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Completed//Part 1:Voodoo Queen- Suicide Squad by Keira_xox
Completed//Part 1:Voodoo Queen- Su...by Keira_xox
Brooklyn Turner was only 14 years old when she discovered her powers. But at 15, she lost control and accidently killed someone. She went into hiding until she got kidna...
Suicide Squad: Parent Scenarios by Davidsmate24
Suicide Squad: Parent Scenariosby I 💚Loki & David 🐍🦇
What's so good about being bad? How about having the badest of bad be your new parents? All chaos will regin. I will do Joker & Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Katana, Capta...
Of Earth & Ink { Suicide Squad } by Poison_Ivy99
Of Earth & Ink { Suicide Squad }by ινι
❝You aren't ugly Shi. You're beautiful inside and out.❞ ❝I'm a living disaster that's waiting to be unleashed.❞ ❝Yeah. But you're our beautiful disaster. And we wouldn't...
Suicide Squad || Palulukan || by Missulena01
Suicide Squad || Palulukan ||by Missulena01
Scientists experimented on a young girl, and into adulthood, she changes, getting a unknown creature's body that has too much strength to be kept quiet. This girl, gets...
enchanted • wanda maximoff by Wolf_Queen_101
enchanted • wanda maximoffby Wolf_Queen_101
in which the dark sorcerous fell in love with the naive witch • " i thought you said there were only two of them! " " well, I only saw red and blue! n...
Siren (Suicide Squad Fanfic) by Prohesivebutter
Siren (Suicide Squad Fanfic)by LunaticfringeJr.
Description in first Chapter. Just know its very different from most Suicide Squad fanfics.
Sarang by white_black_cat
Sarangby Alexandra
Sarang (v) The feeling of wanting to be with someone until death
keeper [rick flag] by -bvcky
keeper [rick flag]by -bvcky
When sisters and archeologists June and Ryland Moone wander into the wrong cave, they don't expect to be possessed by witches who have been around for thousands of year...
Enchantress by terrorandtears
Enchantressby ♡
While searching for galactic threats, S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers extraterrestrial activity on their very planet. The Avengers are sent to search for the threat, forcing Y/n...
✔ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ Shadow [Suicide Squad]✔ by Little7Seven
✔ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ Shadow [Suicide Squad]✔by Jess
Number one on Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad list, Deadshot. Number two, Harley Quinn. Number three, Nightmare. Known by her regular name as Jyn Blake. Two years in priso...
Enchantress  by white_black_cat
Enchantress by Alexandra
Archeologist June Moone life turned upside down when she opened something she shouldn't have. The woman had been through hell and back but with her friend Carlisle Culle...
The Devils Favorite Demon by DJPiper
The Devils Favorite Demonby ‘Lil Lucifer
It's really hard to kill a demon, you need alot of holywater, maybe a devils trap and a spell, or a special knife. But when it comes to the Princess of Hell, Satan's Sis...
The red demon || suicide squad x avengers by sx_mlll
The red demon || suicide squad x a...by sx_mlll
„They call her the red demon. Ready to take your soul and kick it into hell anytime." „Baby, I could rip your heart out and go on about my day like nothing happened...
Control || Suicide Squad by callmebyyourmango
Control || Suicide Squadby m a n g o
"What the hell was that?" "That was only a fraction of what she can do." Ava Wilson is one of the most dangerous criminals you could ever meet. Other...
▼  Madness  ▼  The Joker  ▽  by NykosBitch
▼ Madness ▼ The Joker ▽ by ♚☾Goddess☽♚
He was the definition of Sociopath, She was the definition of Madness. What happens when she's there instead of Harley, when her quick tongue insults the one person she...
LIVE WIRE ━ suicide squad by spookycaspian
LIVE WIRE ━ suicide squadby spookycaspian
❝She's a live wire.❞ ━ suicide squad ━ harley quinn
Beast within the Beauty || A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Bemythyst
Beast within the Beauty || A Beaut...by Jenna R. Bloom
"Well, well, well." I felt the entirety of my body stiffen. "Pray tell," the masculine voice murmured as his chin rested down onto my shoulder, "...
Regina Ignis || Suicide Squad by AlyshaNNx
Regina Ignis || Suicide Squadby Ndlovu
"I'm fucked up, I'm black and blue I'm built for it, all the abuse I got secrets, that nobody, nobody knows" Rick Flag FF
Enchanter by TheMadEscapist
Enchanterby TheMadEscapist
Harry Potter was a little boy who grew up beaten by his cruel relatives. But his destiny soon shifts when he makes a single wish- a friend. That's when he discovers that...
The Demon of Metropolis (Male Reader X DC Super Hero Girls) by Ovarth
The Demon of Metropolis (Male Read...by Ovarth
Your name is Y/N Moone. The son of June Moone. You get infected with a near uncurable virus, and your mother only has one way to save your life. Afterwards, your mother...