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ក្រសោបស្នេហ៍ចាស់ by YxMinYxMin
ក្រសោបស្នេហ៍ចាស់by YxMin
ស្នេហាគឺអាត្មានិយម.. បងអាត្មានិយម ព្រោះបងស្រឡាញ់អូនពេក
Transformers prime skits 🎭 by Starscream003
Transformers prime skits 🎭by Starlord ✨
Random scenario skits that are create to make you all laugh... unless your dead inside. Just kidding! But anyway, there will be scenarios that will mention some referenc...
Taking Care Of Baby Bumblebee by ShanmusPrime
Taking Care Of Baby Bumblebeeby Chillin' With My Autobots
Bumblebee is a baby now and he is a orphan and Optimus prime looks after him as his own but all hell breaks loose when the decepticons find out about bee.
♡Elita Harkov Oneshots♡ by crrentlycxrying
♡Elita Harkov Oneshots♡by crrentlycxrying
Emma Harvey Oneshots (Elita Harkov, Emma Harvey, Yungelita) It's GxG You can request Literally nobody writes about her soooo ima do it
Pink And Blue, Different Hues  by patheticfallacy13
Pink And Blue, Different Hues by Venus
What happens when , CryBaby, a young, shy and sensitive girl escapes a big bad wolf and befriends Angelita, the smart and determined daughter of a local shop's cashier...
Transformers "First Kiss" One Shots [COMPLETED] by LostToTheRiver
Transformers "First Kiss" One Shot...by LostToTheRiver
A collection of Cybertronians sharing their first kisses with each other! If you would like me to write a scene about two characters, please put a comment under the &qu...
Optimus Prime's lost daughter by OptimaPirme
Optimus Prime's lost daughterby Optima Oriana Pax Prime
I DON'T KNOW WHO DREW ANY OF THE PICTURES I FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!!!! I AM GOING TO USE IN THIS BOOK!!! This book is about Optima Oriana Pax Prime the lost daughter of Op...
He loves me....right?| Hanahaki disease TfA Ratchet x TfA Optimus by Newspaper_
He loves me....right?| Hanahaki di...by Patches
Ratchet has Hanahaki disease after he had realized he was in love with Optimus. But he knows Optimus is in love with another. But he hopes that Optimus loves him back. ...
Szkoła by majansa
Szkołaby Majasna
Kacper największy bad boy w szkole Julka miła ale nie dla wszystkich, szybko się denerwuje
She Has My Spark Always   by sunnsetmylife08
She Has My Spark Always by sunnsetmylife08
The sequel to "She Has My Spark" "You don't remember me" The two bots starred at each other eyes "I only know of you but i don't recall of know...
Sun sea sand by konopiaa
Sun sea sandby konopia
Miłość i zakochanie to bardzo różne uczucia. Zakochanie jest formą zachwytu lub beztroskiej zabawy, natomiast miłość to zobowiązania związane z odpowiedzialnością, zaufa...
I'm in Love with an Autobot  by azzy32
I'm in Love with an Autobot by azzy32
Okay y'all I've decided I'm not going to rewrite this story anymore I want to leave whats left of the original writing. Two Worlds ...
The Ice Girl by MetteAndersen8
The Ice Girlby Mette Andersen
Sophie Lancaster, sister of Miles Lancaster, is an ice skater with a good looking future. But what happens, when her brother introduce her to people with fancy cars, whe...
When Optimus Is Gone... by Spark_Plug_Armada
When Optimus Is Gone...by Spark_Plug_Armada
What happens when Optimus Prime is out on a mission, leaving some of the autobots alone to do whatever they wan, and e same rules apply to their human friends, Jamie, Ka...
Individual songs I like  by marsargoswife
Individual songs I like by Ella
Just thought I'd share my crap music taste 🥴✌️
Akademia by ImportantPigeon
Akademiaby ImportantPigeon
Trzech kolegów, którzy nie mają za grosz powodzenia u kobiet, postanawia wziąć sprawy w swoje ręce.
TFA along came a spider reverse  by AngeliqueAllen5
TFA along came a spider reverse by Angelique Allen
when elita one fell in Optimus prime didn't save her what if Optimus and elita fell in and sentinel prime blamed lickety split for leaving them behind