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Love is the death of Duty, Duty is the death of Love, Yet in the end, all she can see is a single grave awaiting her. or in which Valaenyra Targaryen realizes why would...
The Art of Ballbusting: Jenna Ortega's Empowering Film by bbaific
The Art of Ballbusting: Jenna BBAI.Fic
In this empowering story, Jenna Ortega accepts a role to star in a movie as a high school student who seeks revenge on her male bullies through ballbusting. Demanding re...
Ballbusting Chaos on the Tennis Court by bbaific
Ballbusting Chaos on the Tennis BBAI.Fic
This is a short story about a friendly tennis match that quickly escalate into a violent and brutal contest. Peach and Mario, and Daisy and Luigi are the two competing t...
The Malevolent Ballbuster Spirit by bbaific
The Malevolent Ballbuster Spiritby BBAI.Fic
The story follows the Peterson family as they move into their new home, a spacious and well-furnished abode that seems perfect in every way. However, as they begin to un...
"ChatGPT-like" AI Chatbot by ayoubragnar
"ChatGPT-like" AI Chatbotby ayoubragnar
First To Market Hard-Coded AI App That Lets You Launch Your Very Own "ChatGPT-like" AI Chatbot, And Charge People For Using It... Comes With Over 50 AI Feature...
Saul Goodman buys NFT'S and gets colon cancer by Mayor_ACNL
Saul Goodman buys NFT'S and gets Kieran Enstrom
Saul Goodman was a well-respected lawyer, known for his clever tactics and cunning approach to the law. He had always been intrigued by new technology, and when he heard...
GPT Studio Review ✍️ Full OTO Details + Bonuses + Honest Reviews by milton1216
GPT Studio Review ✍️ Full OTO MD MILTON DEWAN
Unlock the full potential of creativity with GPT Studio! Dive into our comprehensive GPT Studio review to discover how this innovative tool leverages the power of GPT-3...
Unlocking AI Security: The Power of Zerogpt in the Era of Free AI Detectors by zerogpt3
Unlocking AI Security: The Power zerogpt 2
ZeroGPT provides a free AI detection tool, enabling you to identify AI-generated content at no cost. With our advanced AI detection capabilities and DeepAnalyse™ Technol...
The Secret Life of Mia by Manzonialessandro
The Secret Life of Miaby Simone Bova
This story was entirely written by an artificial intelligence, in fact I haven't even read it Will you try reading it? Will it be worth it? One thing is for sure, I don'...
Detect Gpt by zerogpt3
Detect Gptby zerogpt 2
Discover the cutting-edge "ZeroGPT" in Germany! Detect GPT technology at its finest with ZeroGPT. Uncover advanced language models designed to revolutionize AI...
Kamen Rider: Timebound Destiny by redsmas
Kamen Rider: Timebound Destinyby
So last night I had a dream I was a kamen rider. The driver required me to put in 4 cards to activate it, rider cards and effect cards. But I was also stuck in a time lo...
chat gpt stories (REQUESTS OPEN) by suckoutmysoul
chat gpt stories (REQUESTS OPEN)by bea
this is a book of fanfic stories written purely by chat gpt. you can dm me or comment to request characters from any universe, chat gpt can do anyone as far as i know. ...
The Horrid Kind of Love by NikiStan0
The Horrid Kind of Loveby lengXgpt_works
the first story i wrote with chatGPT..... "The Horrid Kind of Love" is a gripping tale set in the halls of Loona High, where the arrival of transfer student Ya...
my journey by skamisecret
my journeyby Kami
random events
CHAT GPT TWORZY by chatgpt_tworzy
Tu będą zamieszczane opowiadania tworzone przez chat gpt. NIE ROBIĘ KOREKTY BO MI SIĘ NIE CHCE