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I Kissed A Boy - Ruthari by aame1ia
I Kissed A Boy - Ruthariby amelia
Runaan, a young and handsome assassin never really thought about love. He was living happily with his girlfriend, I mean what could go wrong? Until a new guy comes in to...
Runaan's bundle(s) of joy by Cleo_Starlight_Hell
Runaan's bundle(s) of joyby Grace/Luka
Runaan and Ethari have always wanted to have a child of their own but what will it take to make their dream come true. A fun night, a husband's worried personality, and...
The Royal Baby ||Rayllum/Book 2 by Mycolorguardian45
The Royal Baby ||Rayllum/Book 2by ✌🏽💜Emery💜✌🏽
[COMPLETED!!] ❝Ezran you also have you bethored coming tomorrow.❞ ❝I'm sorry, my what?!❞ Ezran asked as Rayla and Callum started laughing. •~•~•~•~• Sequel to 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓡�...
Two Lands, One World by RubyRoundhouse17
Two Lands, One Worldby Arwen the Storyteller
Caroline is a human "step-princess" ostracised by her kingdom. Raylan is a trained elf assassin desperate to restore his family's honour. Upon their encounter...
New moon by Jeez-its
New moonby Jeez-its
Runaan and Ethari were always neck and neck and yet side by side, and nothing could ever change that. First part of the story takes place when Runaan and Ethari were you...
Forgotten Memories ||The Dragon Prince|| by HappyLlama160
Forgotten Memories ||The Dragon HappyLlama160
After the Final Battle, Callum is plagued by awful dreams. But when a terrible future is shown to him in one such nightmare-- a future without Rayla-- Callum knows he mu...
The Life Of Baby Rayla by Kay_Phoenix18
The Life Of Baby Raylaby Pheonix_Kay18
We all spend too much time searching up 'Baby Rayla' (Me Included). So I put my knowledge of Baby Rayla memes and fanart to use: I present to you, this book of all the a...
Dragon prince group Chat by Forgotten_Dusk
Dragon prince group Chatby Charlotte
This is basically a dragon prince group chat :D as it isn't already obvious the title lol. Hope you enjoy reading this :>
Runaan and Ethari, Raising Rayla by microwaveablesheep
Runaan and Ethari, Raising Raylaby Microwaveablesheep
This is my AU of Runaan and Ethari trying to raise Rayla when she was younger! NOT MY CHARACTERS
The dragon prince, Watch the show and react to it!  by SizzlinBassilisk
The dragon prince, Watch the SizzlinBassilisk
This will take place before the war and will basically have my own little twist in it so I hope you enjoy :) (I do not own the dragon prince or it's characters/ the cov...
The Royal Return || Rayllum/ Book 3 by Mycolorguardian45
The Royal Return || Rayllum/ Book 3by ✌🏽💜Emery💜✌🏽
[ON GOING!!!] ❝Claudia told me you left me. And now you want children? You sure are a 'fantastic' mom,❞ I said before running out of the castle before Rayla could say an...
A Broken Bond [TDP] by Dragonguard06
A Broken Bond [TDP]by Dragonguard06
This story takes place after season3 and Tiadrin, Lain, and Runaan are saved from the coins and Lain finds out that his best friend, his brother...... tried to kill his...
The Dragon Prince: After The War (In process) by Witchchick125
The Dragon Prince: After The War ( Rayla Lunarson
It's been seven years since the battle at the Storm Spire, there is now peace in the Human Kingdoms and in Xadia. This is a fanfic story about Callum and Rayla. Keep re...
Dragon Prince -The last thing by -Jerzy-
Dragon Prince -The last thingby -Jerzy-
Seventeen years have passed since the defeat of Viren, Claudia, and then with great effort and sacrifice defeated, the north star Elarion, the fallen star, the last of t...
Your journey, our story / The Dragon Prince/ reader x OC / by ToTiredForShit
Your journey, our story / The 1-800-I’m-to-tired
When Y/n hears her brother is leading a small assassin group to kill a human king and his son she is livid. Even though he asked her to, she refused to come with them. W...
pictures of random things I'm currently obsessed with 🙂 by a_bi_muslim_gurl
pictures of random things I'm Penguin :) not good at this so yea mostly the dragon prince (disclaimer: not my art)
My heart goes out with this one by Candy_Mason342
My heart goes out with this oneby Sammy ♡♡
This tory was inspired 🙌 this is not my original idea. The original story is called: 'Runaan's bunddle(s) of joy' by @Cleo_Starlight_Hell go check them out, and support...
The Dragon Prince Oneshots by MagicCupcakeDragon
The Dragon Prince Oneshotsby MagicCupcakeDragon
Just a bunch of one shots that may become fanfics. Also ideas and theories :)
Of Another World | The Dragon Prince x Reader by sovasbf
Of Another World | The Dragon sam ☁️
Just like any other day, walking home from school using the shortcut in the forest. You never expected to be dragged through a portal to the world of your favourite show...
Timeless by soulintheskies
Timelessby Reigne
She was Rayla Fairbairn. An eighteen-year-old vigilante who went by the alias of "Ghost Spider" and had been fighting against crimes for over two years. She ha...