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My guardian angel   (Volume one)  by Alex_segers
My guardian angel (Volume one) by Alex
Jessica Jones, she is a teenager with a best friend. They are called respectively: My guardian angel and My protector. Eden Diallo, his best friend, die in a mysteriou...
Dangers In Life {Coronation Street } by AWriterCalledJessxx
Dangers In Life {Coronation Street...by JessicaMarie🔐
*starts in February 2015* Name credit to @Honey_mist_Auburn 12 years ago Kylie had a daughter with Callum, she named her daughter Aubrey Turner and she was born on the 2...
Something We'll Never Know by pwincess_sha
Something We'll Never Knowby ❀𝖘𝖍𝖆❀
Kau faham tak perasaan bila semua kawan kau dah ada tunang, berkahwin or ada partner masing ii. Meanwhile kau? Still waiting for your own sunshine. Hidup aku setiap hari...
My Bad Boy by endeduponacrossroad
My Bad Boyby raeanne
Rachel is dealing with an abusive and alcoholic boyfriend, Tyler. Then Justin, head gang member, comes into the picture and all hell breaks loose. Justin is a bad boy, h...
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Double Agent by Irhaboggle
Double Agentby Irhaboggle
Sam knew clear as crystal that Kara and Lena were in love. And she wasn't the only one. Someone else was all too aware of this fact too. And both she and this other enti...
Angel Of  A Wolf ( Colby Brock fanfic)  by Dragon_gril506
Angel Of A Wolf ( Colby Brock fan...by The Laughing Hyena
You are an ordinary girl who meets a boy who you fall for, you have a wolf/ dog hybrid that has to stay by your side because of a stress/panic problem you grew up with...
Danger's Back 2 by irwinwho
Danger's Back 2by - ̗̀ DK. ̖́-
NOT my story @jileyoverboard©
Paw Patrol Gay Shippings ( Male Pups Only) by AmberXDesmond
Paw Patrol Gay Shippings ( Male Pu...by CalistaXWendell
Marshall X Rubble Ace X Zuma Rocket X Rocky Chase X Darshall *contains mild cursing but no sex, makes me weirded out. *Weddings occur as well * Me and other humans narra...
You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
My Perspective by berserkkary
My Perspectiveby Ayema
A perspective of the world I live in. [#41 in poetry on 13th May 2018]
ColorClan Info and Sign-up by _ColorClansRP
ColorClan Info and Sign-upby _ColorClansRP
You must read this before joining the Clans. Sign up here as well as apply for special positions. Information on Blackclan, Redclan and Whiteclan are found here along wi...
Danger's Back Bulgaria by justinwithnemmo
Danger's Back Bulgariaby justinwithnemmo
Историята е превод! Препоръчва се за тийнейджъри+ Герой: Джъстин Бийбър, Оригинален герой (жена), Оригинален герой (мъж) Жанр: Драма, Екшън, Ром...
Please Warn Them by Moonwolf125
Please Warn Themby Valerie
Unknown danger is coming and Mother Earth has to depend on Ava to warn her children so they can prevent the world from crumbling into dust. (Cover picture is from Google...
The Chosen. by TieriaGundam00
The Chosen.by TieriaGundam00
Constantine has always been an odd teenage boy. Feeling out of place from everyone. He and his two closest friends are on a camping getaway. Some spring break fun and m...
Forbidden Love  by LacedNightmares
Forbidden Love by LacedNightmares
"I may have done some bad shit, but you do way worse, and I can't be with a criminal." I sighed placing a hand on his chest. He grabbed my wrist holding it tig...
"Danger" - Jileyoverboard by heidiristevska
"Danger" - Jileyoverboardby Heidi
I have no relations to this story, all credit due goes to 'Jileyoverboard' I am simply uploading her original story onto wattpad and have no intentions to copyright it :)
A Binding Blade by The_Blood_Moon
A Binding Bladeby Jacinta
In a world where the land has been split into two due to the Red Blood war over fifty years ago, The West End is still ruled by vampires and the East End is facing its d...
In The Depths Of The Forest: an eeveelution love story by infinitythegalacteon
In The Depths Of The Forest: an ee...by infinity_the_galacteon
in a ruined bunker , in the middle of the forest, thought the espeon (male) has found a way out of the torcherus prison he has been locked in for his whole 23 years of l...
Backrooms AU (Haiden Larsen) by MakDreyWrties
Backrooms AU (Haiden Larsen)by MakDreyWrties
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Backrooms AU story where my OC Haiden is the main character and I hope you all enjoy it  😄
dangers by _NIRVANA__
dangersby _NIRVANA__
She believes she is an ordinary 16 year old girl. Her family and faithful dog, was all she ever needed. Until she begins to experience strange and vivid dreams that make...