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fanfic Steve's daughter by fierypeacock
fanfic Steve's daughterby fierypeacock
what happens whe steve catches a case and lerns the targets his daughter he's never meet? can they become a family?
Steve McGarrett Daughter (Book 3) by LovePineapples123
Steve McGarrett Daughter (Book 3)by DreamBig123
Are you still curious about what life is like in the McGarrett household? Then you came to the right place Welcome to book 3 of Steve McGarrett Daughter! Life is still t...
So.. I'm a Navy SEAL's daughter? by _Sydneeeyyy_
So.. I'm a Navy SEAL's daughter?by Jaycee
Being a Navy SEAL's daughter is a struggle.. sometimes. Or is it? My name is Dawn, I'm 15 years old, and this is my Story about how I move to my father and get along wi...
Hawaii 5-O One-Shots and Short Stories  by vulpeculalittlefox
Hawaii 5-O One-Shots and Short Red Tail Panda
Hawaii 5-O One-Shots and Short Stories, some characters are mine, but most of them are Leonard Freeman.
Growing up McGarrett by SamanthaMc73
Growing up McGarrettby SamanthaMc73
Steve McGarrett has a pre-teen daughter Sam who is more than a handful sometimes. WARNING ⚠️ will contain spanking as discipline of a minor - non sexual. Please do not...
 welcome to Hawkins by hufflpuff2009
welcome to Hawkinsby brook
Scarlett mcgarett never thought that she'd be here along side her friends and family but yet her she is, but what happens when she finds out that she has been lied to P...
In The End by hufflpuff2009
In The Endby brook
teddy Lupin was a boy who had lost his parents at a young age but was all ways past back and forth from his godparents and his grandmother. olive mcgarret was girl who h...
Steve McGarrett & Danny Williams Imagines-Hawaii Five-O by MistressOfRomance
Steve McGarrett & Danny Williams Alex Summers
Steve and Danny Imagines from Hawaii Five-O. I don't own any characters from Five-O but the rest will be my own. Please check it out and feel free to leave me some feed...
Hawaii Five O Season 1 by SCOTTMCCALL44334
Hawaii Five O Season 1by WWE535345
Everything belongs to the creators of 5-0 and CBS except for the fanfiction character and plot.
Hawaii Five-0  Fanfiction   "kūpilikiʻi" by Maaaaandyyyy
Hawaii Five-0 Fanfiction "kū Mandy Decknatel
A new case for the Hawaii Five-0 Team: FBI, murder, action ... and love. Just a normal case! Like everyday on the island!
ON THE EDGE // hawaii-five0 by bxttxrpixie
ON THE EDGE // hawaii-five0by bxttxrpixie
in which Kailani Redford learns to take risks
Five-O Task Force Unit by TrooperTomMcnollie
Five-O Task Force Unitby DPS Tom McNolle
You Joined The Five-O Task Force Unit and you meet Taina Pereira aka Jordan Pereira's mom since his biological parents died
Mcdanno abused and self harm  by Trekkie_4_life
Mcdanno abused and self harm by Courtney Hernandez
Detective Danny just got a new partner named Steve when Steve starts falling for Danny and finds out that Danny is being abused by his boyfriend Brian and that Danny is...
Thousand eyes~Criminal Minds  by Teenwolf76825
Thousand eyes~Criminal Minds by #teenwolf07
A young Australia, ex-Navy Seal is hired because of qualities and experiences, she was reference by Jason Gideon before he left the BAU. She's tough, she's brash, but ab...
five-o (Steve other sister and danno's lover ) by toriloveyou23
five-o (Steve other sister and toriloveyou23
Victoria mcgarret the middle sister of Steve and Mary mcgarret .she was in the navy and the she stoped to spend time with her family .she moved back to Hawaii and she st...
The Road That Leads to Real Love by Anpr994
The Road That Leads to Real Loveby Amanda Peebles
A girl that thinks she will never be able to love because of her past and also has never felt like she has belonged. Moved across the country with the Navy because the N...
Protect (Hawaii Five-O + NCISLA ,McRoll & Densi) by CeceFoy
Protect (Hawaii Five-O + NCISLA , Cece Foy
【NCISLA part starts from chapter 50】 Fiction main point: One lovely,normal morning, Catherine got a weird message. Everything change, McRoll are in danger. "I will...
Alex Rider/ Hawaii Five-0 Crossover: Gone by dpw750
Alex Rider/ Hawaii Five-0 dpw750
It's back and better that before. Wo Fat has kidnapped Alex and Hawaii Five-0 Task Force is there to find him before anything bad can happen. They might be too late but...