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ditto by danielcaesarsgf
dittoby lyla
having just gotten out of a toxic relationship, ariannah, makes a promise to herself that she is never going to find love again. that is until one day she sees a girl ov...
Friends  by ncqiii
Friends by yckrh3a
i can't nahuhulog loob ko sakanya... it can't be.
Leaves [gxg] by JansOtherStories
Leaves [gxg]by Jan Karlsson
[Wattys 2022 Shortlister] [The Ambys 2023 Top Pick (Romance)] River May Dorsey loves tea. She loves it so much that, after her grandmother left her a substantial inherit...
I heard you~ (Dolores Madrigal x Female Reader) by NotTooLateInterlude
I heard you~ (Dolores Madrigal x NotTooLateInterlude
Y/N comes from one of the families in the village of Encanto. Her family helps out the village by giving food to others, helping parents with their children, and, at tim...
'' Love Hidden '' (ORV fanfiction, BL. Kdj X Yjh. Highschool AU) by Verarity
'' Love Hidden '' (ORV V-Kun
In the bustling halls of Sejong Middle School, two unlikely best friends, Kim Dokja and Yoo Joonghyuk. Kim Dokja, with his jolly demeanour and penchant for perfectionism...
an (un)requited love | english gxg shortstory by jeaweatherton
an (un)requited love | english ;
A very short story I wrote for my English class. Created in the weird times of Corona-Quarantine, April 2020. Anna is in love with her best friend Maia. Her feelings ge...
There She Goes (GirlxGirl) by pamlynb
There She Goes (GirlxGirl)by ELEKTRA
She had Secrets when she falls in love with the 'wrong girl'. Her success and busy life style starts to catch up to her, does she reveal her true self or keep the trut...
My Closet Lover  by hairwee
My Closet Lover by hornknee
My first story some events are true.May be trigger warnings So please be safe and enjoy! :) Sorry guys I'm at 1% Rawr Xq
That Girl by suzied10
That Girlby Suzie
I never thought that I will fall in love with her.
Chasing Aspen by delicaterroses
Chasing Aspenby 𝐀.
I never really had many friends growing up, besides Rhea. Rhea was my best friend. Aspen hasn't be around the whole time, maybe for only half a year. She joined our scho...
two beds by myycose
two bedsby Mikayla
small little snippet of two best friends, one is sick and needs some warmth. the other one hopelessly in love.
Forbidden love by CharlieS_WillB
Forbidden loveby CharlieS_WillB
I'm gonna put new parts every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Its year 1986. School started and Nick is going to meet his bullies again. The bullies are obviously the pop...
A Girl Loves A Girl by RebeccaPotter1
A Girl Loves A Girlby Rebecca Potter
A Girl Falls In Love With Her Best friend Who Is Also A Girl. What Is She Going To Do?
Dancing in the rain by pamlynb
Dancing in the rainby ELEKTRA
A lesbian relationship spinning out of control when girlfriend Jess Stone, who is an up and coming junior prosecutor, finds out that her High school sweet heart Jolene B...
My Sweetness by bigmommy123
My Sweetnessby bigmommy123
I do not own any of the pictures but I do own the story of the characters (if you'd like to know where any of the pictures are from please text me)
Pretty Boys Don't Cry. by xXIsh_thestarfireXx
Pretty Boys Don't Ish
Arnie is class pretty boy, the most trendy and fun person in uni. The leader of the band 'billowy reds.' Benjamin is the vice president of the baking club and is uni's b...
A Lesbian Fairytale  by xXImBiXx
A Lesbian Fairytale by xXImBiXx
You read through the life of Ruby, the deer girl. And of Lunenia, the rich princess. This story is not done! I do have school so sorry in advance for not updating fast e...
PRIDE by logophile_dreamer
PRIDEby logophile_dreamer
Morgan doesn't like girls... or does she? She has to accept herself and will that happen when new girl Kaitlyn comes to her school?