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Sasunaru Oneshots  by izukusimp24
Sasunaru Oneshots by ThotsukiBakuhoe
Just a bunch of sasunaru oneshots! Fluff, Smut, and angst will be included in these oneshots. I'll take any recommendations or story ideas and here may be some oneshot...
Bakugou Ships One Shots by catsshit3
Bakugou Ships One Shotsby Xris
I'm gonna write a one shot based on an image, they're all gonna be of Bakugou ships though *ART NOT MINE*
Gay One Shots by Obsessed_YouTuber
Gay One Shotsby Obsessed_YouTuber
More gay one shots!! This is going to be with celebrities, YouTubers, tv characters you ship! I'm making some random but then tell me your suggestions! Get ready for som...
Gay Marauders Era One-shots by dobbyismyhuzband
Gay Marauders Era One-shotsby dobbyismyhuzband
Gay marauders era one shots Ships include: Wolfstar (Remus Lupin x Sirius Black) Jegulus (James Potter X Regulus Black) Lilcissa (Lily Evans x Narcissa Black) Darlene (...
Sariano Oneshots😍💋 by SimpinFoSariano
Sariano Oneshots😍💋by iAinTNoOoHoE
Heyy these are some Sariano Oneshots cause there is not enough Anyhaway Send in some requests 🌞-Fluff 🌺-Smut 😭-Angst 😭🌞-Angst to Fluff 🌞🌺-Fluff to Smut Started 11...
Gay stuff by Hunter_of_Artemis_7
Gay stuffby Confused 👍🏳️‍🌈
Gay memes, one shots, wallpapers, stories, we got it all. As long as you don't expect me to update this often that is.
Pico x BF oneshots by whoismiu
Pico x BF oneshotsby help
uhm so I'm new at this wattpad stuff and this is just random oneshots and shit lmao
Dear Evan Hansen One Shots // Treebros by chameleonboii
Dear Evan Hansen One Shots // connor (lame)
Treebros one shots based off of Dear Evan Hansen; " all we see is sky; "
Kiribaku Oneshots by BroEpic
Kiribaku Oneshotsby Idk man
So I think about Kiribaku a lot and this is just some stuff ig. No smut. Probably not that much angst but maybe a little. 👀 Edit: That description is a lie there's a lo...
Clingyshipping Oneshots (LucasxBarry) by bellossomboi
Clingyshipping Oneshots ( BellossomBoi
Just a collection of cute oneshots I write when I'm bored about Lucas and Barry from the Pokémon Diamond/Pearl games :)
𝖂𝖎𝖓𝖊կ𝖒e by slutttforaaliyah_
𝖂𝖎𝖓𝖊կ𝖒eby shylaaaaa
My Boy (Boy x Boy One-Shots ) by PreetiJaiswal1920
My Boy (Boy x Boy One-Shots )by Preeti Jaiswal
I'm in love with gay love stories , I've read a lot of them but since I've more in my plate right now , I decided to make one-shots collection . I really really wanna do...
Starrison Oneshots by MarciFranta
Starrison Oneshotsby MarciFranta
I spend way too much time trying to find good Starrison fics and oneshots, so i just decided to write my own 🤷‍♂️ Cover by me
femboy oneshots BXB by Onthesailing_ship
femboy oneshots BXBby
gay femboy oneshots or exerts...weird kinky different kinds of oneshots some fluffy some smutty.. some could become full stories depending if people want a continuation
Norray Oneshots | TPN | by 0nlyGrey
Norray Oneshots | TPN |by Jirou
This is Norray oneshots that will sometimes be continued depending on if the viewers or the author (me) want to and think it should have had more context. Started On 202...
When We Last Touched- a collection of lgbt romance stories by gay_americana
When We Last Touched- a Neptune
"I loved her, feelings that no man could ever elicit from me" " I held on like everything depended on him. Like the sun raised and fell with him"...
Gay Marvel Oneshots!  by lokis_loser
Gay Marvel Oneshots! by ✨MILO✨
All requests are welcomed! These are all gay oneshots because well- I live for that gay stuff. Don't be afraid to leave a comment or DM me if you'd like to request a shi...
Bottom Toji Oneshots (x reader/oc or x any jjk character) by smileysocute
Bottom Toji Oneshots (x reader/ Smiley 😸
(I had the urge to write a story even tho i said no-) basically toji being a horny bottom-
[Dreamnotfound Oneshots] by 404rose
[Dreamnotfound Oneshots]by 404rose
dnf oneshots, so much fluff it hurts (with a side of angst to add some 💫spice💫).