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Despair  by TheGeminiJoker2835
Despair by Darkened Joker
Daniel Cassels, one of 4, and the least successful out of them all, decides that life is too much, and that running away is being too much of a coward. Trying his hand a...
The events of the convention, Volume One by the_puppet_shark
The events of the convention, Volu...by the creator
Liam was just looking for a job. The one he found was nice, and paid well, even if it did bring back memories. And not the good ones. But he quickly realizes that his...
H2odelirious and the Anime Animatronics Volume 1 by TyrannoTitan
H2odelirious and the Anime Animatr...by Isaac Jones
the story of a youtuber named Jonathan deilirous finds a job to be a night guard for five years in a female animatronic pizzeria.But what he didn't know was the girl's a...
Five Nights In Anime | Heart To Soul Discontinued by ShawnSpires
Five Nights In Anime | Heart To So...by ShawnCoolFnia
Five Night's In Anime books are good about being the same... It's not a bad thing but... I find that boring... This book strays away... from the trend of Perverted expe...
FNiA: The Graveyard Shift - Male Reader by HungryBoisInc
FNiA: The Graveyard Shift - Male R...by HungryBoisInc
Y/N - Your Name A/N - Author's Name --------------------------------------------------------------------- You're 6'3", brown hair, blue eyes, noticeably muscular an...
Fnia book 1| A New Feeling by Strang3-wRiTeR
Fnia book 1| A New Feelingby Strang3 wRiTeR
Gage needs a job but no one needs him. So he goes to the local Anime Convention. They need a night guard and because he is desperate he excepts. What will happen... I ha...
Fnia x MR by JustSomeWriter1
Fnia x MRby JustSomeWriter1
An average 18-year-old guy with dark hear, and glasses finds himself a not-so-average job. Will he survive the onslaught of romanticizing and seductive bait. Read and fi...
Five Nights at Neptunia. (Edited Ver.) by SamuelBempong
Five Nights at Neptunia. (Edited V...by Yumi
After playing games for the whole summer as a average Kid, Your Dad comes up and gives you a job to do at a eerie pizzeria place with 6 Girls as animatronics. It's up to...
Jreddy Vs The FNIA girls by Bedsidekhair366
Jreddy Vs The FNIA girlsby Jreddy
The employees at Freddinas anime convention finds an abandoned animatronic named Jreddy Fazseph in the back alley and they brought him into the convention. Freddina and...
FNIA girls x male werewolf reader by GASTLY42957
FNIA girls x male werewolf readerby Rhogar
I'm going to jail for this, probably. Anyway the werewolf is going on a combination of Skyrim and my own changes. Basically your werewolf rules: you can transform whene...
Fnia the unusually strange guard by skull-the-hydra
Fnia the unusually strange guardby skull-the-hydra
Skull is just like most people needing money to scrap by so he found a job at Freddy's anime convention thinking nothing would be different from his last job but things...
Help wanted by sa-nemi
Help wantedby sa-nemi
(male reader x female fnaf 1) y/n a young boy trying to help his dad with the payments for there house and needed a job. [ Lots of lemons included ]
Springtrap x FNiA Harem 😏 by CaptainFNaF
Springtrap x FNiA Harem 😏by Captain Potato
After William Afton was mangled to death by his very own creation, his spirit found new life within the springlock suit. He is relocated and is placed in a facility fill...
FNIA x Reader, The Shade by hadesson5
FNIA x Reader, The Shadeby John Doe
my first attempt at a fanfic in general. Go easy on me. The POV will switch randomly. Y/N needed a job. BAD. He has almost run out of cash, and wasn't going to beg from...
fnia:husk by NewSlenderArts
fnia:huskby NewSlenderArts
yep,first story back and it's a remake of the first book I ever made on here,again but let's see how things turn out this time around shall we?
Five Nights In Anime 3 by BlueBoyGamer2021
Five Nights In Anime 3by HyperSonic1562
Thirty years before the closing of Freya's Anime Convention, Wendy Afton was trapped and crushed inside a springlock suit after destroying the anime girls. Now she is tr...
Deaths Random Encounter by Happy_Munchkill87
Deaths Random Encounterby Happy_Munchkill87
Your just an ordinary 16 year old teen that lives in the middle of the forest and goes to school every day until one day everything changed your life in that encounter T...
Glitchtrap on fnia by Fartlek0
Glitchtrap on fniaby Fartlek
After controlling all animatronics from fnaf 1-6, one game remains, william afton will again try to control another game, will he manage to control the game?
A very molten love story (FNIA x Molten freddy male reader) by MoltenFreddyFan38
A very molten love story (FNIA x M...by Molten Freddy
(This story is based after the fnaf 6 location was burned and the souls were free) So you (Y/N) has recently got in a car crash as the truck carrying animatronics from...