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Our Love Story  by Happieness2001
Our Love Story by Houston
Danny pushes his feelings for Steve to the side to save their friendship. They get trapped in an explosion, will he tell Steve? Or will this secret remain unknown? Read...
McDanno stuff by wattpoop67
McDanno stuffby wattpoop67
just some short McDanno ideas/observations I need to get out of my head because I'm trash May include: One-shots and short fics Things I've noticed Rants/venting Fangirl...
You are my comfort by itsmrvlxh50
You are my comfortby itsmrvlxh50
Agent Williams is assigned to protect Commander McGarrett while the investigaton on his last mission,that ended on him being captured for days and lose his hearing,is st...
McDanno a hated Love by Ply21_
McDanno a hated Loveby Ply21_
This short story tells of Steve & Danny, who turn from a friendship as colleagues at Five-O into lovers. And as we both know it, as a partnership full of disputes. So we...
Hawaii five-0 x reader Fanfiction  by EMcGarrett
Hawaii five-0 x reader Fanfiction by EMcGarrett
This is a Hawaii 5-0 fanfiction were y/n (your name) is part of the team of five-0. Y/n is a 23 year old girl that works in the five-0 team. She has worked with them s...
Brothers by Bookem_Danno
Brothersby Bookem_Danno
A story about two friends who always have each other's back and will always choose each other's lives before themselve's. Danny's life has changed since he's forced to l...
Hawaii Five-0 Oneshots by KariAnimeAwesome872
Hawaii Five-0 Oneshotsby KariAnimeAwesome872
Hawaii 5-0 by DevynKP
Hawaii 5-0by Devyn
A fanfic about the show Hawaii 5-0. Whilst they're working a case one of the team members is in danger. How far will the others go to protect their family. Warning: The...
ADRENALINA by 83liss
Danno recibe un mensaje muy claro que lo obligara a tomar decísiones al estilo McGarrettA
Ohana, Now What? (Hawaii Five-O) ON HOLD by KinkyFinkelstein
Ohana, Now What? (Hawaii Five-O) Kinky Finkelstein
Maxine was only six months old when she was separated from her family. After the death of their mother, their father had thought it best if the children be moved to the...
Sober (a Steve Mcgarrett love story) by Stellie2002
Sober (a Steve Mcgarrett love Stellie2002
Steve turned on the television, it had become one of his nightly routines he'd watch the news hoping to get a glimpse of her. Danny had been in Jersey for the last few d...
McDanno's Family  by xdamstxr
McDanno's Family by ݄⿴݃*↷𝕽𝖎𝖈𝖐 𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘▗ ▘
Cortitos McDanno que mi mente le da la gana crear, aunque no queden como lo tenia en mente les comparto un poco de lo mucho que esta Shipp provoca que vuele mi imaginaci...
Nena by RossyFlores7
Nenaby Rossy Flores
"..Si has amado a muchos perros..tu corazón es muy grande.! Una triste despedida para nuestro detective favorito
McDanno, Till death brought us together by monstermorris
McDanno, Till death brought us monstermorris
What if Danny had died and Steve discovered he had feelings for him. How would life play out when Danny returned six years after his 'death' already knowing Steve had fe...
McDanno/NCIS crossover,kinda by itsmrvlxh50
McDanno/NCIS crossover,kindaby itsmrvlxh50
I did a crossover/kinda of my two favourite series Commander Steve McGarrett is chasing Victor Hesse at the forest Gibbs' cabin is.He pulls over a car to chase Victor He...
Puntos suspensivos. by Berenice2503
Puntos Berenice
Steve McGarrett y Danny Williams han mantenido una relación romantica durante los ultimos dos años ("ya era hora" según Chin y Kono). Sin embargo con el regres...
JUEGO DE NIÑOS by Starfugaz
JUEGO DE NIÑOSby Starfugaz
Dos Tres -¡Te voy a encontrar!- (Nunca juegas solo en noche de brujas, alguien podría estar vigilándote) Siete Ocho -¡PAPI AYUDA!- Nueve Diez (Sí lo haces, prep...
Family Comes First by kaycrow
Family Comes Firstby kaycrow
Chicago PD Officer Maggie James was visiting her long-time friend - and mentor - Lou Grover when suddenly his daughter Samantha is kidnapped. Racing against the clock...
Kryptonite by DeannaMMR98
Kryptoniteby DeannaW98
Se debían la vida por tantas ocasiones que habían perdido la cuenta, porque los dos sabían que aun sin deuda de por medio ellos se lanzarían sin pensar en búsqueda del o...
Danny miraba esa carta, luego de un tiempo en pensarlo no podía estar en ese lugar sabiendo que en cualquier momento Steve iba informar sobre su pronta boda, él detectiv...