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Reincarnated Into the Otome Game as  the Princess Villainess?! | Book 2 by Walking_Like_Rain
Reincarnated Into the Otome Game a...by cold and sore gorl rain
BOOK 2 OF RIOGPV | SLOW UPDATES (basically on hold) Amaryllis' otome adventure continues as she makes new friends, becomes a mother of one and deals with her home proble...
  • justasbadasthefirst
  • tbhprobsnotharemanymore
  • slowupdates
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The Alpha's Eyes by MysteryCoyotePlayz
The Alpha's Eyesby MysteryCoyote Playz
Everyone believes we're just a myth. Why, Because Folk tales scared. They want to believe that there unstoppable. They killed us off. All but one. They've should have d...
  • family
  • blood
  • bonded
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Wonderland  by RedtheRider
Wonderland by ☾ Emily ☽
In which a girl is cursed to madness, and must save her twin, a princess and her kingdom from an untimely end, at the same time as she's falling for a boy with a curse o...
  • aliceinwonderland
  • waltz
  • femaleprotag
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Project Broken Episode 1 by AnimatorKira
Project Broken Episode 1by Kira有志
"Not all stories can be a happy one, and not all people are treated fairly. It's a shame; this world was created so beautifully, but, due to man, it was tainted. Ou...
  • fantasy
  • anime
  • background
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Danganronpa; Tranquil Termination (Fanganronpa) by haru_han
Danganronpa; Tranquil Termination...by Hanna-Chan
Hello everyone, I have a school project that I am turning into a book. I was wondering if you guys could help me with character ideas. I need 16 students, I already have...
  • fanganronpa
  • fangame
  • fanfiction
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A Secret Named Sophie (Sophie Spencer, Book 1) by mkirin
A Secret Named Sophie (Sophie Spen...by M. Kirin
“To my dearest Niece…” Sophie’s uncle is dead. The letter informed her that Philip Spencer, the man who’d been both friend and guardian, died and left her everything he...
  • mystery
  • femaleprotag
  • family
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A Maiden's Road to Demise (Short Version) by Carerx
A Maiden's Road to Demise (Short V...by Carerx
Aurora needed revenge. It wasn't for personal reasons, well part of it was, but it was for her freedom. She wanted to be free from this cycle of karma and hatred and the...
  • originalwork
  • sad
  • magic
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The Collectors by KillerFirefly65
The Collectorsby KillerFirefly65
Liz faces all the problems any normal 403 year old would face; old flames, problems at work, and an evil monster bent on absorbing every human soul heaven or hell bound...
  • talking
  • spirit
  • romance
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Hades' Advocate by Skrinesis
Hades' Advocateby Skrinesis
She spends her days alone in an abandoned apartment complex. She's the last person on this worn, diseased Earth. Or so she thought. Clark gets the surprise of a lifet...
  • supernaturalelement
  • post-apocalyptic
  • dystopia
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Built by Im-Not-the-Hero
Builtby Bailey
People are built for different things. Their lives mapped in various ways, and their brains structured in different forms. And no one knows exactly how it'll all end. Bu...
  • realistic
  • tragedy
  • commingofage
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Suggestions???? by cfender
Suggestions????by cfender
Chaya Chervenik is happily married woman to the son is a powerful Minister for the Yurokan Ministrial Group, commonly referred to as "The Group." However, she...
  • fiction
  • thirdperson
  • dark
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Subversion by MichaelSawyer8
Subversionby Michael Sawyer
This is a short story made from inspiration from a friends picture posted on Facebook. This is a story I feel we can all relate to, the want of peace, and the lengths we...
  • emotional
  • fiction
  • femaleprotag
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Another killing harmony  by 124GM3434
Another killing harmony by Trashy Kuzutine
"But the killing game can't end! It just can't!" Kaede shouted. Kaede was a huge sarcastic person and didn't care for anything or anyone. All kaede loves was D...
  • mystery
  • ndrv3
  • despair
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Finite by Moonjelly1511
Finiteby Alyssa Slater
This story originally got its start as a writing contest entry, in which the theme was a character gains magical or technological powers from a school textbook. So I wil...
  • femaleprotag
  • finite
  • timetravel
Demoncape Carmilla and the fantastic wonderful truly insane space jam by CaseyTodd4
Demoncape Carmilla and the fantast...by Casey Todd
Nothing better than being stranded out in space with killer, acid spitting aliens, am I right? Demoncape Carmilla is an adventurer, looking to bring back interesting art...
  • outerspace
  • aliens
  • femaleprotag
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The Princess who Dared//Wattys 2k19 by Themasterofcards
The Princess who Dared//Wattys 2k19by Themasterofcards
Once upon a time, Lived a princess, short and fair. ...
  • fantasy
  • kingdoms
  • wattys2019
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Adora (On Hold) by akataig
Adora (On Hold)by Taig
The cover art is not mine - I just edited a stock image on Canva ;-; Welcome to Adora. The five great kingdoms of Virathia, Silvaria, Darcadia, Embervault, and Lunaris h...
  • female
  • femaleprotag
  • world
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From the Pit by mediocre_female
From the Pitby 👽
This is not a final description. There is fighting and action and, eventually, romance. I don't think the story is fleshed out enough for a good summary right now. Also...
  • princess
  • fiction
  • historical
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