Facts About Me

1. I am a shy otaku who is dangerously obsessed w/ assassination classroom
2. I am a shipper of Karmagisa and a hater of Nagikae! >:D (well some stories with Nagikae are cool, but I skip any sexual or romantic or kissing scenes because I DON'T SHIP IT!(please don't kill me 0-0))
3. I am a fan of anime like Parasyte or Another; gore-y and horror themed anime, although I do like anime that are comedic as well, like Lucky Star, Chiho's Road School, and Shokugeki No Souma Food Wars
4. I am anti-social and am afraid to put myself out there. (the fact that I'm even writing this is a big achievement. Seriously I spent 4 hours mentally debating this.)
5. I am a female biologically, but I prefer to go by with the pronouns they/them/their (non-binary gender neutral). I'm also Ace-Aro.
6. I am paranoid and overthink pretty much everything. I might have anxiety but I haven't been diagnosed so it could or could not be true. Then again, I haven't gone to a doctor or whatever for this type of thing so dunno.
7. I have two tuxedo cats, Pat and Linsey.
8. I have scoliosis
9. I love to write, draw, and do pretty much anything that's creative. (doesn't mean I'm good at it but idc)
10. I don't care about haters, hate all you want I really don't care.
11. I can't name things for the life of me. Usually for character names I just refer to anime I've watches X3
12. I am a master procrastinator and I like to overwhelm myself with expectations and projects.
13. Vocaloid is my music genre


People I've been Inspired By-
<3Raoor, -Starling-, and MidoriClover. Shout-out to those three amazing writers, cuz well, they inspired me. They're also really good. If for whatever reason you are reading this then go check them out! If Raoor or Starling or Midori is reading this KEEP UP DA GOOD WORK GUYS :D
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