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Twilight v. Harry Potter by savvvgraceee
Twilight v. Harry Potterby Savannah Pasney
Which side are you on? It ends here! One or the other is gonna dominate the world!
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Don't Get Me Wrong by GoodKillerious
Don't Get Me Wrongby ChelseaAnnMaeCuizon
_____ 'Pano ba mailalarawan si Delavin Vellaceran??' -Maganda sya!May inosenteng pagmumukha!Sexy!Mayaman!At tsaka mabait-----mabait ba talaga? 'Pano mo makikilala ang i...
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Kamen Rider vs Marvel by NomoreReason
Kamen Rider vs Marvelby NomoreReason
Kamen Riders versus the Marvel Universe! Who will win? Who will lose? Who are there to sing the blues? It's another story that never ends.
Versus by electrawhittaker
Versusby E.M. Rivera
Versus (2019) Calista Medley's lifelong dream has been to participate in the world-famous Versus Games, the greatest fighting competition of all time. Once she gets an o...
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You'll Never Hurt Anyone Again by CaptainWMD
You'll Never Hurt Anyone Againby CaptainWMD
I told you years ago that you better hope you're not one of us. I told you to run, to leave, to forget you ever picked up the godforsaken book. If you're here, you ignor...
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Child Of Fire by WeeWinkle
Child Of Fireby WeeWinkle
Imagine being gifted with an element. What would yours be? Air? Earth? Fire? Water? Dan is in the same shoes as you. He is unsure, but he's feels a pull towards fire. Bu...
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Dinosaurs vs Dragons  by ReaderGodzilla
Dinosaurs vs Dragons by Godzilla Reader
Time to go full monster war
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Dominance by w_aater
Dominanceby w_aater
Ryders the school bad boy, Kyles back in town. They're both mates but are too stubborn to admit it and it's driving them both crazy as they fight for dominance over each...
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Doctor Vs Doctor [Mature MaJim Fan Fic] by majimfanfics
Doctor Vs Doctor [Mature MaJim Jim and Mayim Fan Fictions
Jim works as a veteran urologist while Mayim works as a well known gynecologist in the same hospital. With the related fields and varying specialization, it was inevitab...
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Heroes at Heart by TwylaGrimm
Heroes at Heartby Twyla Grimm
***ON HIATUS*** "I've tried telling them I'm only fifteen. That no sane government would force a boy my age to fight crime. 'But Max, you're a superhero! Isn't this...
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Versus!⚡️ (HRVY/Jack Duff) by swissroadtrip
Versus!⚡️ (HRVY/Jack Duff)by Swissroadtrip
Versus is an Imagine with HRVY and Jack Duff (Roadtrip) Who will Yn pick? Hope you enjoy 💞 Story written by Giulia🎶
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The Clash of the Gangsters [On-going] by katekathanash
The Clash of the Gangsters [ Dharine Kate Alvarez
Magkakaroon kaya ng CLASH ang dalawang group ng gangsters? O mabubuo dito ang LOVE? Paano kung mabunyag ang lahat ng SIKRETO? Magiging masaya pa kaya sila? What team are...
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Harrington Academy by ZellMiMi
Harrington Academyby ZellMiMi
A rival between girls and boys, Harrington Boys Academy Harrington Girls Academy Being collided as one. Does this decision can make everything at peace? Or it may lead e...
VS battles by Symbol-Of-Hope
VS battlesby Superman
I will try to do a job similar to that of death battle, or any other VS debater. However, unlike death battle I will actually research things and make an interesting fig...
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Good Girls VS. Bad Boys by lynuer_
Good Girls VS. Bad Boysby deb_manilag
What will happen if good girls and bad boys cross paths? Will they hate each other? Will they like each other? Or will they change each other? DATE STARTED: APRIL 26, 20...
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Over the Throne by adorizon
Over the Throneby cheye
The girls. The boys. And The Clash -- Copyright 2017 @adorizon Wattpad
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Modern Warfare by NoahDensing
Modern Warfareby Noah Densing
Another war has raged. Europe was badly destroyed, and still bound for rehabilitation. Fictionally following the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, soldiers are o...
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Voldemort VS Slappy - A Forlot/Harry Potter/Goosebumps Fanfiction {Completed} by Forlot_Forever
Voldemort VS Slappy - A Forlot/ Small Town of Forlot
What happens when two sisters argue over which franchise is the best, and then one of the sisters decides to invite one of the most dangerous villains to Forlot, causing...
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Five Nights at Freddy's Fanfic by FluffyFireWolf
Five Nights at Freddy's Fanficby FireWolf {Neon}
This is by a reader X OC, just a heads up! And the start of this story is the same as the last story I made, so read the introduction to that please! Have fun and enjoy!~
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