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I Found Dai-Chan! by tentenlhey10
I Found Dai-Chan!by LheyLheyLhey [HIATUS]
  • one-shot
  • fan-girling
  • yabukota
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Just MJ memes☕
  • mj
  • funny
  • memes
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1   g r o u p  ;  m i l l i o n s  o f  b i a s e s by MsEsmae
1 g r o u p ; m i l l i o n ♡shin yooyeon♡
just a little book where i talk about my biases, maybe even some tags too. i don't expect people to read this, this is just where i state my biases/bias wreckers lol. ⋆
  • 4minute
  • yoonjo
  • wjsn
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There and Back Again: A Fangirl's Tale by he-counts-the-stars
There and Back Again: A Fangirl' b r o o k e
This is my THIRD random/boredom book! If you're reading this after having read my first two...congratulations. You're tough. ;P Without further ado...Random Part Three! ...
  • brooke
  • tolkienite
  • flurfierocks
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How to be a Fangirl- Short Guide by KornelijaDecember
How to be a Fangirl- Short Guideby Occupation:Dreamer
Your short guide to being a fangirl or if you're the rare species, fanboy, and not ending up in jail or in a mental hospital
  • harrypotter
  • crazy
  • heroesofolympus
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The Side effects of Fangirling by LapisLover
The Side effects of Fangirlingby Squarks McSquarkface
This is basically me Fangirling and ranting. Completed, Book Two I'm A Book ✌❤
  • fangirling
  • fun
  • anime
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Filthy Frank Universe by StarSpotPudding
Filthy Frank Universeby StarSpotPudding
You hear something... banging at your door... you get up and answer it and get greeted by a screaming pink person.. but he has a journey for you. And you must battle a p...
  • life
  • fangirl
  • cancer
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Galadrielsa's Theories and Headcanons by Galadrielsa
Galadrielsa's Theories and Zoe
So since I watch Frozen and Rise of the Guardians like once a week, back to back, I've started to notice some similarities with both movies. So I decided to make a book...
  • theories
  • eugenzel
  • fandoms
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Anime Ships (My Favorite OTPs) by Kittrellix
Anime Ships (My Favorite OTPs)by Kittrellix
This is a list of some anime characters that I Ship. This is my first "story" so comment some advice or questions. (This was done with lots help of my sister...
  • anime
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
  • thedevilisaparttimer
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Childhood Sweethearts (Troye Sivan) by mymischievousdreamer
Childhood Sweethearts (Troye Sivan)by Trynel
what if you saw again your childhood bestfriend in a new world and your feelings for each other came back but its hard to communicate with it? find out what will happen...
  • love
  • munchkins
  • troye
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