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EGO ~ Karry Wang Junkai  王俊凯 ✔ by moonice__
EGO ~ Karry Wang Junkai 王俊凯 ✔by 정얘라
[COMPLETED] "Our relationship will always be a poison for me, you and the others." "Do I look like I care? As long as I'm with you, I don't care." ...
Limited: 0806 | YYQX ✔  by SeaTea13
Limited: 0806 | YYQX ✔ by #Sea
Sneak peek: Karry quickly covered Roy's eye and Nan Nan covered his own eye. "Can you stop covering my eye," Roy murmured. "Children are prohibited to see...
From being a fan (wang junkai x reader) by Angeltakamura
From being a fan (wang junkai x re...by Angel
[COMPLETED ] A story about how amazing fate can be. What happened when your idol crush is the one who you have been friends on the the internet with for quite a while no...
Never Far Apart | WY ✔  by SeaTea13
Never Far Apart | WY ✔ by #Sea
"It doesn't matter if we live at the two opposite end of the world, if I'm a celebrity and you are a fan. Nothing can separate us, not time, not even life and death...
Too Young | Karry Wang  by djjeevas213
Too Young | Karry Wang by HIRAETH
"She's too young for you." [ COMPLETE ]
✔️ Another You {Wang Yuan Story} [Completed] by luhan-tfboys
✔️ Another You {Wang Yuan Story} [...by Lujackaroy
You were once a normal student, but suddenly you met a strange boy, who happened to be on the day where an accident happened involving you. Will that boy be the key for...
I Love You, TFBOYS   by luhan-tfboys
I Love You, TFBOYS by Lujackaroy
The book here is an one shot book 😉 Don't hesitate to request! I don't bite... Started: Sep 30,2017 End:
Painted Heart | Y.Y.Q.X |  by JiSeOHyuL
Painted Heart | Y.Y.Q.X | by • LiveviL•
She had always been a liar. A liar that lies to herself. Have you ever wondered why people would never be truthful to their own feelings? Why would they deny when they k...
In Your Heart |  • Y.Y.Q.X •  by JiSeOHyuL
In Your Heart | • Y.Y.Q.X • by • LiveviL•
You always said that you're in my heart, But, Did you know that It's torturing me? Did you know that I hope so hard for the pain to go away? Did you know that I've dro...
Together Forever by TfboysLoverForever
Together Foreverby •Dreamer•
Sequel to Forever Loved❤️ If you haven't already I suggest you go check out Forever Loved so you all know the plot line to the story. Kelly Wang. Karry Wang. Roy Wang. J...
The Guardian  by Melody0921
The Guardian by Melody
Not gonna s p o i l the fun. . . . Come and read if you're interested Highest rankings karrywangjunkai #4 tfboysfanfic #4 tfboys #215 junkai #17 karry #76 wangjunkai #9...
✔️ Arranged Marriage with Junkai [Completed] by luhan-tfboys
✔️ Arranged Marriage with Junkai [...by Lujackaroy
What would you do, if you one day found out, that you were in an arranged marriage with the hot guy, Wang Junkai? Read the story to find out more about it ^-^ Started: M...
TFBOYS (Complete) by minjeonnie
TFBOYS (Complete)by I.M_CHRIS
one shot story
Hello there and welcome to the Golden Clover Award! Ever wanted to participate in a story contest but unsure of your capabilities in writing? Or unsure that your story w...
【凯源】Mountains and Rivers [GCA2019X] by Thominho19
【凯源】Mountains and Rivers [GCA2019X]by ‘사랑해서 그런 거지’
At the last part of the dream, Yuan caught hold of his hand and said, "Have you noticed, when our names are stringed together, it becomes 山河 Mountain and River.&quo...
Encounter By Chance #GCA[EOY19] by Melody0921
Encounter By Chance #GCA[EOY19]by Melody
Was meeting him just pure luck or fate?... Being with him was impossible... When the truth is revealed... What will happen to you...,him and him... Is it better for you...
TFBOYS Zodiac by Melody0921
TFBOYS Zodiacby Melody
👉🍀 TFBOYS Zodiac 🍀👈 😅I humbly present to you my new book full of TFboys Zodiac. Highest rankings: #85 roy out of 1.17k stories #92 clover out of 900 stories #46 ka...
72 Hours Left With You [#GCA2019X] by icesorceror
72 Hours Left With You [#GCA2019X]by icesorceror
Let's spend the last three days of our life together~ Adorable and hilarious moments haha It's a really long one chapter story.
✔️ TFBOYS facts by luhan-tfboys
✔️ TFBOYS factsby Lujackaroy
This book is a book full of TFBOYS facts! It's the first book ever on Wattpad, so enjoy! Started: May 21, 2018 Temporarily completed: Apr 3, 2019 Added: Jul 12, 2020