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the greatest battle; seulrene by yeeshyoosh
the greatest battle; seulreneby 🥴
Seulgi Kang is a Korean beauty with anger issues and a passion for women's rights, stuck in 1910s England. Little does she (and everyone else) know that the country is a...
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Her Bright Spirits by alix_mcbarnet_
Her Bright Spiritsby Alexandra McBarnet
The Emperor of Russia's four daughters - Olga, Tatiana, Marie, and Anastasia - are best friends as well as sisters. Being in an unusual position as daughters of the one...
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It  Won't  Be  Long  Now by HaydenChambers
It Won't Be Long Nowby Hayden Brendan Chambers
My interpretation of how the Captain died at Button house, wearing his army uniform, with no visible wounds. Robin on his tour of Button house on the dvd extra features...
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Rain Along The Firestep by dccoles
Rain Along The Firestepby David Coles
They said that The First World War would be over by Christmas; but, which one? 'Rain Along the Fire-step' is a book set in 1917, within the back-drop of The 3rd Battle o...
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The Soldier & The Woman by stvxnat
The Soldier & The Womanby stvxnat
War is an awful thing.It's the year 1918 and Steve Rogers is an American soldier fighting at Russia.He and his unit were given orders to kill all civilians of a small vi...
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War diary by kirstsss
War diaryby kirstsss
The diary of a young girl during the first world war. Discover her adventures and worries whilst her father is away, fighting for her country.
Into Chaos Hurled (Book 2) [Complete} by atlas_of_wonderland
Into Chaos Hurled (Book 2) [ atlas_of_wonderland
**Book II, read Book I (Bring Forth a Fire) to avoid spoilers** Benedict Huntley's reign has ended. The Essence Machine is no more. And the Elemental families have flour...
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The Timeless "The Other World" Book One (Wattys2014) by FuchsiaSong
The Timeless "The Other World" Gemma Tabitha Lewis
Seventeen year old Emily “Emmie” Weston has always lived in two worlds; the real one and the other one inside her head. Although Emily who is an outsider and hides her t...
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WW1 The Trenches by Simpysnake
WW1 The Trenchesby Simpysnake
A story of Justin Sirike and Rhys Hilton-Reeves in 1914, he was transported to paris from england to fight against the germans who failed at trying to surround Paris by...
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First Blood by highlandsbabysmurf
First Bloodby Ki Ti
This is a short First World War Fiction of my thoughts on a solider's experience of a battle. It was written for class exercise, another under 1000 word fiction one
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Der Kaiserreich's Endsieg. by KaiserIceberg
Der Kaiserreich's ᴡᴡᴡ
In an alternate ending of the Great War, the German Empire has managed to gain enough food from the new puppet-states in the east after the fall of the Russians to proce...
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John Robert  [Short Story] by jaedarcy
John Robert [Short Story]by Jae Darcy
"The last time I saw my mother was in a railway station in Chicago, Illinois. It was two years after my Daddy went to the war, and seven years ago. I ain't seen he...
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War by Jenny3570
Warby Jenny3570
I have been given an assignment for school to write a short story about war. This is what I wrote so far but I would appreciate some ideas as I don't know what to write...
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Diary of Soldier Charles  by FunnyYari
Diary of Soldier Charles by A Creative Girl
(beginning of diary 1901-end of diary 1914) This is a short story,the diary of a soldier from the British army named Charles.He starts writing in his diary when queen Vi...
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I'm the enemy by -supersonicrose-
I'm the enemyby Rosie Cowell
Lucille Ansel was a French army nurse who spent her days caring for injured soldiers. Sounds simple right? Wrong. She had to face lots of problems each day to keep them...
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Captain Nemo in the 1920's!  (& the Nautilus, & its crew & what became of them) by Wittig
Captain Nemo in the 1920's! (& Alex von Wittig
Captain Nemo (after World War I/in the 1920s)
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Superhero Cyborg Veterans of World War I (working title)|unfinished stories by Wittig
Superhero Cyborg Veterans of Alex von Wittig
Superhero Cyborg Veterans of World War I
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Diary of Lady Crawley by LaulyPop
Diary of Lady Crawleyby LaulyPop
Lady Sibil's diary told us the hard life during the First World War. Inspired by the series Downton Abbey realised by Julian Fellowes and by the book Là où tombent les a...
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(other) narnia (& related) - stuff to cover by Wittig
(other) narnia (& related) - Alex von Wittig
narnia (& the other works of c.s. lewis) are now PUBLIC DOMAIN in canada, & other countries with PMA-50 (50 years after the death of the author) copyright duration. the...
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