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Forged - [Donald Na x female oc] by skycasinomanager
Forged - [Donald Na x female oc]by skycasinomanager
Such intriguing character and such elegance. Something neither of them has seen before, except for when looking in the mirror. Expectedly, they attracted each other like...
Love Can't Lie by -silxnt-trxxs-
Love Can't Lieby -silent-trees-
Isadora Rayávar is forced to fake a relationship with Émile Alvarez - a man who probably has more money than she has hairs on her head-when his ring ends up on her finge...
Hozier Fanfic: Fake Dating A Rockstar For Beginners by Blanche_Clementine
Hozier Fanfic: Fake Dating A Rocks...by Blanche_Clementine
When the billionaire rockstar she sees as a brother reveals that he is madly in love with her, Aishwarya is forced to fake a relationship with her other co-star and best...
Fake Love Story (Under Editing) by aanavats01
Fake Love Story (Under Editing)by aanavats
Highest Rank # 08 (02/1 /17) in Teen Fiction. Love doesn't exist in real worl, it is alive only in novels and movies. Shanaya Halis, an 18 year old girl , hates t...
The Bloodstones of Elzuria🗡🪩 by rxverries09
The Bloodstones of Elzuria🗡🪩by 💞💐🎀
This story is about a girl who recently found out that she had lived before. Trying to find out more about her past life Serena and her friends find an old newspaper of...
Madison and Tom are soon to be high school seniors. They go to the same school but are in different worlds. Tom is the most popular boy in school, the hottest boy in sch...
Fake Love Story 2  by aanavats01
Fake Love Story 2 by aanavats
#Ranked 1 on (24-Aug-2018) - Category :Fakeromance #Must read the 'Fake Love Story' book before reading it; otherwise, you will not understand!! All stories end on a ha...
Mr. Mafia cries alone by WallflowerFame
Mr. Mafia cries aloneby WallflowerFame
I wanted a family, I wanted life a lover but where would it all come from ? Sixteen year old Marie Williams was a normal teenager and carried the teenage life all the wa...
School Lock Down by RiscViolante
School Lock Downby Risc Acosta
Now The highSchool is on lockdown The bombs make more ticking sounds And Some Kids are trapped inside But one is the bad guy
Playing the Player by AmandaThe1st
Playing the Playerby >>Amanda<<
Lauren Davis is girl who won't let anyone mess with her, especially not Lucas Hill. Lucas Hill is a boy who will do anything for a girl, just to let her down again. He's...
Mr & Mrs Fake by Mimiireadss
Mr & Mrs Fakeby Mimiireadss
"Jade, will you marry me? For real this time?" Theodore Choi's time clock is ticking down. In order to inherit the family business he needs to get married. He...
CAMERA FLASH- Walker Sobell x OC  by Summer393912
Grace Green is a young actress fresh in the famous life as she's stared in a new movie alongside Madeline McGraw, Jacob Tremblay and Walker Scobell. However on set she r...
Happy Christmas my Love  (Niall Horan) by TheShadowoftheOcean
Happy Christmas my Love (Niall Ho...by Living
'Tis the season for joy, family and love. Finding love may be hard though. Keria thought she had everything a girl could wish for Christmas, her mother, grandmother, fri...
The Showmance by CaramelSundae2529
The Showmanceby 976/J
What will a Girl do when a Boy won't take "No" for an Answer?
The Friendzone (A Short Story)  by landimarbel
The Friendzone (A Short Story) by Alice Hawthorne
Evelynn and Alex have been best friends since kindergarten. But high school is an entirely different ballgame. A fake romance to make Ben's crush jealous sends the spark...
One girl's dream by IneSylvie
One girl's dreamby Ineza Sylvie
One girl's dream is a fiction story of a girl called Kaylee. Kaylee is a poor girl who has big dreams of being rich and famous. This Kaylee lives with her mother(Claire)...
Just fake it || T.C by booksbyviaa
Just fake it || T.Cby via :)
Read the notice before starting the book . "Don't worry eliza it will only last 7 months" he said to her. "yeah just 7 months with a complet douch! that'...
The K-Pop Scandal by chloboshoka
The K-Pop Scandalby chloboshoka
Remember the Russian pop band, t.A.T.u? Well here's a K-Pop story loosely based on their saga. Music mogul, Flo Glitz wants to empower her godson, the young and innocen...