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McDanno stuff by wattpoop67
McDanno stuffby wattpoop67
just some short McDanno ideas/observations I need to get out of my head because I'm trash May include: One-shots and short fics Things I've noticed Rants/venting Fangirl...
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Rhythm of the heart  by haynesbd
Rhythm of the heart by haynesbd
Everything seems to have fallen in place, Steve and Danny are married and have two amazing children. But that's only the beginning, they've still got to get through day...
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The McWilliams Family by kareuhds
The McWilliams Familyby kara
I don't own Hawaii Five-0, but I do own my characters that I make up.
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McDanno, Till death brought us together  by monstermorris
McDanno, Till death brought us monstermorris
What if Danny had died and Steve discovered he had feelings for him. How would life play out when Danny returned six years after his 'death' already knowing Steve had fe...
Our Love Story  by Happieness2001
Our Love Story by Mcgarrett
Danny pushes his feelings for Steve to the side to save their friendship. They get trapped in an explosion, will he tell Steve? Or will this secret remain unknown? Read...
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Rapture Of Love by haynesbd
Rapture Of Loveby haynesbd
Sequel, or Continuation of Rome Wasn't Built in a Day. No one ever said that relationships were easy, but Danny and Steve are determined to make it work, no matter what
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With You by Tefi_Hale-Williams
With Youby Tefi
No puedo soportarlo más y me suelto a llorar bajo el chorro del agua haciendo que mis lágrimas se fundan con las gotas de agua que caen sobre mí. Esto no es como debería...
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day by haynesbd
Rome Wasn't Built In A Dayby haynesbd
It's a long emotional road for Danny after he realizes something monumental in terms of his relationship with Steve. Will Steve react the way Danny wants or will their p...
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Bulletproof baby blankets  by haynesbd
Bulletproof baby blankets by haynesbd
Tales of Steve, Danny and their children. (Written in the early seasons so names might not be correct) LyricalTorrent
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Escape a Hawaii by BetsyCG5
Escape a Hawaiiby Beth Castle
Dean y Cas por primera vez en mucho tiempo estan solos y sin ningun caso, sus hijos estan en la escuela, con amigos o en algun caso. Sam y Elieen han viajado a Californi...
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Worth The Fight by Yonce_Multifandom
Worth The Fightby Yonce_Multifandom
"Nick...I'm just- I'm afraid, okay?" "Afraid? Afraid of what?" "Falling In love...being the reason you end up dead! Everything that follows sayi...
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Family Comes First by kaycrow
Family Comes Firstby kaycrow
Chicago PD Officer Maggie James was visiting her long-time friend - and mentor - Lou Grover when suddenly his daughter Samantha is kidnapped. Racing against the clock...
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Una noche by Tefi_Hale-Williams
Una nocheby Tefi
Danny se casa con Steve, quien tiene un hijo pequeño, pero Danny siente que Steve sigue amando a su ex.
Homeward Bound by haynesbd
Homeward Boundby haynesbd
After Steve, Danny and Grace find a blood-covered little boy in the woods, their lives get much more complicated. sanctuary_for_all
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EN UN VERANO... by Starfugaz
EN UN Starfugaz
A veces recuerdo un destello, una potente luz chocar en mi rostro, un ruido y todo fue silencio, me quede en ese lugar, a veces siento en mi pecho algo que me atormenta...
My danno (Mcdanno short stories) by Little_Novak
My danno (Mcdanno short stories)by • Ash •
Commander Steven mcgarrett and detective Danny Williams of Hawaii five o have a crush on each other will they continue to argue like a married couple? will they becom...
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Our Love Story II by Happieness2001
Our Love Story IIby Mcgarrett
I do take requests. This is a sequel to my original "Our Love Story" which is a Mcdanno story, based on Danny and Steve on Hawaii Five-O. This sequel will have...
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NIÑA BUENA by 83liss
NIÑA BUENAby 83liss
Danny ve un dia para el otro como su vída da un giro de ciento ochenta grados. ¿Podra con los cambios?
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ADRENALINA by 83liss
Danno recibe un mensaje muy claro que lo obligara a tomar decísiones al estilo McGarrettA
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Mcdanno One-shots by tinykim
Mcdanno One-shotsby tinykim
Multiple mcdanno short stories or long stories Paring: Mcdanno - steve mcgarrett and daniel (danny) 'danno' Williams TV Show: hawaii five-0 Characters: kono Kalakaua, Ch...
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