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Anime Reviews by bmoore07
Anime Reviewsby bmoore07
This is where I write short but detailed reviews of various anime with a ton of passion. I hope you at least find these interesting.
anime recommendations and opinions by weebakon
anime recommendations and opinionsby weebakon
no idea which anime to watch next? read this to find the best anime (in my opinion)!!! it's just what I think about certain anime. ♪( 'θ`)ノ feel free to join in on some...
The mind of an emo fan girl by thescarywriter13
The mind of an emo fan girlby pandywritez
You are now entering the mind of an emo fan girl. I got this idea from @Brendonuriefanatic book called thoughts of a fan girl it is a great read definitely check it out
F L C L       | Espera que... (Hasta que...) seamos felices by TomAllister
F L C L | Espera que... (Has...by Tom Allister
¿Cómo ocurrió esto? Hace 5 años que Haruko se fue montada en su motoneta y fue en busca de Atoms. Mamimi se marchó de la ciudad para convertirse en una fotógrafa. De ell...
Story Ideas by ocelette
Story Ideasby ocelette
This is were I'm going to post all my story ideas. I haven't been watching much anime lately so these will all probably be BHNA themed. You'll probably see dumb descript...
Code Sigma:Atamisk/Next Level (SBoR Next Gen Edition) by NeoSyber6
Code Sigma:Atamisk/Next Level (SBo...by Zeke Muto/Renegade
This book will basically be serving as a next generation role play book of sorts. This one takes place several years into the future and will be focusing on the kids of...
Never Knows Best by LastCAT
Never Knows Bestby LastCAT
What a poor, pitiful child, walking all by himself. *TW; abuse, suicidal thoughts. (For a picture prompt in English and inspired by a very silly show.)
Monster of G: bizarre adventure by Guntherewers
Monster of G: bizarre adventureby Gunther
Jojo bizarre adventure x monster of G. This is my very first book I've made. My name is Gunther Ewers and my life is about to change. Me, my brother and my friends are g...
Fry Cry by BurekWladcaChmurek
Fry Cryby BurekWladcaChmurek
Swego rodzaju fanifk anime Fooly Cooly. Nie mam pojęcia po co to piszę :)
One Shot! by Lucian_Bonilla
One Shot!by Lucian_Bonilla
slice of life, coming of age, ethnic experience, shortread
no control by kuchss
no controlby kuchs
Yough, childhood, adulthood, worries about the future, chill and watch Ben 10 all night or study and think about what you will become, all that doubts in the head of a 1...
FLCl (furi Kuri!) by Fullmetally
FLCl (furi Kuri!)by Caetano Castro
The years have passed, Naota lives a peaceful live alongside Eri, but when Haruko's search for Atomsk fails, she returns, but is Naota ready for her to return?
fooly cooly vore tournament by Ask21771
fooly cooly vore tournamentby Ask21771
naota and his female friends are taken to an intergalactic vore tournament
Anime Fanfics by Hand-heldFireStarter
Anime Fanficsby Never Knows Best
This book is going to be full of lovely stories about your favorite anime characters. Requests are always open!!
FLCL: Regressive by kuwabara_coont
FLCL: Regressiveby Kisma Ahs
re·gres·sive /rəˈɡresiv/ adjective: becoming less advanced; returning to a former or less developed state. Nearly two years after Medical Mechanica. Two years after Ato...
FLCL x male reader by Icedemon34
FLCL x male readerby Jordan White
hey guys here is another story this one was a request to so I thought why not since there is not many stories of this show