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Generalhospital Stories

159 Stories

Port Charles Does It Better by creampuffmafia
Port Charles Does It Betterby Nikki
Kristina and Parker come home to Port Charles for the holidays and family drama is bound to ensue.
Undecided A Naxie Story by RavenThompson
Undecided A Naxie Storyby Raven Thompson
Nathan and Maxie had just got their relationship back on track after the mess they went through with Spinelli. Nathan and Maxie are now back together and trying to becom...
Pretty Little Port Charles by BrittanyWhited
Pretty Little Port Charlesby Beedledees
A Pretty Little Liars and General Hospital Crossover fanfiction! I hope you all enjoy!
Willow's Choice! [General Hospital!] by bonbonsandbooks
Willow's Choice! [General Hospital...by ♡ вσnѕαndвσσkѕ ♡
Chase gets harmed in the line of duty. Willow just was granted full custody of Wiley alongside her husband Michael. Willow is soon at Chase side as he fights for his lif...
General Hospital Rewrite Part One  by Gabp311
General Hospital Rewrite Part One by Gabp311
Starting April 27th 2016, follow Julian Jerome and his family without that God awful rewrite of his once loving character and near perfect couple. I love writing this an...
Til Death Do Us Part by LeilinaToilolo
Til Death Do Us Partby Leilina Toilolo
Elizabeth Webber's world is about to be turned upside down. She's a normal freshman who is attending pcu all the while still mourning the death of her first love. How wi...
Oops (General Hospital) by Gabp311
Oops (General Hospital)by Gabp311
Julian Jerome is by any accounts a very attractive man, and he knows it. With that, he's been filling his life with whoever catches his eye. That leads to some, unexpect...
General Hospital One-Shots  by Gabp311
General Hospital One-Shots by Gabp311
Quick one-shots for your favorite General Hospital couples, characters, families, or enemies. Comments are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all so much for reading!
Headstrong by xGoalDiggerx
Headstrongby xGoalDiggerx
Port Charles. It's full of love, drama, murder, sex, betrayal. It's a small town. Everybody knows everybody and it's anything but ordinary. There's been fires, hostage s...
Mine (General Hospital) by Gabp311
Mine (General Hospital)by Gabp311
When Carly's pregnancy becomes public, Julian Jerome has some thoughts... Mainly that the baby she's carrying is his baby. After Ryan is found out, he makes a move to e...
Short Prompts by Gabp311
Short Promptsby Gabp311
Request a ship and a number and I'll write a short (150-500 words) story for you.
Restored Together by hands-tied-heart
Restored Togetherby hands-tied-heart
Sam McCall has had her part in pulling off a con or two back in the day. Jackson Thomas, her previous partner in crime and close friend shows up in Port Charles and begi...
You Once Said by jadedbylife
You Once Saidby jadedbylife
Sometimes first loves don't survive. Sometimes love disappears as if it never existed and only bittersweet memories are left. But what if that love is remembered and wha...
A Strange Little Town (GH Fanfiction) by JustAlex90
A Strange Little Town (GH Fanficti...by Alex
Luke returns to Port Charles after traveling to Brazil to find Jerry - the only person who can undo Helena's polonium poisoning plot. There's just one problem: Jerry doe...
To Late To Say How I Feel by LeilinaToilolo
To Late To Say How I Feelby Leilina Toilolo
Parker couldn't believe that she had gone and done the one thing that she had promised herself that she'd never do and that was hurt Kristina. Deep down she knew that Kr...
Mr. Right (General Hospital) by Gabp311
Mr. Right (General Hospital)by Gabp311
With her loved ones all trying to set her up with the perfect man in time for the Nurse's Ball, Alexis Davis struggles to figure out what Mr. Right looks like.
The Custody Fight (A Naxie Story) by RavenThompson
The Custody Fight (A Naxie Story)by Raven Thompson
It has been six months since Ellie and Spinelli left Port Charles to return back home to Portland leaving Georgie to live with Maxie and Nathan. But what happens when Sp...
My Port Charles Life: Serenity Benson by rosiecorinthos
My Port Charles Life: Serenity Ben...by rosiecorinthos
Life in Port Charles is never what it seems. There's secrets and danger everywhere you turn. Even the kids aren't exempt. As 3 year old Serenity quickly learned. Her lif...