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The Season's Dangerous Boys by slendersblacksmile
The Season's Dangerous Boysby slendersblacksmile
Have you ever done something so shitty that you regret your existence right after doing it? I did. And seriously, I fucked up so bad. I shouldn't have done that. But...
Married to Mr. Arrogant [COMPLETED] by MoonlightKaiyuan
Married to Mr. Arrogant [COMPLETED]by MoonlightKaiyuan
The story is about two grandchildren who was arranged by their grandpas to marry each other. The story will start with revealing about the arrange marriage and the two m...
𝐈-𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃 by Yanjun_Hamster
23 girls and 23 boys came to reach their dreams. "Run for your heart, run for your life"
[Vương Minh Ngọc][KaiYuan][Longfic] Hôn Nhân Bất Đắc Dĩ by JenFay0099
[Vương Minh Ngọc][KaiYuan][ Vương Minh Ngọc
-Cân Nhắc Trước Khi Đọc: Nếu bạn nào không thích thì có thể nhấc mông ra đi. Cửa ở đằng kia đi thong thả, tôi không tiễn. Đã nhắc trước.rồi mà vào...
[Chuyển ver/ Khải Thiên] Giáo dục hôn phu by Memories_0608
[Chuyển ver/ Khải Thiên] Giáo dụ Memories_0608
Author chính thức : LittleRoy_1108 Couple chính thức : Khải-Nguyên (chính), Tỉ-Hoành, Lân-Tín(phụ) Couple edit : Khải-Thiên (chính), Nguyên-Hoành, Lân-Tín(phụ)
[Chuyển Ver][KaiYuan] Cậu Chủ Hồ Đồ by cabienthai
[Chuyển Ver][KaiYuan] Cậu Chủ Hồ Đồby Tịnh Thược
Lần đầu chuyển ver ạ :3 Tác giả gốc là Tinh Dã Anh <3 Thể loại: 1x1 , HE, Drama Ba quy định người hầu thế kỷ mới là gì? Thứ nhất, phục tùng mọi mệnh lệnh của cậu chủ...
Arrangement Gone Wrong [Wang Junkai story] by luhan-tfboys
Arrangement Gone Wrong [Wang Lujackaroy
⚠️DISCLAIMER!!! THIS STORY IS A REWRITTEN VERSION OF "ARRANGED MARRIAGE WITH JUNKAI"⚠️ An arrangement was set between the parents of Y/n and Junkai. The arrang...
Playboy in Love by tfunicornlovesdimsum
Playboy in Loveby 梦媛
New cover guys~ Mark Tuan, a guy that every girl falls for. His looks, his voice, his dance, his rap. He plays every girl he meets. But there is one girl, with a diff...
I hate you, Wang Jun Kai! by MoonlightKaiyuan
I hate you, Wang Jun Kai!by MoonlightKaiyuan
12:48 pm Wang Jun kai •Active now Wang Yuan: Hi, im one of your active follower when you're still not famous. Wang Yuan: I'm one of them when you only got five likers...
[Fanfiction VTK] Án Tình. by TieuHo1408
[Fanfiction VTK] Án Tì Tiểu Hổ
Thể loại: Fanfiction Tuấn Khải, ngôn tình trinh thám, có con trước Giới thiệu nhân vật: Nam chính: Vương Tuấn Khải Nữ chính: Thám tử, thông minh cơ chí Tình trạng: Đang...
[Shortfic][XiHong-KaiYuan] Fanboy và Idol by Shika_XH
[Shortfic][XiHong-KaiYuan] Shika
Author: Shika Couple: Dịch Dương Thiên Tỉ x Lưu Chí Hoành (chính) Vương Tuấn Khải x Vương Nguyên Lưu Nhất Lân x La Đình Tín (phụ) Category:...
[RE-UP] [KaiYuan] [Longfic] Nuôi sói thành họa by 4Fayye
[RE-UP] [KaiYuan] [Longfic] Nuôi 'Fayye'
- Tên fic: 养狼为患 - Tạm dịch: "Nuôi sói thành họa" - Tác giả: Ngẫu Câu Vô Sai - Editor: Michyo - Khải Nguyên Tình Lâu - Designer: Bêu - Tình trạng bản gốc: 28 ch...
I Have A Crush On Him [COMPELETED] by staeron
I Have A Crush On Him [COMPELETED]by jackson yee
Please, please, please, no 'copy cats'😾. Want to know what happened? Keep on reading :) #1st book.
My Classmate -Roy Wang by TeensInTimesLover
My Classmate -Roy Wangby 小汤圆
You and Roy Wang has been classmate for quite along time and you both end up in the same classes every year Roy is also famous in your school for being Handsome and Cut...
That One Guy by annoynimity
That One Guyby annoynimity
At school there's that one guy that drive you insane. He always gets better grades; he always just was better. And to top it off (although he doesn't really know it) BEC...
More than I ever needed//TFBOYS Karry Wang Jun Kai [Complete]  by PresidentRMWife
More than I ever needed//TFBOYS Evelyn Yang
Karry and Jinhee are best friends until their parents decide to get them engage Karry has a girlfriend but finds out she cheating on him. Now Karry regret everything, lo...
Accidentally in love by tnt_forever_2019
Accidentally in loveby tnt_forever__2019
"Why are you here?" "Because you're here" Cringe.I'm such a bad talker when it comes to romantic talking.He held me in a tight embrace and laughed as...
TNT and TFboys one-shots Pt.2 by prtgadim
TNT and TFboys one-shots Pt.2by Mango
Hey guys!!! I will update more on this when I'm back, it's just I'm running out of ideas on CHAT and Awkward, so I will be using this a lot more!!! okies enjoy!
Life With TFboys by KATHMAN2003
Life With TFboysby Kathleen Low
This book is ALL about TFBOYS and...YOU! It will feel just like you're living with TFBOYS themselves and being their close friend.