I'm just ME
a simple girl living her life
the way one should ♥

Nothing lasts forever,
So live it up,
Drink it down,
Laugh it off,
Avoid the bullshit, XD
Take chances,
& never have regrets,
because of one point,
everything you did
was exactly what
you wanted. ♥

I love DOMO as much as I love READING & WRITING. I read more than I write because I love to hear people's ideas and see how creative we are. It's crazy how our minds work! So I gave writing a try and I'm still working it! I'm not perfect at all but maybe someday I will find my spark. But wait....I already did! All my fans gave me something. The ability to continue writing even though I'm not so great. Thank you! Words can't explain how much I love you guys!! ♥
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