ANNOYING! - KARMA X READER by britishasshoe
ANNOYING! - KARMA X READERby britishasshoe
Adventures with Karma Akabane as your mischievous, loyal boyfriend. LET'S CUT TO THE CHASE, ain't nobody like that shit that fucks around with Karma being a tsundere or...
  • bakabane
  • fanfic
  • cringe
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The LadyBlog ii: Season 2 pt 2 by Artistic_Keys
The LadyBlog ii: Season 2 pt 2by Artissyxheart
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good people do nothing." Hey peeps! Bringing to you the one and only Ladyblog. Stay tuned for updates...
  • marinette
  • details
  • miraculousladybug
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by JessicaM08
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby J
Imagines that will give you loads of Shawn feels, enjoy :-)
  • peace
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  • shawn
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Darker Than The Camps || Ereri || by _buttplugs_
Darker Than The Camps || Ereri ||by ~Outie~
Holocaust- 1940s The 17 year old Eren, is a runaway Jewish boy from Germany. Both his parents were caught by the German soldiers, known as the Nazis, and taken to concen...
  • fangirling
  • demonlevi
  • jewisheren
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Young, Wild, & Free || Next Town Down  by htranada
Young, Wild, & Free || Next Town ArreagaMara 🌹
Not Yet Completed <3 Discontinued Aug 11, 2018 <3
  • fanfiction
  • boyband
  • nexttowndown
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Billdip One Shots by myotpisnotstraight
Billdip One Shotsby Cecilia Kirkland
My Collection of Billdip One Shots, Headcannons, Drabbles, Announcements, and Fangirling. Lol. *Gravity Falls isn't mine*
  • fangirling
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Newt Imagines by Winter_Ballerina
Newt Imaginesby Immy
Newt x Reader Centered around you and Newt as you co-exist in the Glade. The only world you know but you knew another once, didn't you?
  • thomassangster
  • fangirling
  • imagines
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Space Dad (shiro x reader) by Briana_Cita
Space Dad (shiro x reader)by Cita_
"Wheres Daddy?" "I dont know honey." "What was his name?" "His name? We all called him Shiro."
  • voltron
  • spacedad
  • coran
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❤️ CRUSH PROBLEMS ❤                                    by LJtheAmazingLlamma
Mga Problema ni ate girl tunkol sa crush niya. Hindi ako sure kung ma kakarelate kayo dito pero sana oo. Feel free to comment,vote and request anytime.
  • crush
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Kai Parker Imagines/Preferences by hmrae13
Kai Parker Imagines/Preferencesby SCOTT MCCALL FUCK ME UP
A bunch of imagines and preferences of Kai Parker. Hope these give you the feels.
  • fangirling
  • tvdsmut
  • chriswood
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Thoughts | ME by CLOUDYNANA
Thoughts | MEby sᴛᴇᴘʜᴀɴɪᴇ’s
|In which I share kinky pictures and quotes I find| |In which I share things I have written about my depressing thoughts| your bitch is seriously fucked up read this to...
  • kpop
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Every1 Left Him Except Her... #ReadersChallange by paramian_
Every1 Left Him Except Her... ❤Hajra.Khatoon❤
#12th in Short story On 20th May 2017 #266 in Fan Fiction On 16th June 2017 I had participated in a contest named as READERS CHALLENGE... and this story is for that.. b...
  • saddahaq
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  • randhir
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Just Another Day by Lady_Of_The_Worlds
Just Another Dayby Last Rebel Standing
A WildeHopps fanfic. I think it's pretty good, but let me know if you think differently. Completed, with possible updates.
  • nickxjudy
  • judyhopps
  • slyfox
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In The End by RenanaWoody
In The Endby Renana
Smut Septiplier
  • jacksepticeye
  • septiplier
  • fanfiction
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I'm In Love With My Best Friend (ShikaNaru/NaruShika fanfic) by Mitzomii_Inuzuka
I'm In Love With My Best Friend ( Mitzomii_Inuzuka
Shikamaru and Naruto have known each other for as long as they can remember. They had done everything together along with Kiba and Choji. But one day there gang (Kiba, N...
  • narushika
  • anime
  • smex
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Do I Ship It? (Harry Potter)  by FidoTheDog33
Do I Ship It? (Harry Potter) by Naomi
The title should say it all. For all the ships you guys request in the comments I will give you my opinion on the ship. This used to originally be a ship book for all fa...
  • opinions
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don't start that dot dot bullshit [sm/b 5] by interxtwined
don't start that dot dot yeehaW
gigi take your dot dot bullshit somewhere else highest ranking: #13 in vent
  • rants
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  • venting
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SHE'S SPECIAL ( NaJ PJ x Reader ) by SmolKawaiiNekoPotato
SHE'S SPECIAL ( NaJ PJ x Reader )by SmolKawaiiNekoPotato
You are (Y/N) (L/N), and you just moved to a new place called (Y/T/N) (Your town name) with your 4 siblings. You have a twin brother named Chaser, two 5-year-old twins n...
  • âu
  • fighting
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Eugene Lee Yang Fanfiction (Completed) by kagaminenagato
Eugene Lee Yang Fanfiction ( ya girl kaga 💕
Crap, my life is fuckin' over, if they get me, I'm screwed. I feel a pull and next thing I know, I'm silenced by two strong arms. I squirm and struggle, and they tighten...
  • fangirls
  • wattys2015
  • yang
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Jealousy by FangirlingMiraculous
Jealousyby MiraculousLadybug#1
Adrien doesn't realize his feelings for Marinette. But will it really have to take his best friend dating her for him to find out? I own nothing. The characters belong t...
  • jealousy
  • djwifi
  • ladybug
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