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AU!Sweden x Reader - Exchange Diary by Renren_L7
AU!Sweden x Reader - Exchange Diaryby Renren
Berwald Oxenstierna. Just hearing his name sends shivers down the spine of every student at World Academy W. He is the most feared student at the academy because of his...
Gakuen Hetalia, Gauken Spamano. by gluppy
Gakuen Hetalia, Gauken Gluppy
New country. New house. New caretaker. New school. New relationships. How will Lovino take care of all this? A High School Hetalia Spamano AU. Story does have adult th...
Hetalia x Reader ONESHOTS by Renren_L7
Hetalia x Reader ONESHOTSby Renren
A collection of my Hetalia x Reader oneshots! So far there are... PrussiaxReader (1 oneshot) JapanxReader (4 oneshots) AmericaxReader (3 oneshots) LuxembourgxReader (1 o...
Unseen Hero [Hetalia X Reader] by NekoInuKit
Unseen Hero [Hetalia X Reader]by I'm Not Here I Swear
You don't have to be seen to be the hero. Maybe one day they will notice what she has done for them and be able to connect one with one. [Gakuen Hetalia AU] (From my Quo...
World Academy RP  by APH_Christmas_Island
World Academy RP by Jianyu Wukong
Follow the rules and be nice and you'll be alright! :3 OCs are aloud!
Gakuen Hetalia : Quarantine Edition! by ashliu03
Gakuen Hetalia : Quarantine ashliu03
SUBMISSIONS REQUIRED! REQUESTED! The title says it all (lol) :) Oh by the way, this is not the official cover. This cover just came up randomly when I'm thinking about s...
AU!SisterComplex!America x Sister!Reader - I'll always be here for you! by Renren_L7
AU!SisterComplex!America x Renren
An overprotective and clingy older brother who never leaves your side-sounds cute, no? But what if he becomes too paranoid and obsessive with you? That's exactly what be...
Suffering (Gakuen! Hetalia x Bullied! reader) by APH_Tokyo_
Suffering (Gakuen! Hetalia x Kumi
{Under Medium Editing} Due to determination and hard work (Y/n) was able to successfully enter Gakuen Academy and meets the guys. But cause she is able to easily speak t...
Double Trouble by BritishShinshi
Double Troubleby Iggy
Oliver Kirkland hates- no, ABHORS Allen F. Jones. He absolutely abhors everything that made up Allen F. Jones. Why? Because Allen was nothing but a rebellious bad boy wi...
Gakuen Hetalia - DISCONTINUED by Regical52
Gakuen Hetalia - DISCONTINUEDby Regical52
This is a story about my OC Riley/Portugese as she goes through her first year in gakuen hetalia. Anyway this is my first time doing this so sorry if it's bad,also if yo...
Our Thought by fabotakufangirl
Our Thoughtby Asika Hui
For @CrystelleSkully and @HiKittys
Days of our Youth - A Gakuen Hetalia Fanfiction by Nico10003
Days of our Youth - A Gakuen TioLulu
World Academy W is without a doubt one of the biggest and most prestigious schools in the entire world, so it's no suprise that it has a very rigid and mysterious admiss...
"Into the soft aqua of the blossomed" by junkyarrd
"Into the soft aqua of the Junkyard
//hetalia various x reader// [y/n] a completely average, normal looking, boring girl- whom is also trying to become a self proclaimed hero of gauken high. Despite her c...
{UNDER EDITING}Ti Amo, I Love You by MrziaPangles
{UNDER EDITING}Ti Amo, I Love Youby MrziaPangles
" I promise that I will come back to you no matter what! And I'll promise to love you and when the time comes, when we're older, I'm going to prove that I'm worth...
[APH] Broken - PrussiaXBullied!Reader by Amaya-
[APH] Broken - PrussiaXBullied! Amaya
Bully!PrussiaXBullied!Reader. AU. Prussia may be OOC in this. May contain sensitive material xD
Gakuen Hetalia: Welcome to World Academy Ren! *HIATUS* by RandomHetaliaLover
Gakuen Hetalia: Welcome to World Lavon
Ren Summer is a transfer student that gets to attend World Academy, an all boys boarding school for the talented and rich aristocratic, but there's one slight problem. R...
Colorful Love by PurplePineapple564
Colorful Loveby PurplePineapple564
Hetalia Soulmate AU: Everyone in the world has heterochromic eyes(different colored eyes.) When you meet your soulmate, your eye colors blend together in both eyes to fo...