Batjokesby Taboo_writer
Batman x joker oneshots A lot of smut Kinky bdsm
You Complete Me by percltas
You Complete Meby eviee
Batjokes fanfic, love, fighting, flirting, all the good stuff! (Completed)
I hate you too Batsy - Kinky Batjokes Oneshots by Kotoriplz
I hate you too Batsy - Kinky Trash? Trash.
They fuck Boyxboy Leave if you want it's up to you man Might be some emotions?? Probs fluff too Smut
Havoc (A BatJokes story) by The_Wizard_Of_The_Oz
Havoc (A BatJokes story)by Barnes'N'Noble
"You've killed so many, and let others die.. but yet, you can't even pull the trigger on me," Joker breathed through his nostrils, his voice getting strained f...
Dancing the line between love and hate (Batjokes) by commonauthor
Dancing the line between love Bunni💚💜
Batman and Joker are fighting as usual but, wrapped up in the heat of the moment, punches soon turn to kisses and fighting soon turns into something more intimate. The l...
One In The Same by GeekyBookWyrm
One In The Sameby The Geeky BookWyrm {EXTENDED...
The Joker is Batman's greatest enemy, but he can't help but (subconsciously) wish for it to be a little something more. To get his mind off Batman, Haley suggests the Jo...
Broken Elevator (Batjokes) by George_Carlin
Broken Elevator (Batjokes)by ⚰🥀 Bitch 💀🖤
What happens when Gothams greatest superhero is trapped with Gothams best villain for 8 hours?
Nightmare by Fablemoon23
Nightmareby ℱαвℓϵ
Joker has terrible nightmares, sometimes. The bat understands. (Maybe a few mentions of events that are in "Rooftop Gargoyle".) Cover art: all rights reserved™
Becoming a (Bat)Man by Lestatandraffy
Becoming a (Bat)Manby Cassandra Gibson
Bruce worships the ground Arthur walks on. He's so crazy in love with him it's reaching an obsession. But sadly, it appears Arthur still sees Bruce as a 'kid' and holds...
batjokes one shots  by SnarryIsLifeBitch
batjokes one shots by Panda bear
Batman x joker one shots! don't like? then don't read, that simple. I have other one shot books so please take a look at them. Enjoy and as always, requests are welcome ♡
The 4th Wheel (Lego batjokes) by Itspeeps
The 4th Wheel (Lego batjokes)by It's Peeps
A new hero is in town called Jack, wonder who is his secret identity Just a cute, fluffy, and totally not angsty fanfic of Batjokes. (No there is no OC's involved with i...