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Extravagant 2 by ayannanykole01
Extravagant 2by Mʀs. Gʟᴏᴄᴋ🖤✨🥴
Part 2 of Extravagant
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Unwanted Deception 2 by KyraaBailey
Unwanted Deception 2by Kyraa Bailey
After relocating to LA, Denver found herself in a new city alone with new people. While in labor her sister and her brother in law came out to California so she didn't...
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#2 Lesson Learned (complete) by Quindearia_love2
#2 Lesson Learned (complete)by Quindearia_love2
You have to read "Should Have Known Better" to understand this book PLEASE ENJOY
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Jjba Lemons by GangsterWithA_Gun
Jjba Lemonsby McCrackhead
you know I just don't wanna keep writing smut in my perfectly christian x reader one so I just made a whole book where you can request all kinds of lemon. you can reques...
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More Than a Weekend at Charlie's Part 2 by MaxNight
More Than a Weekend at Charlie's Max Night
One weekend was never enough for Charlie and Adrian, now even though the sex is still good getting to know each other will prove difficult. Adrian and Charlie are never...
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Derek Morgan, The Player That He Is... 02. by fanfiction91
Derek Morgan, The Player That He DerekMorgan_lovers
ATTENTION: YOU MUST READ BOOK 01. TO UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON. ❤️ With Emily revealing that she's pregnant... Derek's freaking out. On the flip side, Derek and Penelop...
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KIK 2.0 + Jack Gilinsky by maloskimaloley
KIK 2.0 + Jack Gilinskyby -xxx-
Kenndoll | | you said you were done but how can you be when you keep drunk texting me? Daddygilinsky | | because I'm not ready to loose you .... Daddygilinsky|| Again. u...
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" Love Game 2 " sequel [ COMPLETE ] by jiminbootylicious95
" Love Game 2 " sequel [ COMPLETE ]by Jiminbootylicious 🍑
" I want you to have the baby and leave, I'll pay you " What happens when Jimin think he is only married to one person but something else came up. Will she fi...
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Sticking With My Rider by AlmightyKay04
Sticking With My Riderby .SpeakingofK_❤️
Part II . You wont under unless you've read Part I .A Thug's Love . ❤️ WARNING⚠️ IF YOU DONT LIKE TO READ PROFANITY OR SEXUAL ACTIVITY THEN DO NOT READ THIS BOOK ❗️ Part...
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Oh Teacher [✔️] by jerohae
Oh Teacher [✔️]by 제로해
Spinoff of 'El Roommate.' Short story. Kinda. Instead of 'catching feelings' for his devilishly handsome roommate, Caleb's interest is caught by another devilishly han...
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Love Downfall Part 2 by raestylez
Love Downfall Part 2by raestylez
Chassidy and Stephon moved on with their lives. Had a brand new baby moved away from the drama... But it followed them and matters got worse.
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Healed {2}//jb by hazzaswilk
Healed {2}//jbby Stefan Salvatore
Jacob imprinted, and he knew, there was no going back, especially because he knew what love meant, and they were soulmates, bound to be together. Forever.
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Dragon Fire - Book 2 by EstherDramaqueen
Dragon Fire - Book 2by Esther
She has escaped. She is free and the world awaits. No one knows her. But they soon will.
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Alchemy:  Tiny Steps by A-Marlene-S
Alchemy: Tiny Stepsby A-Marlene-S
Part two of the Alchemy: Magic Vs Science. Politics. Either you love it, hate it or you live it. For Alchemy Teacher Edward Elric, he lives it, hates it and loves it whe...
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Daddies 2😍❤😏//dirty fanfics by wassupfanfics
Daddies 2😍❤😏//dirty fanficsby Ma'am
Just read! •dirty•
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White blood cell x Reader or Red blood cell by Gracierocks321
White blood cell x Reader or Red Gracierocks321
A romance that can evole into some lemon :'). From the show Cells at work.
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Cinta Untuk Abang Pengawas Famous  by ffatyn123
Cinta Untuk Abang Pengawas Famous by Bae Haneul
Bagi dia umur 16 tahun tidak berhak untuk bercinta.... Bercinta hanya akan menyakitkan hati dan menyusahkan duit untuk membeli topup.Itulah makna 'ber'cinta bagi Fatin A...
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Jeffmads {Oneshot Book} by TheKawiiShipper
Jeffmads {Oneshot Book}by ♡Kawaii Shipper♡
You know the rules! { Requests are allowed } { Jeffmads Only! } { Anything, Smut, Fluff, and Angst }
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Inferno Legacy: Loyalty of the Dragon (Book Two) by InfernoFrost
Inferno Legacy: Loyalty of the Lauren Mazy
The enemy is weakened, leaving just enough time for Cody to learn about life in the pass, as well as its history and what the riders truly are. Soon, dragon riders and e...
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Now Adults. by sugafyll
Now 𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕜 𝕡𝕖𝕥𝕖𝕣
This is the Part 2 of Taennie IG which is highly requested by some of the "fans" (but not that much) but for those who read My Smuts, THANKYOU THANKYOU so muc...
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