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The perfect host by Karnage_kult
The perfect hostby Ladiesmann
After a traffic accident, Izuku meets 4 symbiotes that take over his body and save him, but from then on, life just gets weirder and weirder as a whole new face of the w...
Number 9's Family by FiresideStoryTelling
Number 9's Familyby FiresideStoryTelling
I only own the plot and OC characters, other characters and artwork are not owned by me unless otherwise specified. Izuku Midoriya had always wanted to be a hero. That d...
LIFE by TadanoHitohito2
The characters of My hero Academia has been invited to watch and react to the different life and origin of Izuku Midoriya. What problems and secrets will rise up? Will t...
Dad how did you meet grandpa by bbop945
Dad how did you meet grandpaby bbop945
Shota tells his family how he meets Izuku, plus Izuku learning Shota and Hazshi secret. Goes with meeting Aizawa's sensei
Deku the feline hero by Leonstage964
Deku the feline heroby Leonstage_964
Izuku Midoriya has a quirk that can allow him to fully or partially transform into a cat, and develop the senses and strenght of every feline. when the quirk first mani...
Children Of Deku From Future by ConnorJaz117
Children Of Deku From Futureby
It was few weeks after the battle at kamino and class 1A has settled into the their dorms. Everything was going well until children showed up at the door. It wouldn't s...
Lighting Kid by TechGamer6
Lighting Kidby Tech Gamer
Izuku is told to be born Quirkless but he doesn't know that he is a descendant of an Alien race known as the Elemental lighting race or shorter known as ELR. One day a...
Black and white(not writing anymore) by quinngamercomic
Black and white(not writing anymor...by Hey Bro Nice Cock
Just read story ideas to find out or read the story I'm changing this for something better.
Fatherhood by IAmTheYondaime
Fatherhoodby MinatoNamikaze
Izuku Midoriya. A boy destined to become a hero, but atleast that's what Class 1-A thinks he is. What they don't know is that he has a little secret. You see, He is alre...
The Life Of Deku by Alex_Wolf16
The Life Of Dekuby Alex Wolf
This is in fact My first ever Fanfic... I know i have other stories But This is Fan fiction sooo completely different Okay For starters This is A (IzuMomo) Ship Fanfic...
izuku jaeger by zillamonsters
izuku jaegerby zillamonsters
izuku midoriya was said to be quirkless but this wasn't the case, what if he got a quirk that gave him the ability of some of the jaeger Also note that my writing style...
There Is Hope( Adopted By deku_307) by drkceberus
There Is Hope( Adopted By deku_307)by Drkceberus
izuku is bad ass he basically stopped caring in this is boy x boy and girl x girl if you dont like the ships please dont read oh and izuku will be having children adopt...
Best Dad! by MotherDevil
Best Dad!by Eri-chan
Izuku midorya was abused for his father left his mom cuz she was pregnant. She HATED Izuku one day Izuku had enough she finally sold him so he left. He ran into Pro hero...