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Karry Wang  by xuan01_xuan
Karry Wang by X u a n
[COMPLETED] =so like theres gonna be some grammatical mistakes considering i wrote this when i was like 12 = ill try my best to correct them= Someone banged my table ve...
EGO ~ Karry Wang Junkai  王俊凯 ✔ by moonice__
EGO ~ Karry Wang Junkai 王俊凯 ✔by 정얘라
[COMPLETED] "Our relationship will always be a poison for me, you and the others." "Do I look like I care? As long as I'm with you, I don't care." ...
TFBOYS - Tái Sinh by fiarose98
TFBOYS - Tái Sinhby Linh Mona
Vương Tuấn Khải: Đội trưởng TFBoys, sở hữu chiếc răng khểnh rất đẹp trai. Sinh ngày 21/9 Dịch Dương Thiên Tỉ: Thành viên TFBoys, nụ cười đồng điếu, đẹp trai. Sinh ngày...
My FAKE Cruel Arrogant BOYFRIEND by lm_blueberry
My FAKE Cruel Arrogant BOYFRIENDby 蓝莓公子
Chen Xiao Qing is a freshman in Tsinghua Univeristy, it was the first time she went home after living in Canada for 7 years. She's just a normal girl whom everyone just...
My 18 Years Old Super Idol Husband by tfboys_yiyangqianxi
My 18 Years Old Super Idol Husbandby tfboys@yiyangqianxi
We are force to get marry by our parents. What will happen to us? Will we get divorce as plan at the end of the term?
Fated to Love You by tfboys_yiyangqianxi
Fated to Love Youby tfboys@yiyangqianxi
There is this boy who always appear in my dream but I never had the chance to see his face. In the dream he will always call out to me but I can't walk towards him. It s...
Thanks | WJK x reader by Suga_KookieInMyTae
Thanks | WJK x readerby Chicken_Kook
Sorry for bad English and grammar mistakes. If you are the perfectionist then don't read it! Hope you ENJOY :)
List [Đoản Văn] ( Khải - Nguyên ) : Ngọt. by therain_iw
List [Đoản Văn] ( Khải - Nguyên )...by therain_iw
Hãy click vào :3 Đảm bảo bạn sẽ bị ném và ăn một túi đường vào mặt và ngọt đến sâu răng luôn 😑
Dance With Me, Stranger - A Roy Wang Yuan X Reader by Therese217
Dance With Me, Stranger - A Roy Wa...by Therese
"May I have this dance" Someone asked. Rankings #8 - Qianxi #7 - Jacksonyee #2 - Jacksonyee (8/6/2019) #9 - Roywang (8/6/2019) {Started - May 2019} {Completed...
Unchosen Love by yuki_ga_furu
Unchosen Loveby yuki_ga_furu
《选不到的爱情》 (Unchosen Love) ------------------------------------------------------ Love Story With You😳😳 ------------------------------------------------------ I included...
Redemption : Chapter Two (English Version) by ShanLaoshi
Redemption : Chapter Two (English...by ShanLaoshi
a story about two person from the past and their unfinished love.
Crush|| W.J.K AU  by deagusan
Crush|| W.J.K AU by deagusan
The Theory of Something so Perfect by dameviolette
The Theory of Something so Perfectby Violette
[TFBOYS fanfic, Jackson Yee/Yi Yang Qian Xi] Tao Xin Yan, a dreamer and a girl with a bright future ahead of her made a decision that she didn't know would make a huge...
Limited: 0806 | YYQX ✔  by SeaTea13
Limited: 0806 | YYQX ✔ by #Sea
Sneak peek: Karry quickly covered Roy's eye and Nan Nan covered his own eye. "Can you stop covering my eye," Roy murmured. "Children are prohibited to see...
A Choice to Make-TFboys FanFiction by annoynimity
A Choice to Make-TFboys FanFictionby annoynimity
Y/n is an average girl who encounters an extraordinary boy band. Your parents force you to go to China to live at a boarding school (Chongqing Private High School). Litt...
From being a fan (wang junkai x reader) by Angeltakamura
From being a fan (wang junkai x re...by Angel
[COMPLETED ] A story about how amazing fate can be. What happened when your idol crush is the one who you have been friends on the the internet with for quite a while no...
The day we met(wangyuan x reader) by BCWJK921
The day we met(wangyuan x reader)by BCWJK921
Am I precious to you? You asked. Kinda, he answers. What do you mean by kinda? Well.. Yeah. You could feel his body heat gaining as he hug you tighter and you fell aslee...
Werewolf  (TFBOYS + TF Family) by luvkuma
Werewolf (TFBOYS + TF Family)by ♥Silver♥
"Just an ordinary game." "Is it?" | Werewolf has joined | ‖ P L A Y ? ‖ ♦Inspired by the Werewolf Game Highest rank...
Not So Secretly Loving You  by heyitsnicky21
Not So Secretly Loving You by 🍀HeyitsNicky🍀
It's been 5 years since Tfboys had debuted. On the surface, they seemed to be living the life. Having fame and fortunes at only the age of 17-18. But what many doesn't k...