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Broken World Tour | Trollex X Male Reader by Foxymangle76
Broken World Tour | Trollex X Foxymangle76
When Barb goes to the Techo Trolls to steal there string, they are surprised to see another troll beside Barb. The rock trolls leave with the string but the mystery's tr...
Listen To The Sound Of My Voice: A Branch Angst Story  by wallaceLucy
Listen To The Sound Of My Voice: Villain Shinsou
This is after Trolls Band Together Branch has been captured by Creek a Troll that had betrayed them a long time ago and Poppy, Viva, Kismet and Bro-Zone Brothers must ac...
Love You Again (DawnDory)  by therealestlars
Love You Again (DawnDory) by Lars 🌈
This is a Delta Dawn x John Dory Story, Theyre one of my current obsessions along with the trolls franchisee so I decided to write about them 💗
Trolls Delta Dawn x male reader by hulkfuller
Trolls Delta Dawn x male readerby boss kid yo
this is my first story and first Delta dawn based fanfiction on Wattpad. I hope this influences more people to do these delta dawn x reader stories. I really like this...
~Just Sing~ A Trollstopia Story by pvences1
~Just Sing~ A Trollstopia Storyby Amy_Dawn
I saw one of my followers doing a Trollstopia story, so I wanted to do it too, but I won't copy all of their chapter ideas. Also, I'm gonna have my oc join in on this as...
John dory one-shots trolls band back together  by Eshal6102
John dory one-shots trolls band Bonnie-chan
What you are aloud to request Angst Fluff Ships Aus Overprotective younger brothers What you are not aloud to request Incest Smut Lemon No readers No ocs No y/n
Trollstopia Season 1 by Rally9933
Trollstopia Season 1by I.M. Rally
After the events of the World Tour and there is a new Troll in town, all different Trolls united and lived in perfect harmony! There will be a lot of fun, adventures and...
Peace keeper of music( Trolls world tour fanfiction) by Stella_9977
Peace keeper of music( Trolls Stella_art16
Natalie and Nathan, the only humans living in the trolls world. Been found by king peppy when they were 4 years old and took them as his own children. Join this twins as...
Trolls: Music In Life by Rally9933
Trolls: Music In Lifeby I.M. Rally
After the events of Trolls World Tour, all tribes of Trolls lived in harmony once again. But not all of them. The trolls discovered a mysterious troll that wasn't belong...
An Adventure of music by bright_light25
An Adventure of musicby Tootsiepopcandy
The story of a girl who goes to learn about all the different types of music (also includes the movie) somewhat spoilers (Finally updated the cover) 😏 look at that cove...
King Trollex's Story by MoonlightStorm24
King Trollex's Storyby BloodMoon Storm 24
Here's what I thought of King Trollex past
TWT Ask and Dare by Skylarooney
TWT Ask and Dareby Sky Stormchaser
(Book Cover Pending) I feel like I'm copying a lot of people just by doing this... Anyways, you can ask and dare anyone from Trolls World Tour here! These include: Poppy...
Delta Dawn X John Dory Fanfiction by sakurabutterfly_art
Delta Dawn X John Dory Fanfictionby Witchcraft Blossom🌸
A/N: of all the fanfictions I've written so far, DawnDory is by far the most difficult for me to write. Unlike my other ships in which I can easily vibe with, this by f...
Trollstopia Special Story; An Evil Revenge  by RemixGal
Trollstopia Special Story; An 🐲LotusDragon🪷
Everything in Trollstopia was peaceful, amazing and great as all the tribes were getting along and everyone is living together in harmony. But then one day, Poppy decide...
Trollstopia: Season 4 by Foxglove_Fleur
Trollstopia: Season 4by Foxglove Fleur
The fun continues for the Trolls of Trollstopia.
Trollstopia Season 1 by WaterDragon931
Trollstopia Season 1by WaterDragon931
After The Events Of Trolls: World Tour, The Trolls Of All Music Learned To Appreciate Each Other's Differences And Work Together To Solve A Lot Of Crazy Problems.
Unknown tribe by Stella_9977
Unknown tribeby Stella_art16
This is book 2 now hehe.....
Trollstopia Special: Reef Rescue by Foxglove_Fleur
Trollstopia Special: Reef Rescueby Foxglove Fleur
An evil figure of the past has returned to Techno Reef to spread misery throughout the ocean. Poppy and her friends set out to save the Techno Trolls from chaos and dest...
Trollstopia: Season 2 by Foxglove_Fleur
Trollstopia: Season 2by Foxglove Fleur
The fun continues with Poppy and her friends in Season 2 of Trollstopia.
Trolls World Tour: Cooper's Twin Sister (Different Version) by WaterDragon931
Trolls World Tour: Cooper's Twin WaterDragon931
Poppy's Reign As Queen And Z's Job As Poppy's Royal Protector Is Put To The Test Then Their Home Faces A New Threat In The Form Of Barb, Queen Of The Rock Trolls. The Ne...