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War Technicalities by Mrs_Splinter
War Technicalitiesby Wife_To_A_Master
Caesar x Human!OC. [Warning: violent/graphic content ahead! I personally don't think it's a lot, but you never know, it may be too much for you.] They say "curiosit...
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N U D E Sby 🐊
let's get naked.
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Sweet Suffering  by Anika_Knight
Sweet Suffering by Anika_Knight
Previously known as : Tales of a broken heart "It's often difficult to put into words, the tales of a broken heart." A scattered collection of poems, snippets...
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My Lifelines  by FrzenFlame
My Lifelines by Jesslyn
Ranked #108 on 11/02/17 "Sometimes people are beautiful, Not in looks and talks, but Just in what they are." This is a collection of poems I have been writin...
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Snippet berseri , becerita tentang Hermione Granger, si penyihir muggleborn, dan "pelayan" berkemampuan spesial miliknya. Ya. Sesosok vampire yang bersembunyi...
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Scribbler's Creations [#SwaSanClub] by Shivani_SwaSan
Scribbler's Creations [#SwaSanClub]by •*| Shivani |*•
Just some random writeups ❤ Highest Rank :- #105 in Short Story on 5/11/2018 This book includes : ✨ Pocket Stories ✨ Poems ✨ Snippets ✨ Any kind of random writeup
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Snippet Messages ⌇ Anonymous Chatting ⌇⌇ «Haikyuu!!» by Senryuu-sama
Snippet Messages ⌇ Anonymous taLeSZ ~
Druga część "Snippet Talks", różniąca się tym, że ów krótkie dialogi są rozmowami prowadzonymi na komunikatorach XD Bo głupkowatych konwersacji z naszymi ulubi...
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Like Love. by MoonSugars
Like Rhondolia
Like Love. Inazuma snippets.
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Story Passages by thatASDkid
Story Passagesby Chase
Here I write whatever comes to mind and hope some of these passages will become part of a larger work. I write anything from romance to action.
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TaeTee: Multiple Snippets by lilgrandmama
TaeTee: Multiple Snippetsby ICE
Just multiple very short scenarios about TaeTee
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Mao Mao Tales by Some556
Mao Mao Talesby Peaceful Mao
This is a collection of short stories that feature Mao Mao and his friends in Pure Heart Valley. There isn't really any flow or overarching plot, it's just a bunch of na...
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Top Wing Snippets by trunotwen
Top Wing Snippetsby trutru
Basically some short straight to the point "stories". I get a lot of ideas, but not all are long story material. So I thought I'd do a little snippet book.
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Another Shelby by Taliktn
Another Shelbyby K.T. Perry
Lilah Morgan had not wanted to go home after her time as a field nurse in The Great War. Not to Canada and all her old memories. And definitely not back to the nunnery t...
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BTS Dating Doors by angybear
BTS Dating Doorsby Noona_Bear
I'll show 7 pictures. You pick one. On the next page, you take that number and find out which member you get :) Highest Ranking: #2 in Dating Doors #6 in Snippets
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Collection of Hearts by Calintha
Collection of Heartsby Calintha
Things to do with my yandere Mythological Hearts series, beginning with Heart of Stone. This will contain oneshot specials, side story snippets, drabbles, character Bios...
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Okinawa by sasbot2
Okinawaby Pingu
Okinawa nights, are the best nights. When you're in love...
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Whisper by theindigojackalope
Whisperby AJ
A snippet about Tristan, who's loved Chris for a long time, and about Chris, who already knows it.
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Bookstore | ✓ by StoryWriterMeg
Bookstore | ✓by hey ♡
They say finding love in a bookstore may be a little cliche, but cliche or not, I will remember my romantic encounter for a long while. Copyrig...
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Sinja Randomness by Kitsunebae27
Sinja Randomnessby Midnight Bloom
As the title says this will be sinja randomness. So be warned of the random lemons and of course the suffocating clouds of fluffiness. Many will be random an in no relat...
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BTS Zodiacs and Randoms by angybear
BTS Zodiacs and Randomsby Noona_Bear
Scenarios, or who-you-get, based on your Zodiac sign. Highest Ranking: #5 in Snippets
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