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nešto sitno by eri_writes
nešto sitnoby Eri
Kako bi izbjegla dogovoren brak s Davidom, Mia laže da je u vezi sa svojom najboljom prijateljicom Monikom. Nitko joj ne vjeruje, David najmanje, ali ona ipak nastoji od...
Sparks Connected (On Hold) by CosmicLuigi
Sparks Connected (On Hold)by CosmicLuigi
This my first ever fanfic, so I hope my readers will be able enjoy this story! This fanfic is dedicated to two of my favorite ships, Bumblebee x Arcee, and the other one...
Taking Care Of Baby Bumblebee by ShanmusPrime
Taking Care Of Baby Bumblebeeby Chillin' With My Autobots
Bumblebee is a baby now and he is a orphan and Optimus prime looks after him as his own but all hell breaks loose when the decepticons find out about bee.
♛ Szkolna Elita ♛ by Queen_of_Wonderland_
♛ Szkolna Elita ♛by Shameless
1 września, a więc już niestety koniec Wakacji. Co za tym idzie powrót do szkoły. Nikomu się nie chcę, każdy musi, ale jak to wszystko przetrwać???! W tej książce znajdz...
Szkoła by majansa
Szkołaby Majasna
Kacper największy bad boy w szkole Julka miła ale nie dla wszystkich, szybko się denerwuje
You and Conan Gray fall in love at a meet and greet. by PityXPartyy
You and Conan Gray fall in love at...by Julie Kills
You two were talking at a meet and greet and you hug him and he slips a paper with his number in your back pocket.. Things can only get better from here...(You play the...
He loves me....right?| Hanahaki disease TfA Ratchet x TfA Optimus by SamSam1609owo
He loves me....right?| Hanahaki di...by Sam Sam Gaming
Ratchet has Hanahaki disease after he had realized he was in love with Optimus. But he knows Optimus is in love with another. But he hopes that Optimus loves him back. ...
Optimus' Son RID Book 2 by Wintersun0720
Optimus' Son RID Book 2by Blue
After Megatron returns and starts another war on Cybertron, Bumblebee, Optimus, Sideswipe, Crosshairs, and Bulkhead must return from the dead to help fight. This is boo...
𝔬η тн𝕖 βг𝔦𝐍𝔨 σƒ ι𝐧s𝓐Ⓝ𝔦тƳ 𝓑𝓾𝓶𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓫𝓮𝓮 𝔁 𝓐𝓻𝓬𝓮𝓮 by Wolfie569
𝔬η тн𝕖 βг𝔦𝐍𝔨 σƒ ι𝐧s𝓐Ⓝ𝔦тƳ �...by Wolf
FIRST 15 chapters completed (and under severe editing) No one believed the Decepticons and Autobots fued.. No one believed that Megatron would cause a violent outburst...
Arta pe motor by RainDiann
Arta pe motorby Diduţ
" - De ce incalci toate regulile pentru mine? - Tu de ce le respecti pe toate pentru mine? "
west coast ☆ joji miller by velvetbabe
west coast ☆ joji millerby 💌
❝ our eyes will disguise dirt on purpose ❞ or venus loves a murderer
Transformers "First Kiss" One Shots [COMPLETED] by LostToTheRiver
Transformers "First Kiss" One Shot...by LostToTheRiver
A collection of Cybertronians sharing their first kisses with each other! If you would like me to write a scene about two characters, please put a comment under the &qu...
Transformers prime skits 🎭 by Starscream003
Transformers prime skits 🎭by Starlord ✨
Random scenario skits that are create to make you all laugh... unless your dead inside. Just kidding! But anyway, there will be scenarios that will mention some referenc...
Toronto! Nadchodzę! Shawn! Jesteś mój! by Shawnowa
Toronto! Nadchodzę! Shawn! Jesteś...by Shawnowa
Kamila ma 16 lat. Spełnia się jej odwieczne marzenie. Ma zamieszkać w Toronto. Jakby tego było mało jej willa stoi obok domu Shawna Mendesa. Sprawy się komplikują.
Dares? Questions? I don't know by BayverseElita
Dares? Questions? I don't knowby Elita-1
I'm elita. The oldest of my sisters. Arcee, and chromia.
Optimus Prime's lost daughter by OptimaPirme
Optimus Prime's lost daughterby Optima Oriana Pax Prime
I DON'T KNOW WHO DREW ANY OF THE PICTURES I FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!!!! I AM GOING TO USE IN THIS BOOK!!! This book is about Optima Oriana Pax Prime the lost daughter of Op...
Bring it on Hot Shots!(A Transformers Bay-Verse FanFiction) by Stephanie_alaska
Bring it on Hot Shots!(A Transform...by Stephanie
This is the story of Faye. A sixteen year old with a rep for trouble and a love of pranks, heavy rock songs, and skateboarding. She didn't expect her dad to suddenly shi...
Transformers= Human  by Snipe_Perceptor
Transformers= Human by bumblebee/scout
This is a story of the autobots being human going through normal stuff like we do (I'm still not good at summaries) Ratchet oldest brother 19 years old Bulkhead second o...
Project: Covenant by Dinobot-Shredd
Project: Covenantby Shreddian Terreis
Please read this description before continuing. This is to be a collaborative effort made by fans to build a proper history for the mechanicle titans we all know and lo...
TFA along came a spider reverse  by AngeliqueAllen5
TFA along came a spider reverse by Angelique Allen
when elita one fell in Optimus prime didn't save her what if Optimus and elita fell in and sentinel prime blamed lickety split for leaving them behind