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Tommy XD - The Prince Of Gods (A Dream SMP fanfiction/au) by Silver_Night_Moon
Tommy XD - The Prince Of Gods (A D...by Silver Star
Tommy lives an uneasy but still normal life. He lives with his friends until he wakes up in a dark room with Tubbo unconscious on the ground with lots of symbols around...
Tommyinnit-Blood Has Been My Call by Ldrabbles
Tommyinnit-Blood Has Been My Callby LDrabbles
Tommy was a god it was simple as that he bleeds gold but there's one thing he would always hold his family only Phil,techno,Wilbur,Fundy know who he is and he is the BL...
Tommy Adopted AU /Karlnapity by NinoDontForgetIt
Tommy Adopted AU /Karlnapityby Nino Ù<Ú
In this AU Karl, Sapnap and Quackity adopt Tommy. Tommy has been abandoned by everyone and felt like he had no one left. He ran to the woods where he met up with Karl, t...
MAINLY Godinnit oneshots :)  by doingurmom_finley
MAINLY Godinnit oneshots :) by Finley
This was a father godinnit thing but i changed it to oneshots of godinnit, sorry :( #5 ON GODINNIT LETS GOOO #720 On SMP!!
godinnit  by mjxtxd
godinnit by mxtxd
what if Tommy was the 'god of death' but never knew? Kristen (sbi mom pogg) was a god and only Phil and techno knew but she never told something really important. Tommyi...
The Gods Of The SMP by LaZy_T3a
The Gods Of The SMPby Spiritual_Tea
The Gods come to the smp for a mission (NOT CANON) WARNING: Cussing. LGBTQ+. My AU Ship you might not like (#2 in TimeDeo and notcanon)
Random Ideas I Had But Was To Lazy To Make Into A Video by Deku_Helixy
Random Ideas I Had But Was To Lazy...by Deku_Helixy
self explanatory like- this book is just random Ideas I had but was to lazy to make into a video in my YouTube channel and also some stories i made in school for an act...
|| Do not fear || a GodInnit fic || by S1r_Kas__
|| Do not fear || a GodInnit fic ||by insomniac
Art by Shmeckdoesstuff on Twitter ==×== [ AU's: Godinnit, dadinnit/fatherinnit ] Tommy is a god, what will happen when the rest of the SMP know that?... (I suck at descr...
Tommyinnit one shots (on hold) by Unknown_Human_Found
Tommyinnit one shots (on hold)by Unknown_Human_Found
These are one shots that I just randomly made, and I have 0 idea on what I should make the cover
Mortals are stupid by Akiuras
Mortals are stupidby Akira
Technoblade calls his father during his execution. The butchers will soon realize that he is not calling Phil.
Tombooby Melody_innit
Basically a GODINNIT thing cause I got some inspo from another writer. The GODINNIT doesn't come until later tho. But my inspo book, check it out. it's real good. it's c...
Infinity by RiverInnit_
Infinityby River Innit
This is a TommyInnit AU like no other! Join TommyInnit on his journey as an exiled god! Will he find happiness? Who will he kill? Find out in Infinity. This is copied a...
Fallen gods (dream smp Au) by asagothe_fander
Fallen gods (dream smp Au)by Ather_Flame
(this is meant to be a Tommyinnit Au I randomly came up with. The placeholder name was Bruno is Orange AU as that was the original song I set this world to. I managed to...
Two Deity's and their secrets by Madipooo
Two Deity's and their secretsby Lucky13
I don't own any of the art nor do I own any of the characters. Ok so in this AU Tommy is a God and Dream is a Dreamon. Tommy and Dream are actually friends and are nice...
Hero and Villain ~~~ A DSMP fanfic  by VelvetGirl2010
Hero and Villain ~~~ A DSMP fanfic by VelvetGirl2010
FILE : ' Hero and Villain ' ............ LOADING .............. ( COMPLETED ) Dream has escaped the prison. Wilbur, Techno and Phil are h...
Godinnit And Other Tommyinnit Oneshots by Bl0omingStar
Godinnit And Other Tommyinnit Ones...by Sophia Kippenbrock
The one shots will be for when i get a burst of creativity. :]
The God of Chaos.. (Godinnit !Au by doingurmom_finley
The God of Chaos.. (Godinnit !Auby Finley
Tommy makes a deal with the God of Chaos that Tommy will get his powers but the God can take over his body whenever he pleases. What happens when the God takes over infr...
sbi statue au by AnnaMiller449
sbi statue auby Anna Miller
um well this story is based off of a comic I found and I wanted to write about it it has a lot of twists in the story : Tommy wakes up to gods in his living room and the...