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What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen by T0FUPANDA
What happens in the kitchen, Anxiety
Shinsou just transferred into class 1-A. Kaminari is just being Kaminari. Shenanigans ensue, crushes form, and the two might be gayer than they thought.
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Bumps in the Night                                              𝕊𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕂𝕒𝕞𝕚 by Qrainee
Bumps in the ᴍʏ ʙᴏᴅʏ ʜᴜʀᴛs
"However, upon looking around, Kaminari didn't see his black and yellow bed sheets. What he did see was a smooth expanse of bare skin. Oh no." Two Boys. One af...
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BREAKING POINT. [taekook] by euphoricgguk
BREAKING POINT. [taekook]by riri⁷ !
Officers Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung work together on a case that has been unsolved for years. Between arguments, dilemmas, and work, they come to realize how much th...
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Pasteleria Terroncito de Azucar. by koneworld
Pasteleria Terroncito de Kone FJones
Lan xichen recibio un mensaje un poco confuso, que le cambio la vida.
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No One But You by The_Marquess
No One But Youby Marion Spire
Leaving her dream of fame behind, Beca Mitchell comes back to Barden to do her mother's one dying favor, to teach. Life as a professor wasn't so bad... Her friends are t...
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Chameleon Hair by kytekitty
Chameleon Hairby kytekitty JEFF
A villain has made all of 1-A's hair colors change with their emotions in an attempt to see when they're most vulnerable... How romantic.
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I'm gay by skylargreyyyyy
I'm gayby •~Lucas~•
Just my rants 🥴🤪
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Melt my Soul by MountainDewFuckYou
Melt my Soulby MountainDewFuckYou
This story takes place during the squip incident. There will be triggering topics such as suicide, self harm/deprecating thoughts, and drugs. There will be fluff and ang...
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Luigifan05 x Marnie by Georgieluvspaperboat
Luigifan05 x Marnieby Sunflower Child
@Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @Luigifan05 @...
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Need to be around (Kiribaku) by itgetssuperclosedude
Need to be around (Kiribaku)by :,)
Shortly after moving into UA dorms, Bakugo falls into a spiral of bad decisions and depressive episodes. It's not until Kirishima is taken by villains and has his memori...
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Drarry Oneshots by Luna_AlphaWolf
Drarry Oneshotsby Luna Eclipse
Just our favourite lil beans bean cute and fluffy! Also, Draco's topping in all of these!
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swept off his feet - percy weasley x oliver wood by redandgoldhearted
swept off his feet - percy Caitlin
Percy and Oliver. Weasley and Wood. Complete opposites, but opposites attract, don't they? Who knows what could happen next? (a series of oneshots by me, but characters...
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Ericson's Visual Performing Arts [Violetine Fanfic] by Kleaary
Ericson's Visual Performing Arts [ Kleary
This story is different from my last one, it's still a modern au, but it has a different storyline. This story is dancer!violet and artist/nerd!clementine. This is diffe...
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Ukiyo (Kang Haneul Ambm)  by Tearsfillthesky
Ukiyo (Kang Haneul Ambm) by Bre
"I don't wanna think about anything, let's just live in the moment."
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•~•Kalbert Oneshots•~• by BitchDidIStutter
•~•Kalbert Oneshots•~•by CurlyFrenchGay
••Welcome To The Oneshot Hotel! Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!••
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{🧡} Tap, Nap, Or Snap - A Book Of Total Randomness by shaynaGAYszler
{🧡} Tap, Nap, Or Snap - A Book KABUKI WARRIORS
I have so many ideas and so many thoughts jumbled in my brain, so this book is going to help me fill you guys in on some of those many things and just overall have a pla...
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beware of unluckys art book by speckledvulpix
beware of unluckys art bookby shine b!t¢h
I should really change the title.
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Dear Diary || jikookv by ILOVEBTSANDSKZANDBP1
Dear Diary || jikookvby sksksk
"Dear diary, something crazy happened today, It's about Jimin AND Jungkook layers; Jungkook,Jimin; TOP Taehyung; BOTTOM I invented Jikookv Started; 10/14/19 (MONDAY...
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