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Ink in Our Fate ni FlowerandSea
Ink in Our Fateni Khatlyn
(Rewriting Fate #2) Sa akda, may isang prinsepeng ubod ng charisma. Meron ding magandang prinsesa na nanganganib ang buhay at kailangan maisalba. Pero, paano naman 'yung...
Songs of Wildfire ni FlowerandSea
Songs of Wildfireni Khatlyn
(Trials of Fire #2) Mavis Martinez is so whipped to Trevor Finneas Solarez. Lahat ginawa niya para lang mapansin siya ni Trevor kahit pa alam niyang may girlfriend ito...
San Isidro Blues (TRIP TO THE SOCIETY BOOK 3) ni masterkevin511
San Isidro Blues (TRIP TO THE SOCI...ni sekainoshiroshi07 2nd acc
WARNING: This is a decology book, so if you hate series, I am sorry, so paki basa muna unag seires bago ito. Curiosity leads us into a wrong direction but Kevin didn't...
One Day He Wrote My Name (Completed) ni LexInTheCity
One Day He Wrote My Name (Complete...ni LEX 先生
Mek is a hopeless romantic and she is determined to write her own destiny. 'Tapos makikita niya ang pangalan na nakasulat sa isang piraso ng papel na testing-an ng ballp...
Meet Your Meteor ni LexInTheCity
Meet Your Meteorni LEX 先生
When Anri lost her best friend, her only friend, Zai, she promised to herself that she will make Zai's ultimate dream a reality. Whatever it takes. When she inadvertentl...
The Name In Your Book (Completed)  ni LexInTheCity
The Name In Your Book (Completed) ni LEX 先生
Mark Aljin Jordon is the author of the new bestseller in KB titled The Penthouse Lovers. Dahil hindi naman kilala ang author, nagulat si Ray nang makita ang pangalan niy...
Universe Ruled by the Stars ni littlefayeridust
Universe Ruled by the Starsni ☆☆Mai Faye☆☆
Estalla 'Tala' Capilli is living a normal adult life - a full-time job, a comfortable house, and food on the table. But her so-called normal life turned upside down when...
KEVIN VS HER ALTER EGO'S ( the continuation) ni masterkevin511
KEVIN VS HER ALTER EGO'S ( the con...ni sekainoshiroshi07 2nd acc
Ang pagpapatuloy ng kevin vs her alter ego's BOBO SI OTOR!! DI NA NIYA MABUKSAN WATTPAD NIYA POREBER! BASAHIN MO MUNA ANG UNANG CHAPTER BAGO ITO https://www.wattpad.com...
TEARS of REVENGE ni Dandrebbb
TEARS of REVENGEni Last_Lord
Tuluyang nilamon ng poot at pagkamuhi ang malinis na puso ni Angel Baek at ang PAGHIHIGANTI na sumisira sa pagkatao niya ang nag-udyok upang pagbayarin ang mga taong nag...
Haraam (GxG) ni Messiahd
Haraam (GxG)ni MESSIAHD
"Love one another" -A phrase that's both written on their holy books. But how could they love each other if it's considered haraam?
Finding My Heart's Hole ni lonerknight
Finding My Heart's Holeni Mr.Lonely
"Maybe, heaven and afterlife is just there to diminish the affliction of left loved ones" After the death of Samantha's boyfriend , there's something inside he...
In Pursuit of Passion ni juvimarcana
In Pursuit of Passionni sharliysss 🌷
Bound by broken starts, music becomes the foundation of their friendship, hopes, and struggle. Heavily influenced by indie/OPM artists 🎶 Support local, mabuhay ang OPM...
SANET ni Messiahd
"S/he introduced the modern day Austen, Rand and de Beauvoir by playing 4D chess." GENRE: GenFiction / Coming Of Age / Mystery / Technothriller / DiverseLit
Kung Pa'nong Ang Bulalakaw Ay Naging Ikaw [Completed] ni LexInTheCity
Kung Pa'nong Ang Bulalakaw Ay Nagi...ni LEX 先生
Have you ever had a dream about someone you don't know, a person you don't recall ever meeting, a dream that left you depressed when you woke up? Well, that's exactly wh...
thoughts of stars ni anghandsomenaoppa
thoughts of starsni Tristan Chen
my thoughts are stars i cannot fathom woth constellations in which a gir wishes every night on a star, until one day her wish gets granted.
Tears Of A Badboy ni itsmerizzz
Tears Of A Badboyni itsmerizzz
It's rare to witness a glorious and has-it-all Badboy shed tears for a not-so-glamorous, boring and weird girl. Thorne Bermudez III, ang tinaguriang Badboy in Town ay bi...
When the Eagle Had Fled ni AmethystEyedPrincess
When the Eagle Had Fledni ames
"Rome wasn't built in a day." Isa lamang 'yan sa mga paboritong kataga ng pinakasikat na school legend. And it may or may not be coincidental that Mason and Ja...
The Love Letter for Jupiter  ni GalliumBoride_
The Love Letter for Jupiter ni gabm
/BL story/ There are only two things to choose. Make love letter for the money that you need or write love letter for the heart that speaks. Galexio Mendoza, a smart ner...