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Falling For The Nerd by surreal_sandhirian
Falling For The Nerdby A❤
What happens when Randhir a rich spoilt brat collides with Sanyukta , who is the geek and unnoticed girl of FITE ...Something clicks which draws the bad boy towards t...
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Her Secret Love  by cute_writer23
Her Secret Love by 🦋
What happens when a nerd falls irrevocably in love with the handsome hunk? ❤ (Note - Cover is made by me.) Top Rankings- #10 in #Sandhir - 21/07/19 . #9 in #Sandhir - 2...
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The One That Complete Us  by crazywriter1116
The One That Complete Us by Sarah
Join the journey of Sandhir to parenthood :)
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~freetime group chat~ (DISCONTINUED) by -takabaka-
~freetime group chat~ ( HOW BA-AD-AD-AD CAN I BE?
OOGA-BOOGA!:iMm bored giraffeman:why tf r u up? it's literally only 2:31 OOGA-BOOGA!:I have my reasons. You? Giraffeman:reasons. ------ no ocs, no reader, just free tim...
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Without You(#Based on It Was All My Fault) by ebullient_soul
Without You(#Based on It Was All adorable
It's a random scribbling based on my five shot 'It Was All My Fault'. Don't miss out with it if you have read that five shots.
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Send bobs and vegene by RogahhTaylah
Send bobs and vegeneby AHHHH
Shitpost book
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I'M LOST WITHOUT YOU (Sandhir One-shot)✔️ by crazywriter1116
It was so easy for him to walk away, she thought. Many times, she tried to call him, reach out to him but he didn't respond. Eventually, she gave up. But somewhere, he t...
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N o t e s by The_Freckled_Girl
N o t e sby Freckles
Just my scribbles and notes =)
Art by SmolSushiSquish
Artby CoffeStains
This is my shitty art book, I may also vent into this. Warning, Cringeh.
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Who would win?  by AutisticHakai
Who would win? by 💥Autistic Hakai💥
Idk more random crap. Say two characters you'd like to see fight, and I'll make the outcomes and sht. Yay.
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ad jcsdla kdlsaj;safefhdjl. by X_InkStains_X
ad jcsdla kdlsaj; HahAhAhaaHAHAHAhAahaHAhahaHAh...
I will post a new page every week
~Aachi's Instagram~ by Simxn_2
~Aachi's Instagram~by Peter boy
"Everyone is welcome to join me~!!"
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The Girl On Fire & The Boy With The Bread(Fan-Fiction) by DomoReads
The Girl On Fire & The Boy With Trinity
Katniss and Peeta Mellark are finally together. They named their daughter Rue Mellark. But when Katniss spit out that she wants another one it gets Peeta thinking. Not o...
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I will Rant like a Politician so vote Kanye for President 2020 by xRawrItsLizyx
I will Rant like a Politician so Pronounced•Merlot
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A tale of a trillion days and a night by illegally_happy
A tale of a trillion days and a LittleBigmonster
I love starting shit I most likely cannot finish :- D Oh. Same cover cause why the D u c k not!? This story is based off of a song and some other weird sh e t from real...
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A Medium Sized Book of One-Shots by KatiriHayashi
A Medium Sized Book of One-Shotsby Kait Trait
Character x Reader Warning: Some long and some profanities.
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Shattered Realm | Requested Story by AceOfSpades206
Shattered Realm | Requested Storyby Ace Of Spades
Henlo, this was requested by my dear friend XandrlynAnimations known from Deviant Art. This is the story of his Oc Xand.
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