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Ms. Sencen? by hunterofartemis109
Ms. Sencen?by 𝐘𝐔𝐐𝐈
"This isn't funny, Keefe, why are we in the same bed?" Sophie shrieked, her hair like a rat's nest on her head. "I don't know, Foster, but why are we so...
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Sovereignty and Servitude by florencemaude
Sovereignty and Servitudeby F.J. Maude
KOTLC AU Highest Ranking: #1 in Sophitz, #1 in dexiana, #1 in KOTLC, #1 in Diana, #1 in Tiana At last! The Elvin Kingdom of Evertalia as crowned a new King! King Fitzroy...
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KotLC Oneshots by OwlieBoo
KotLC Oneshotsby OwlieBoo
I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. I do all ships, and non-romantic pairings. Enjoy! *All characters and settings belong to Shannon Messenger*
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The Promise ↠ TIANA FANFICTION by ureverydayangel
The Promise ↠ TIANA FANFICTIONby ˗ˏˋ 𝒜.
Having finally defeated the Neverseen, Tam Song and Biana Vacker have some free time on their hands. They find themselves spending plenty of time together as they try to...
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KotLC Oneshots by CantEvenEven
KotLC Oneshotsby noshoesinthebathtub
A collection of some random one shots I thought up, plus requests and inspirations. DM me fore requests, and you can do ocs just message their description.
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KotLC Oneshots by KotLC_Fanbase
KotLC Oneshotsby Joey
Sophie x Keefe, Dex x Biana, Tam x Biana, Dex x Linh, Fitz x Linh, maybe 1-2 Sophitz oneshots If requested. you want me to take your request please state the ship and g...
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๖นrຖt Şนງคr - k໐tl¢ fคຖfi¢ti໐ຖ by Vivaldi26
๖นrຖt Şนງคr - k໐tl¢ fคຖfi¢ti໐ຖby ꀤꈤꁅꍟꈤꀤꂦꌗꉓꋪꀤᖘ꓄ꍟꋪ
❝ "No..." Sophie whispered desperately. The shine of the dagger was hidden in their palm. A measly ten feet away, the agent could reach Keefe so easily. And sh...
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It Doesn't Matter to Me ( KOTLC FANFICTION) by rawmen1234
It Doesn't Matter to Me ( KOTLC rawmen1234
DON'T READ ID YOU HAVEN"T READ FLASHBACK!!! Sophie Foster is finally getting what she has always wanted, to be with Fitzroy Vacker. But it might all end up a...
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The Fitzroy Vacker Selection by twinkle7102
The Fitzroy Vacker Selectionby twinkle7102
Prince Fitzroy Avery Vacker is now old enough to ascend the throne. But before doing this he must find a bride. To accomplish this his parents are holding a Selection. A...
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👑 KOTLC royal selection 👑 by notthisaccountnomore
👑 KOTLC royal selection 👑by notthisaccountnomore
This is a keeper of the lost cities story :> so here is what the story is about - Sophie and Fitz both have to get married by the age of 22 ( in this story they are...
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Rules Aren't Made to be Broken by Kennareadskotlc
Rules Aren't Made to be Brokenby Kenna
Sophie Foster has done many things wrong in the past. But nothing compares to what she's done now. When what Sophie keeps telling herself is a mere mistake gets her era...
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A KOTLC and PJO/HoO Crossover by Mystarry1613
A KOTLC and PJO/HoO Crossoverby Naomi 🌈
A continuation of @TabbyR_TabbyL's crossover story! Make sure you read their story before you read mine! (Slight alterations have been made) What would happen if elves...
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The Return of Time by thereturnoftime
The Return of Timeby Florence Maude and FitzroyVac...
It's been twelve years since the war against the Neverseen was won and Sophie's mind mysteriously broke, shocking the entire Elvin world, especially as they began to wit...
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Not As Expected (Dexiana fanfic) by Alpaca_That_Writes
Not As Expected (Dexiana fanfic)by Alpaca_That_Writes
A Keeper of the Lost Cities (or KOTLC) Dexiana (Dex x Biana) fanfic. The story is written in the first person, switching from the views of the two main characters, Dex a...
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Cache by keeperofdarkness42
Cacheby Keeper42
When Councillor Bronte's Cache goes missing, the KOTLC crew decides to go take a look in Ravagog, the ogre capital. But a project from the Neverseen adds a new aspect t...
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Meant to Be by angryechoesbeware
Meant to Beby Yeet
Biana realizes she has feelings for Dex, which leads to a series of awkward-and sweet-situations.
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Keeper of the Lost Cities: REACT! by JoySeph13
Keeper of the Lost Cities: REACT!by Joy
Just a bunch of random one-shots of the KotLC gang reacting to whatever tickles my fancy, whatever I please, whatever I- you get the point, lol ;) Sophie Foster. Fitz Va...
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Dexiana Oneshots by dexiana10outof10
Dexiana Oneshotsby dexiana10outof10
My dexiana obsession is self indulgent so this is probably extremely cliché and weird at the same time so bear with me folks.
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Love Caused by the Neverseen? A Sokeefe Story by kotlc4life1234
Love Caused by the Neverseen? A Ryley
Sophie Foster is currently in level eight along with her best friends Dex and Biana. Sophie has developed another ability, she is a Pyrokinetic. She has learned to contr...
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Deeper Into The Words by florencemaude
Deeper Into The Wordsby F.J. Maude
A place for you to ask me about different aspects of my writing such as "You Fall, I Fall", and "Sovereignty and Servitude"! Ask about how I came up...
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