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Without TRUST There Is NO Love, Mending Brocken Relations by hiba11917
Without TRUST There Is NO Love, Me...by hiba_fathima
This is the story based on the current track but there are some changes like murari is revealed to be the real shikhar and he turns good and marries divya. In this story...
Drikshit & Dishi FF Awari Complete FF by ArishaDrikshit
Drikshit & Dishi FF Awari Complete...by Arisha'sWriter
New concept: Drishti father has work on kotha. Where they work girls selling. He is drunk man. Drishti father force her work on dance bar getting money. Because of Divy...
Love Of Drikshit by AG0309
Love Of Drikshitby AG
Its a ff starting after re entry of lavanya in shergill mansion
Back To My Life    (DD Fanfiction) by didrshra
Back To My Life (DD Fanfiction)by 🤯
everything went fine. pisachini's death was witnessed. There was a blast ! People of shergill pariwaar were extremely delighted. kaal Vijay rathna was taken by lord Shiv...
It's our love story ✔️ by myfairytales123
It's our love story ✔️by sᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ
This is story of our beloved Drikshit and Dishi. It is full of love and finction. Four peoples whom are opposite to each other. One is rude, one is sweet, one is naughty...
Secret...... Sweet love story(Completed) by Samikshafan
Secret...... Sweet love story(Comp...by Samikshafan
Drikshit story A undercover officer comes in Shergil mansion to solve the case.... But she falls in love with his boss.... Now what will happen.. To know peep into the s...
magical abilities....✡[Completed] by sweety__19
magical abilities....✡[Completed]by sweety
This story is based on four people who have magical abilities........ They also don't know who are there teammates with whom they will fight..... they are just unknown a...
Summer Palace DriKshit,RoNakshi,AsYa,MehRya FF by Jasminearun
Summer Palace DriKshit,RoNakshi,As...by
This is a suspense horror thriller. Cover Credit - @Mansi_Creations
The world of love and rivalry between mythical creatures. Fanfiction along with fantasy.
MY LIFE WITH YOU by thekpost2
This will be a three part story about a boy who remembered his past life and his love for his wife. The story is narrated in the boy's point of view and will explain to...
Unchahi Shaadi ( Completed ) by Drikshit06
Unchahi Shaadi ( Completed )by Drikshit06
This is the story of Rakshit Shergill and Drishti Sharma how Drishti falls in love with Rakshit but Rakshit does not like Drishti because Drishti belongs to a middle cla...
Jab They Met (Divya Drishti) by Dew_On_YellowRose
Jab They Met (Divya Drishti)by Dewie💛
This is a fanfiction of DIVYA DRISHTI. This story is different but sisters will never change that is Divya and Drishti will remain sisters forever. This is the story of...
Hold on, i still need you by Rinki_99
Hold on, i still need youby PurgatoryOfLostMelodies
hey guys! this slightly an AU. Divya is sick. Drishti is concerned. shikar is cute. rakshit is angry. family/love/hurt/comfort.
Divya Drishti 2 by SmileEveryone6
Divya Drishti 2by Smile Everyone
This is my imagination story..This story is about the son of divya and daughters of drishti... divya birth a lovely boy. and drishti birth a 2 judwa daughters... and di...
Drikshit- Open Up [Completed] by nishtha_k
Drikshit- Open Up [Completed]by nishtha_k
Sometimes it's difficult to keep the pain in yourself sustained.. so u need to open up to someone who cares... peep in to know further. This story is a fan fiction of Di...
Love by msparacha
Loveby 💫✨فاطمہ
Accused and misunderstood . The worst thing ever how will Drishti fight off the evil in her life and how her family and friends are always beside her though they aren't...
Divya Drishti FF by Isabelliac
Divya Drishti FFby Iva
Two orphan girls with divine power, one boy with magic inherited from his grandfather, a boy who knows how to deal with evil, a girl with powers of Goddes Durga, a boy w...
Debanya: Rebirth Of Love by debanya_love
Debanya: Rebirth Of Loveby debanya_love
So this is a story related to show baalveer it will consist of magic, love, emotions etc . it's purely my imagination and no copyright infringement intended. hope you li...
The Preposterous Path ✔ by Mysteriousfairy18
The Preposterous Path ✔by delusion 💫
She was ordinary while he was extraordinary He was an unimaginable while she was a fantasy they were two ends of the same edge that would never be apart but also opposi...