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the framed soldier by Nightfighter45
the framed soldierby Nightfighter45
Izuku Yagi a boy born quirkless but given a chance to be a hero by his dad All Might but was framed for being the U.A. traitor and having everything he worked years for...
The Breakers by FadedRonin
The Breakersby Ronin
TO EARN YOUR FREEDOM, YOU MUST FIGHT AGAINST ALL ODDS AND CLEAR YOUR NAME. FIGHT, IZUKU, FIGHT! It has been months since everything went downhill for Izuku Midoriya, thr...
Betrayed by those the closest by Paige_Smith654
Betrayed by those the closestby Paige
when Izuku is framed for a crime he didn't commit he is surprised by his closest friends and classmates reactions. Follow our precious cinnamon roll as he is sent to Pri...
Izuku W. D. Gaster (Book 1) UA, Betrayal, and Resurrection. by ElementOfLife
Izuku W. D. Gaster (Book 1) UA, ElementOfLife
(I do not own BNHA or Undertale) Izuku, betrayed by his family and friends, is shipped of to a prison where he's left to rot. Having truly lost everything, his power, h...
Izuku Yagi and the scarf.  by Uriel_et_teneberis
Izuku Yagi and the scarf. by Kinshu
Izuku being born quirk less was criticized and called useless . He was constantly tormented by others including his family who usually threw him out of home until midnig...
The Betrayed Hero: Juubi by ThomasFuller2
The Betrayed Hero: Juubiby Thomas Fuller
This is my first fanfic so feel free to give me some tips on how to make it better.
The Shadow by TheStormHero
The Shadowby
*Note that in this au Izuku was at the scene when All Might originally fought All for One. All for One gave All Might a fatal wound which killed the Symbol of Peace. But...
The Betrayed Demon King Izuku  (Haitus) by T2f4ddg
The Betrayed Demon King Izuku ( Ken Shadow
Izuku Yagi the ninth wielder of one for all was living a peaceful life. He was the stepson of Toshinori Yagi(All Might) and son of Inko Yagi(Green Telek) and the twin br...
the mechanic book 3 the trial arc by WolfSama8
the mechanic book 3 the trial arcby Wolf Sama
Things were beginning to look up for our protagonist, izuku finally popped the question to Tsuyu and they were going to get married, should be the happiest time of there...
the mechanic Book 4 The Wedding Arc  by WolfSama8
the mechanic Book 4 The Wedding Wolf Sama
The war is over, the trials are done, now all izuku and tsuyu have to concentrate is on the wedding, but just because there finally finished doesn't mean others are
Betrayed Pirate Savior by TheStormHero
Betrayed Pirate Saviorby
Izuku Yagi, once Izuku Midoriya, used to have it all. After becoming All Might's successor and gaining One For All, his former friends and family earned his forgiveness...
the mechanic book one the jail arc  by WolfSama8
the mechanic book one the jail arc by Wolf Sama
Betrayed by his the girl he loved, betrayed by those he used to call friends, thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit, izuku Midoriya now must fight for his life and...
The framed ninja by SNZ-ZTGT
The framed ninjaby Shadowninjazeus
Just another betrayed story nothing new but I changed a few things like -Naruto is able to pass on tailed beasts -I made a custom tailed beast which is a 10 tailed tige...
Story Ideas by TheStormHero
Story Ideasby
Stories a came up with that I might do.
The One Above All Else by YOUVEBEENGNOMED1
The One Above All Elseby May_PanPan
Izuku once a normal kid attending his dream school UA, until one day he was betrayed and framed by the people he called 'Friends' and his so called teacher/father the on...
Framed (re-write) by cave-otaku
Framed (re-write)by cave-otaku
This is a re-write of my second fanfiction also called 'Framed' it's basically the same thing except the ship has changed from Izuku x OC to Izuku x Jiro, a few more thi...
chainsaw deku  by sansundertale35
chainsaw deku by sansundertale35
izuku midoriya is a U.A student and successor to the number one hero all might but it all changes when he is 'framed' and forced to play in a twisted game of death being...
DEKU THE DEADLY SIN (Rewrite,Paused) by DekiruTheNine
DEKU THE DEADLY SIN (Rewrite, Dekiru
Deku is framed from stealing files from the UA and sent to Tártaros the worse prison of Japan What new adventure awaits for our hero read to find out
Izuku Midoriya the betrayed card king (On Hold) by AbelTheDeadOne
Izuku Midoriya the betrayed card Okami
Izuku Midoriya is framed for stealing files from UA and giving them to the LOV. He loses One For All and is send to prison. During his time there he is attacked and is i...
Life of Two Gods in Various Worlds!  by LaelSantino
Life of Two Gods in Various blankzero
Before creation and nothing, two life forms were presumedly 'created' in this world. And following their 'birth' came what is now known as the 'Vito and Miro Era'. Where...