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milf  by tomilfson
milf by mon
Louis es un omega que ha llegado a los 35 años, donde sigue soltero, disfrutando de su vida y sin la necesidad de una relación estable, como él se llamaría una alma libr...
Nameless by studystyles
Namelessby studystyles
"Do you have a name?" "Why are you ignoring me?" SHORT STORY // COMPLETE Nameless Extended
Sword through my heart~Drarry by helloooooooo638u662i
Sword through my heart~Drarryby helloooooooo638u662i
Harry Potter is a well known captain of a ship called the Dark howler and his crew are killing off so many lives in order to find the only one he fears... Thomas Riddle...
Different kind of love story ✔️ by annwritess1
Different kind of love story ✔️by annwritess
*The Love Story Series * ** You don't have to read the series in order Louis is just starting his first day at an high school English teacher. He's is 26 single and nev...
The pregnant lou(larry stylinson) by saba_stylinson
The pregnant lou(larry stylinson)by saba_stylinson
[ completed ] (لويى يه بچه مثبت به تمام معنا هستش) سلام اسم من لويى تاملينسون هستم حتى شک دارم که فاميليم اين باشه 18 سالمه و تا چند ماه پيش تو پرورشگاه لندن بودم ولى چو...
Love me, please? ➸ Translation by blouten
Love me, please? ➸ Translationby 𝐁𝐥𝐮𝐞 𝐊𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧
یک مو فرفری که از قضا پسر محبوب مدرسه‌ست؛ تقریبا همه دوستش دارند و اون کاملا از زندگیش لذت می‌بره. یک پسر چشم‌آبیِ ساکت و خجالتی اما به‌طرز باورنکردنی‌ای جذاب و خواستنی...
Drarry Oneshots by Draco_the_sub
Drarry Oneshotsby mk_i_read_fanfics
Draco is a sub and you can't convince me otherwise. I'm taking requests ✌️😶 •Smut •Fluff Yasssss on with it you naughty hoes Btw Draco is a cute shortie in all of these
Unconditionally by JulieAnnnickle
Unconditionallyby Julie Ann Nickle
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter were dating before the war. After the war Harry and Draco continued to date, but because Draco is a death eater he put on trial for the de...
My hell protects me. L.S . Z.P (complete) by Tommo2412991
My hell protects me. L.S . Z.P (co...by Tommo
انا تائه في حلم اشبه بالحقيقه ، اتقبل منك كل شئ تعذيبك لي ، غضبك ، شهواتك على من اكذب انا من جعلتك تأتي إلى هنا انا بمجنون الكثير اخبروني بهذا و لكنني لم اكن اعلم انني...
Summer Vibes 🎆 by Mystic-Musa
Summer Vibes 🎆by _𝔸𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕊𝕦𝕖_
This love story begins with sunny summer camp , love sparkles between Harry and Draco's friends but when their love sparkles , would be unexpected . other ships would be...
Mine | Drarry/Harco | Yandere AU by HermioneSimp
Mine | Drarry/Harco | Yandere AUby Homosexual <3
❝You're mine and nobody else can have you.❞ Yanderes...Somebody who is sweet and kind at first glance. But when it comes to their love (crush) they will act obsessive an...
CHATON [TOME 2] by Emy_Stylinson
Tome 2 de Chaton NE LISEZ PAS SI VOUS ÊTES SENSIBLES AUX ACTES SEXUELS Et de préférence, lisez le Tome 1... ce sera beaucoup plus logique !
The Slytherin Kings • Drarry AU • Discontinued by LilBunnieBlack
The Slytherin Kings • Drarry AU •...by BlackBunnie
Notices: No smut in here I'd be condemned to death None of these characters are mine Soulmates are a wonderful thing everyone has them but most haven't found theirs here...
Stay With Me(drarry) by LoveSerenity625
Stay With Me(drarry)by Love Serenity
⚠!Warning!⚠ This story contains SMUT! If you struggle with PTSD this story may not be for you! About the Story: This story also has fluff if you stick around long enough...
Fresh fanfictions by zaqzania
Fresh fanfictionsby Qazal
خواننده ای و دنبال فنفیکشن جدید میگردی؟؟! نویسنده ای و تازه شروع به نوشتن کردی؟؟!
Harco : Soul mates by BrookeKent9
Harco : Soul matesby Brooke Kent
It was a hot summer day at hogwarts (That's all I have. I wrote this in the car.)
Drarry Oneshots  by lol_im_a_human
Drarry Oneshots by Drarry mah dude
A bunch of Drarry stuffI'm able to take suggestions if you'd like, I may have some smut and some fluff.
Larry Stylinson Smut stories/one shots  by Larryisreal28xxxx
Larry Stylinson Smut stories/one s...by Larryxforever
A collection of Larry Stylinson smut. DISCLAIMER: *these story's are not written by me. I'll give credit to whoever wrote It* *some of the story's I've forgot to write...
عينّاك،بيتي.💙 (قيد تعديل) by BatoLol
عينّاك،بيتي.💙 (قيد تعديل)by Bato Lol
المزاج بينزل التحديث ..●▪• "الحب الحقيقي هو روح واحدة تسكن جسدين." - أرسطو ALL THE LOVE .☆ 🎭
ZARRY STYLIK SMUT  by stylikjupiter
The stars falling apart embraces him Where the moon and sun makes love...