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Poisonous love (danvid) by Grumpy_pineapples
Poisonous love (danvid)by Grumpy
Just a danvid story :3
🍂🥀 • Forever More • 🥀🍂 by Jacklynnwrites_55
🍂🥀 • Forever More • 🥀🍂by Jacklynn Patterson
This is a Danvid story. TW: because it has 18+ activity, and things like talking about blood, swearing, exedra.. The story is about 2 young men in their late 20s fallin...
Deadly Appeal (Daniel x David) by senpaihan
Deadly Appeal (Daniel x David)by Boo-Bear Silva
David tried not to remember the horrible things that the kids had claimed Daniel had done. Deep down, he knew what was going on, he wasn't THAT stupid to not pick out th...
Together Till. by KellyandJordan
Together Till.by KellyandJordan
Daniel x David (art belongs to (mmangopudding)  by LorenaF54
Daniel x David (art belongs to (mm...by Cat!
You guys can find out what's in this yourselves- I don't really feel like giving a detailed description but I for sure will give all my fanfics everything I've got! This...
Unloved by noodlesaurs
Unlovedby Sam
David's family isn't the happiest.. His parents are divorced and he only has two friends. His mother hates him, but he found a way out... //Cover art is NOT mine//
~ mine ~ by chillingwithafreak
~ mine ~by chillingwithafreak
after the blond cultist leaves the hospital, his plan was to get back at the happy camp counsellor.. but after some thought, he comes up with different plans for the re...
Camp Camp Danvid (monster au) by MatthewWilliams910
Camp Camp Danvid (monster au)by Julie Snipes
Daniel did NOT sign up for this. But he stays because he can't help but fall for a certain cheerful redhead. ( I'm bad at summaries-- anyways this was just suppose to be...
Till Death Do Us Part (Danvid) by Ikethebrave
Till Death Do Us Part (Danvid)by rat boy
He didn't want to call them people-but that's what they were before they got turned into beasts. Beasts who had no mind of their own; who attacked people without hesitat...
Lies And Kisses by Lazy_Blue_AF
Lies And Kissesby Ŀł††Ŀξ ßĿŲξ
It's a new summer, right? New start, right? So why is Preston so upset and avoiding a green eyed boy? Why does Max seem different and more quiet? Why do they seem to be...
Purified (Danvid) by ZalgoidWriter
Purified (Danvid)by Jackson
After being sent to the hospital from the 'bad kool-aid', Daniel was assigned a psychiatrist to help him with his clear issues. Fully healed up, he was released from th...
L is for a Lunatic called Daniel by expiredandgone
L is for a Lunatic called Danielby abandoned account,sorry
Cultist Daniel returns back to camp after building a temple in Antarctica,angry at David however as he realises he was tricked.He comes back for revenge but then David m...
The Lake Lilac Monster (Camp Camp) by TotallyNotMundane
The Lake Lilac Monster (Camp Camp)by Actual Void Creature
There's said to be a monster by the old fraud summer camp by the lake. Everyone is terrified. And honestly people think it's hoax for attention or taken straight from a...
Danvid Oneshots! by dogcat200and30
Danvid Oneshots!by Local Antagonist
Some crackhead ideas I had, or roleplays. Suggestions are cool. I'm not gonna put (alot of) angst, cause I don't want you to cry- see ya!
Maxpres (highschool AU) by Blossum21
Maxpres (highschool AU)by Blossum21
Max, a care free, angsty, snarky teenager , could fall in love with a theater geek, one passionate, happy, and chirpy? Guess opposites can attract... Hope you enjoy the...
Danvid by Melons_Cuz_Why_Not
Danvidby Melons_Cuz_Why_Not
Enjoy! I didn't think of what to write in the description... :T
A New Kind of Poison (Danvid) by MultiFandomHell
A New Kind of Poison (Danvid)by 🌲Campe Diem! 🏕
🌸🌸🌸🌸Hanahaki Disease🌸🌸🌸🌸 Any art used is not mine TW:Angst, Blood, Self-Harm, Language Possibly some fluff later on
True Purification: A Danvid Fic by facadecake
True Purification: A Danvid Ficby Cake
Sfw/ slowburn/ angst/ fluff/ danvid - Daniel Lindholm finds himself in a sticky situation after a work assignment gone wrong, and now having to battle himself in an eff...
David x Daniel [Camp Camp] by CrackerEgg
David x Daniel [Camp Camp]by Nakamura-kun
this is a true story that never mentioned on camp camp