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The Stark Girl by star195422012
The Stark Girlby Star Girl
"I should hate you for all the pain you caused me, the pain I wouldn't wish on anybody. You go around living your life as if you've done nothing wrong, but the trut...
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unforgivable ➸ finnick odair by dragonrush
unforgivable ➸ finnick odairby yvonne ⚡
❝the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained❞ finnick odair killed her sister, and electra reine hated him for it [slowburn finn...
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Hello, My Name Is Crazy[EDITING] by kailinjade
Hello, My Name Is Crazy[EDITING]by useless mermaid
My name is Electra Parks. I live in a house with eight other people (not including me). Some people would call it chaos, but I call it home. Yeah, of course it gets craz...
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the marrage law (Zabini triplets)-Pansmione- by jess___1505
the marrage law (Zabini triplets)...by Phoenix
Electra finds out shes not a granger and now has to marry someone she hates to the moon and back Electra Emma Theodora Optimum Pyxis Hermione Charlotte Zabini(Hermione) ...
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✡A Sacrifice For Love✡ (Damon Salvatore) The Return by softballtayy7
✡A Sacrifice For Love✡ (Damon Salv...by softballtayy7
(The Sequel to A Melted Heart) Electra Gilbert finds more dangers than expected when Damon and her finally become a couple. But is the price worth being in love? Electra...
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CATS Musical - Images, fanarts, texts and more I hope by magicalmistoffelees
CATS Musical - Images, fanarts, te...by fake_mistoffelees
well it's in the title right? enjoy it. cause i do. and i will i don't own anything i'll put in here, so i don't get any credit for it, i just made a kind of compilation...
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Angel With A Shotgun (Walking Dead Fanfic) by Monstermasha
Angel With A Shotgun (Walking Dead...by Sasha
Everything’s food for something else. Humanity has been on top of the food chain for their entire existence. When a disease unlike any other seen before could potentiall...
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A New Generation (Complete) by ElizaDuivenvoorde
A New Generation (Complete)by Elizabeth Duivenvoorde
Forced to give up her child, Harley Quinn never reveals that she was ever even pregnant. Panny grew up as the warden's daughter. It's not easy to live up to her father...
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Best friends or more!? by meganxoxo72
Best friends or more!?by Megan Xx
Jody and Tyler are best friends, but when Jody's attentions start to go on someone else Tyler doesn't like it, throughout the story Tyler understands why Jody has distan...
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cats the musical x reader oneshots  by LunnyBunny12
cats the musical x reader oneshots by LunnyBunny12
these are just fun little x reader oneshots of the characters from cats the musical. REQUESTS ARE OPEN SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE!!!!!! enjoy reading you...
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✮ A Bloodlusting Romance ✮ (Damon Salvatore) by softballtayy7
✮ A Bloodlusting Romance ✮ (Damon...by softballtayy7
(Third Installment of A Melted Heart) Electra Gilbert returns to Mystic Falls, but she is no longer human. She is a vampire. The brunette is still laying low, playing de...
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The Quest For Lemons by baboyeon
The Quest For Lemonsby grace
Short story revolving around the Rum Tum Tugger and Mistoffelees!
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Elena's Twin*Klaus LS* by KING_INNA
Elena's Twin*Klaus LS*by KING INNA ♕
Elena has a twin sister Electra.... She is a famous dancer and singer..... What if she falls for the big bad original Klaus Mikaelson....
I Am Circuit by smol_mosher_child
I Am Circuitby Møshï_Yøshï
**'Circuit: The Seventh Avenger' REWRITE** An 0-8-4 comes onto SHIELD's radar, only to find a young girl in a middle of a disaster. 11 years later, that girl is roped in...
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THE DEVIL'S JUSTICE by kindkarma2098
THE DEVIL'S JUSTICEby kindkarma2098
Matt Murdock's life has never been an easy one. Blindness, poverty and lost loved ones have plagued him since his youth. Yet he is determined to save the people of Hell'...
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Fire and Ice (K&E Mini Series) New Beginnings by softballtayy7
Fire and Ice (K&E Mini Series) New...by softballtayy7
(Mini Series of A Sacrifice For Love) Electra Gilbert, a newborn vampire, has left her 'human' hometown of Mystic Falls with none other than Katherine Pierce. Both are w...
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Insane~ A Peter Parker Fanfiction by Amber_Rose48
Insane~ A Peter Parker Fanfictionby Amber_Rose48
"Ugh! He drives me insane!!! He is rude, arrogant, wreckless-" but she was cut off "Cute?" her friend smirked "I-I...
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The Experiment by just_being_me_13
The Experimentby just_being_me_13
Electra Boone was satisfied with her normal, ordinary, everyday life. She lived with only her mom in New York, because she had never met her dad. But when she starts dis...
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Damocles School by -NamelessWriter-
Damocles Schoolby virginian woolfsnake
♦''Η τριλογία της Σαπουνόφουσκας'' βιβλίο 3ο♦ Η Άννα και η Ιλέιν Χαρτ είναι τα πιο περίεργα κορίτσια στον κόσμο. Όταν το σκάνε από το νοσοκομείο που βρισκόταν αναίσθητε...
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† A Deadly Affair † (Damon Salvatore) by softballtayy7
† A Deadly Affair † (Damon Salvato...by softballtayy7
(Fourth Installment of A Melted Heart) After saving Matt over her sister, Electra is facing the consequences. Her sister is now a vampire and she remembers everything...
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